Witnesses Against Antichrist Through the Ages
Witnesses Against Antichrist Through the Ages


Of the Old God and the New (1534)

2. Martin Lutherís Revelation of Antichrist (1521)

††††††††† Part One

††††††††† Part Two

3. Passional of Christ and Antichrist (1521)

4. Antithesis Between Christ and the Pope (1531)

5. Tables of the Old and New Color (1412)

6. The Acts of Christ and of Antichrist (1563)

††††††††† Preface

††††††††† Of their life

††††††††† Of their doctrine

7. Thomas Becon, On the Two Churches (ca. 1546)

8. Robert Barnes, On the Two Churches (1531)

9. Barnesí Treatise on Justification (ca. 1540)

10. Barnesí Lives of the Popes (1536)

11. Andreas Osiander, Conjectures of the End of the World (1548)

12. George Downame, A Treatise Concerning Antichrist (1603)

13. Francis Lambert, Of the Will of Man (1525)
Part One
Part Two

14. William Tyndale, On the Antichrist (1531)
Part One
Part Two

15. Classic Reformation Commentary on the Revelation
by David Pareus (1644)

16. Jesuit Origins of Futurism Proven

17. 14th Century Apocalypse Commentary Identifies the Pope as the Antichrist.

18. Nicholas Ridley ON THE ANTICHRIST (1555)

19. Two 14th Century Bohemian Reformers Translated from the Latin:
     a) John Militz
     b) Matthew of Janov

20. Waldensian 12th Century TREATISE ON ANTICHRIST

21. Lantern of Light. The Lollards ON ANTICHRIST

22. Abomination of Desolation viewed as prophetic of Antichrist.

23.History of Paulician Iconoclasts:
         Part One
         Part Two