Love, Threats and Christian Hate Mail

Sixth Edition


SUBJECT: Greetings from Central America


Dear Mr. Winburn,

May the peace, grace and mercy of Christ the sovereign King be unto you.

After spending quite a bit of time reading the excellent articles on ICONBUSTERS I'm so thankful unto the Lord God for his providence. I'm very grateful for your godly efforts in speaking forth the truth to your neighbors.

I was raised without the fear and admonition of the Lord and was placed into the RCC school system. I left off going to 'church' after joining the military at 17 but began again around the age of 29, after a traumatic, life-changing event. Still without biblical knowledge, though I had begun to read the catholic version, something told me to depart from that dung. And I did too, only to land in the Vineyard crowd of happy sing-song, NIV reading dupes.

Mr. Winburn, I've just recently begun to grasp the significance of what and who the antichrist is! To learn that brethren of hundreds of years ago knew the truth regarding antichrist is both humbling as well as it is sad (to me); humbling because these men were mental giants compared to me. It's sad because I see how sinful I am and of my generations disregard for the holy bible. I shall trust in the Lord's Spirit of Truth to reveal all things to me. The Lord has shown me of the doctrines of grace and predestination. I fear Him now, and, hope in His mercy more so than ever before.

It's as though I'm being de-programmed from all the junk/pop-theology I picked up over the years, from listening intently to all the deceivers (I don't even care to mention all their names) who are doing so well in the worldly sense.

You may find this interesting Mr. Winburn - before I understood that the pope and his false church were antichrist I had purchased quite a few good (old version) Spanish bibles, books and tracts directed at catholic's and to which over time I handed them out. I live near Benque Viejo del Carmen (Belize), near the Guatemalan border. The name of the town itself is dedicated to 'the Virgin' (del Carmen) and this tiny nation is wholly given over to idolatry, with many versions of false-gospels being embraced. One of the larger towns near us is named after the founder of the Jesuits (San Ignacio)! I warned my neighbor, an electrician who worked on our new house, about the evils of catholicism. We made a date to meet at his house to go over the scriptures.

I had prepared a list of line-items to present to him, for example the falsehood of earning salvation by the 'sacraments' etc. When I arrived, bible in hand, he had at his house a few American catholics who, long story short, refuted, misdirected and obfuscated all the things that I testified of. It was a mess. I was stunned at how they blew off the holy scriptures. I made the mistake of going at it alone, without a brother, that is. The feelings within me were terrible for I felt as though I failed our Lord Jesus.

That was some two years ago and I have not testified to many Catholics since then. My entire family (who loves the antichrist) rejects biblical truth and embraces falsehood. I watched my father pass away of cancer, with him yelling for the 'priest' and clutching tightly a wad of bills in his hand. I'm sure you understand the pain and horror of it all. I'm getting more and more angry at this deception and I daily pray for Jesus to return quickly, knowing that when He does He will hammer the antichrist hard.

I am afflicted with Bi-Polar (manic depression) and Post Traumatic Stress (from my military days in Special Operations). I seek always to purify my heart but my mind is distressed. Should you remember, please entreat the Holy Father for me. I am sorely in need of more love, faith, hope, wisdom and prudence.

I've digressed quite a bit here, Mr. Winburn. But again I thank you very much for your bold witness of the truth about our Kinsman-Redeemer, Christ the Lord, and the clarion warnings about God's enemy.  Also, thanks for letting me vent a bit.

Glory to the Lamb of God!

P.S. I hope you don't mind sir, but I would sure appreciate it if I could contact you from time to time. My wife and I have very few folks to discuss the Lord Jesus with. It's a dry and weary land here, man.



