Witnesses Against Antichrist Through the Ages
Witnesses Against Antichrist Through the Ages

Compiled and Edited by Rand Winburn


†In 1996 this editor wrote several national ministries, all specializing in exposing false teachings and false prophets, the following questions:

†1. Who is the Antichrist?

†2. Who is Mystery Babylon?

†3. Is Pope John Paul II our brother in Christ?

Their responses were chilling. Not one ministry knew the answers to the questions. Their replies were as follows:

1. Who is the Antichrist?

Ministry #1: Donít believe he has been revealed.

Ministry #2: I like your three questions Ė but they are tough ones to answer. I do believe in a literal Antichrist that will set up his headquarters†in Jerusalem. Canít say I have a good answer on who he is, however.

Ministry #3: You ask three questions that are not within the scope of our ministry.

Ministry #4: (They write and distribute internationally much Bible study literature, as well as their own Study Bible.) In your postcard you ask three very difficult questions. Who is Anti-Christ? I am sorry I cannot give you an answer. I do not believe anyone knows who Anti-Christ is, or who it will be in the last days. I have read all kinds of speculations based on the numerical equivalents of the Greek and Roman alphabets. Since Constantine there has been a number of leaders identified as the Anti-Christ, and all have proven not to be the Anti-Christ.

2. Who is Mystery Babylon?

Ministry #1: Donít know.

Ministry #2: Many believe that Mystery Babylon is in the process of being set up. Some say that it is the Vatican. I donít think it is the U.S.

Ministry #4: Here again the same answer. I do not believe anyone knows for sure. Some have speculated on New York City; others, Hollywood, etc.

3. Is Pope John Paul II our brother in Christ?

Ministry #1: Donít know his heart. Catholic doctrine is contrary to Bible, (Mary, saints, sacraments).

Ministry #2: Pope John Paul II is our saved brother if he is trusting, by faith, in the merits of Christ alone for his salvation. Now that he has hooked in to evolution in addition to all of his extras, I can not see how he can possibly be Ďborn again.í

Ministry #4: This is also hard to determine. Having never met the Pope or read his testimony confessing Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, I can not say. I know some Roman Catholics who are saved, how they can remain in the Roman Catholic Church with its many false teachings is difficult for me to understand, but that is a matter between them and the Lord.

Ministry #5: Donít know and canít know.

These answers reveal the tip of the iceberg of ignorance and naiveté which has befallen the professing Christian Church in our generation. Satan, the father of lies, has done his job well. By misdirecting Christians through false doctrines of Futurism and Preterism, the adversary has ingeniously hidden his son, the Son of Perdition, from the eyes of Christís Body in the 20th and 21st centuries. Moreover, essential salvation doctrines are now despised.

†This was not always so. In centuries past the Gates of Hell, though powerful, were not able to hold such sway against Christís Spouse. It is for the purpose of educating and informing the true Church as to the identity and nature of the arch-enemy of Christ, that Protestant Reformation Publications is publishing works of our brothers in Christ which have lain dormant, for centuries, in rare book wings of the worldís greatest libraries.

†Brothers and sisters, it is the Lordís will His Church know and understand the prophecies. To that end we present the testimony of Godís true WITNESSES AGAINST ANTICHRIST THROUGH THE AGES.