SUBJECT: Thank You


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the inspirational reading materials I recently ordered and received from you.  My husband and I have a farm here, near Gettysburg, PA and are quite busy this time of year. We have been Missouri Synod Lutherans all our life, attending their schools and colleges and being active in the church.  Over the years there has been an obvious change in the teachings of "our" church and the "drawing close" to the catholic traditions and our discernment of many things we just couldn't go along with.  When my cousin gave me a book "Swarms of Locusts"  more than a year ago,  we finally began to see very clearly, what we had been questioning.  We
stopped attending the church we had been members of and active in, for nearly 40 years and ironically not one person, nor the pastor has called to find out where we are.   We began to research for the "truth" and what the scriptures really said.  It has been an interesting and enlightening time and what is even more rewarding our three married children are also reaching out for the truth.

Your publication, "The Protestant" has been an excellent study guide for us. We have works by Martin Luther and have always been of the understanding and belief that the pope is the antichrist in our midst.  Since we are in a very strong  catholic area there is an unbelievable evidence of what we are learning.  Today we just finished reading you
Vol 1 # 1 about the Ultimate Arminian Slander and all of it was familiar and we found nothing in the way of contradiction. Instead, we found a clearer understanding of God's Sovereignty and God's will vs. man's will. You offer an extremely well researched and well documented insight to this.  I think II Thess. tells us why the Holy Spirit cannot reach the Arminians.  And yes, the are not God's Elect  and God will give them delusion of  the truth.

Again I would like to thank you for your courage to provide these studies and your knowledge of the scriptures to those of us who are seeking the truth.  We have been blessed and enlightened by your web page and are encouraged by Christians like yourself who stand up for the truth.
We will continue to study and if it is okay write
occasionally to share our thoughts.


SUBJECT: Protestants and the Luciferian Connection










Signed, Russell Tafoya



SUBJECT: Apostate Osteen





SUBJECT: iconbusters confused


I will pray for all of you that you gain wisdom, clarity of mind, and true discernment.



SUBJECT: iconbusters not confused


Brother Rand:




The Holy Father has been so, so kind to give you such wisdom. You have been faithful and kind to share this eternal gospel truth with the world.


As always, I must say your scholarship is a blessing to me and in my small crippled way I share Christ's truth with those he sets in my path.


Your latest works on the false prophet Antichrist are perfect -- truthful and funny -- something to be called out and mocked for its insanity. The world's leaders have all been lead astray, happily assenting to the doctrines of demons in order to be worshiped themselves!


And Joel Osteen, false profit and deceiver, preaching his yoga coach feel good demonic gospel. I saw him on TV the other day working with his broadcast engineers molding his deception for the masses; then later, in a brief interview, smiling and talking his demonic gibberish. A friend of my wife wastes her money on his rah-rah rubbish. She is a woman of some stature in the community, who should know better, and should seek the Holy Spirit's guidance.


You teach the unadulterated gospel of olde, sir: for the elect, salvation and peace; for the lost, a reason to protest and call up demonic assistance.


It brings great comfort to me to think that we are in the last of the last days.


God's will be done through his Holy Word alone!



SUBJECT: No Free Will


I must admit that I don’t have perfect understanding of all the nuances of the churches and preachers…..I do know this, I have no free will. Thank the Lord because I would only choose death unknowingly, as I believe the ones that you have mentioned choose death because they are not of the blessed ELECT!!!!!  I am attending a Baptist church that is really Arminian and they just don’t get it either. I still try to check them occasionally and am not received well.



SUBJECT: How is a person saved?


I just read your article to the Deceived Lakewood Churchgoers & Television Viewers.

I really know that much of what you say is true, but I am very confused about the Sinner’s Prayer. Just say, “Jesus, come in to my heart and save me. Be my Lord; be my Savior. Jesus, I repent of my sins and I turn my life over to You. You are now my Lord and my Savior and I’ll serve You all the days of my life.”


I thought this was the way to become a Christian. I was told to say this prayer in 1978 and when I did the Lord became so real in my life. Could you please explain what a person is to do if not asking Jesus to come into their heart? I really want to be doing the right thing. Thank you very much.


iconbusters responds:


Jesus was asked this same question, "What shall we do that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe in Him whom He has sent."


Sinners are saved by grace, through faith in Christ and His work, not by their works. Saying a 'Sinner's Prayer' is a work. Baptism is a work. Attending church is a work. Giving to the poor is a work. These things do not save us. Paul was especially strong in rebuking the false teachings of his day, teachings which mandated works in order to be saved. The truth of the matter is that we are saved unto good works in Christ which He has ordained we do to His glory. First comes justification, and then comes good works.


I do not doubt your salvation, Patty. As Christians we are grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. It appears you are seeking and searching for truth. Christ promises you shall find it.

Rand Winburn



SUBJECT: A Canadian Historicist Speaks


Hi Rand:
I find your site most politically incorrect ... I like it! I myself take a historical approach to the prophecies of Revelations and reject both Preterism and Futurism. I am thoroughly convinced that the papacy is antichrist.


I'm trying to do the right thing in all aspects of my life and God has taught me so much. My prayer has always been for Him to reveal truth to me regardless of the cost.

Thanks for your site, Rand. God has personally shown me the true nature of "Leaven" and the mustard tree
and it is reassuring to have read that on your site. I thought I was alone in how I interpreted it - comparing scripture with scripture.

I believe one of the real dangers of the Rapture is that we have many sitting on the benches and saying to themselves "Well, if I don't make the first cut (i.e., secret Rapture), then I'll really buckle down and make the second one,” (i.e., final appearing, according to Rapture teaching). A clear reading of scripture reveals that there is no second cut.  This is clearly taught in the Parable of the 10 Virgins also.  Only those ready were able to enter in ... the rest were not known by our Lord ... there was no second chance.  Of course, the main purpose of the Rapture is to cloak the
identity of the papal antichrists.



SUBJECT: Arthur Pink, iconbusters and the Holy Spirit


Dear Brother,
              Allow me to write one of the dozens of quotes which are written on the walls of my house. "How awful to think that multitudes of professing Christians will awaken in hell to discover that their knowledge of divine truth was no more
substantial than a dream". The words of another of my brothers who--lucky man--has left this world. He was a GREAT CHRISTIAN writer--Arthur Walkington Pink. I perceive the same thing in your words. You sound very much like him. It is a precious thing to see the Blessed Spirit writing through the hands of men. How rare in these evil days.

May the LORD always so BLESS you, Rand.

Your Spiritual Brother in the U. K.



SUBJECT: Distressed over the state of professing Christianity


Hi Rand,


Thank you so much for commenting on my tract. I really appreciate your taking time to do this.


Lately I'm becoming more distressed over error I hear coming from the pulpit of the church I'm attending, but when I try to visit another church - the same errors and others are being endorsed.


This grieves me in my heart to hear such teachings, but I feel I need to attend somewhere.


Some churches believe in grace but they may be Futurists. I don't want to go back to listening to false teachings at all.


I'm in two small weekly home Bible studies where I'm free to briefly share the things I'm learning. A new Christian that God is delivering from drug addiction is very interested in what I've shared about the origins of Romanism. You know the story - how Constantine combined paganism with the church which gave birth to Romanism.


However, during the last Saturday morning's meeting, a woman became upset when I pointed out that the apostle Peter wasn't infallible. She was disturbed because her father is Catholic and she hopes he'll come to this group.


My husband says to not let her stop me and to keep sharing anyway.


I've been sharing a lot with my husband and he's very open. He's changed from Futurism to Historicism and now knows the Papacy is Antichrist. He also realizes that Billy Graham is in great error. My husband used to be one of his faithful supporters, but now throws anything away that we get from him.


Are there any good Bible churches left in this country? I'd like to find one that holds to the Westminster Confession of Faith before it was changed a number of years ago to get the pope off the hot seat.


I wish I could attend Ian Paisley's church, but the commute could be wearing (hah hah).


Hope all is well with you and your family.



SUBJECT: Man of God


Thank you, Rand.

Truly - I have just read the article on free will and the words have brought great joy and despair to my heart, for surely I am this sinner those words speak of; yet hopefully this food shall turn me from the way of man to the way of the Lord.

Bless you, dear man. May we meet some day in His Glory.



SUBJECT: Joel Osteen


I read your letter to the "deceived followers of Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church." It is not only harsh to address such people as "deceived" but a big turn-off. Are you trying to reach someone with a heart of love and concern, or out to
prove someone wrong and show how right you are? You'll never win anyone by insulting them with such language.

Cynthia Lopez


iconbusters responds:


The truth is a 'turn-off' to the unregenerate. Christ spoke only the truth and received crucifixion as His reward. He had insulted the religious authorities. Only the Elect can embrace and welcome the truth, bowing their knee to the Word given them. Keep reading your Bible, study church history and theology. Be persistent in praying for wisdom.



SUBJECT: Accolades



It has been awhile since I visited your site. The movies are powerful. The information informative. I watched The Two Churches. It was very enlightening. So many in the world are blinded and cannot discern the truth. Unfortunately, they never will. God was aware of this.



SUBJECT: iconbusters hateful


I do not wish to read any more of your hateful doctrine.

Bonnie Sharp



SUBJECT: Keep up the good work


As a former Catholic and Pentecostal and now a Calvinist - thank God for the great Westminster Confession of Faith - I can only say, amen. Don’t let the ignorant, perverse, deceivers, and con-men silence you.



SUBJECT: iconbusters agents of Satan


I came across your revolting site by accident. You are the agents of Satan.

Signed, Andrew Varley


SUBJECT: Catholic Church agents of Satan


Your site is awesome. It is a pleasure to visit it and read all the great information you have. Thank you for your work. It is not easy to go against an organization as powerful as the Roman Catholic Church. Their power comes from the pit of hell and their day will come. It's too bad that they will bring many with them to be cast into the lake of fire.



SUBJECT: iconbusters agents of Satan


So much hate can only come from the very HELL.

Be careful, because you will be measured by the same measure.

Signed, José R. Otaola



SUBJECT: One Glaring Error


Hi, just read your open letter to the deceived

There is one factual error that I wanted to point out.  I just read today that the cost of the renovation is $90 million, not $70.  But, hey, what's $20 million among the faithful?



SUBJECT: Greetings, fellow Reformer


Greetings, Rand.  Your website has a lot of good info in it.  My eyes are opening more and more about the
wickedness of the RCC.



SUBJECT: Hello from Australia


Dear Rand and James,

I just want to say how blessed I am to come across your web site....

I am 43 years old [female] from Australia.....

Ever since I was young, I wanted to understand the meaning of life and at the age of 17 believed in Christ and his gospel message and became born-again...Like yourselves, there has been many twists and turns....but about 5 years ago, the Lord led me to a quiet place and spoke to my heart....I believe He told me to come away from the distractions of the world and sit at His feet like Mary and let Him teach me....I

I asked the Lord what He wanted to teach me....and I believe the Holy Spirit led me to start to study Church History and particularly the Reformation.....

I had always felt a check in my spirit about the popular "Pre-Tribulation" teaching....that has been taught in the Pentecostal churches I have attended for most of my Christian walk...

I earnestly sought the Lord on this, and asked Him to reveal to me the truth...and so He was faithful....

It is awesome how when one diligently seeks to find the Lord and His truth, the Lord is so faithful. He is teaching me many things that I never imagined.....Sadly like many I was programmed by the popular teachings...but now the Lord is teaching me His truth...


I was almost crying when I found your site…..loved your personal testimonies....and all the presentations...


Interesting how things are happening now, with the recent death of the Pope.......

God has been speaking to me deeply about the current signs of the times and how it lines up perfectly with His prophetic predictions in the Word....


I find that not many agree with me on what I believe the Lord is teaching me and it can be a lonely road at times....I am refreshed to find others like yourselves who bring confirmation to what I believe the Lord has been showing me....


God bless to you both.