Subject: Unmasking Catholicism

Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for William Tyndale's treatise on the Antichrist.  I have great love and admiration for William Tyndale. I used to be a Roman Catholic nun.  I left the convent, and then left the Catholic Church.  Now I am a born-again Christian. I have recently published a book called "Unmasking Catholicism."  I thought you might be interested in it.

I created a website for the book, so you can read it online.


My style is to be deliberately understated. Some readers are able to
handle strong confrontation. Others are not. I use a more gentle
approach. I am trying to reach people who would find your website too
strong to handle.

There are some people that I would refer to your website because it is
exactly what they need.

May the Lord bless you, your family, and your ministry.

Mary Ann Collins


Subject: Futurism Rampant

Do you know of any churches in my area that preach historicism? I haven't found any yet. Almost every church I know of believes in futurism. The more the Spirit of God reveals to me about the present apostasy and false teachings, such as futurism, the more grieved I become when I hear such teaching.


I've tried attending women's fellowship meetings so I can make Christian friends. The leader of one protestant group started praising the pope, so I stopped attending. I tried another group and had to listen to a forty minute exposition on futurism.


Subject: Looking for some help

I have just been referred to your website, and am trying to read through your articles ASAP. Thank you for all the information you have painstakingly compiled. I have been doing the same for many years, and am amazed at the level of deception in the Christian community regarding the End Times, Revelation and the Anti-Christ.


I have been searching for information to help me in a debate that has been ongoing between myself and a man who runs a website claiming to prove that all historicists and amillennialists are servants of the anti-christ and going to hell. One of the most blatant and frustrating claims being made by this person and others is:


††††† -- That all claims re: Jesuit foundations of futurism are pure fabrication.

††††† -- He claims that Ribera was not a Jesuit,

††††† -- was never published by the Catholic Church and,

††††† -- states Ribera claimed that the Pope was the anti-christ.


The information I am looking for is:


1. anything published that actually ties Ribera to the Jesuits

2. proves that the Jesuits were actually commissioned to counter the "Pope as anti-christ" views of the Reformers,

3. documentation that the Catholic Church published and re-printed Ribera's book

4. any actual quotes direct from Ribera's book stating the anti-christ is a single future individual.


Once again anything you can offer to help is greatly appreciated.


You asked for a little background, so here goes...  I grew up in a Non-Denominational Christian Church.  My dad was a deacon, then eventually an Elder. We were all introduced to the pop-Christianity "star wars" end times theologies (I.e. dispensationalism), and as a teenager I read Lindsey and others right along with Tolkien and Lewis. It didn't dawn on me until much later that they had much more in common than I realized at the time.


I went to Bible College at Pacific Christian College and Azusa Pacific University, and being challenged by several profs to investigate Church History and the Scripture itself, I read everything I could find.  I visited teachers of many diverse views, and have been studying the topic ever since.


As far as my own beliefs, the one thing I am sure of is that Dispensationalism and its many siblings is a trap, a devilish diversion that diverts the attention of well meaning Christians away from the power of Christ in this world now by getting them to focus on some future intervention.



Subject: Iconbusters informative and Bold

Dear Rand:

I read your Website with great interest and find it very informative.  I am thankful for people like you who are not afraid to speak the Truth and warn True Christians of the Fraud Artists.  It is nice to know that you are not filled with fear as you warn others of the Deceitful Wolves in Sheepís Clothing. I am sure God gives you Boldness. Please keep up with Warning the Innocent of the Wolves in Sheepís Clothing. I wish you would warn all people, especially those in the churches who keep supporting those who fleece the flock. Many Christians are not aware of being defrauded by many Tele-Evangelists, etc. Thanks a million for your great information.

From a Listener in Canada.


Subject: Helpful Advice

I came across your site, and was impressed.  The truth of what you say is evident.  However the scripture parts move too fast to read and understand it.  I believe the scriptures are more relevant than all the other text.  Try slowing them down a bit. May God continue to give you the strength for the job you are called to do.
God bless...


Subject: An Angry Arminian Re-invents ĎElectioní

If you're forced to rely on reducing Gods plan of salvation, that even a child is able to understand and receive, to a flashy catch-phrase, such as TULIP...Then your religion is false. So I suppose you are one of the elect?...consigning the rest of humanity to endless sadistic torture for always. So God hates people, except the elect. Or could it be, that the elect, are those who will have the right to share the throne and rule with Christ, and the rest, just fortunate enough to just escape with their lives? Christ shed his blood for all. Whatever you do, you cannot, and will not prove by scripture that he shed his blood only for the elect. John 3;16 says, WHOSOEVER-- So stop spreading these heresies and repent of your sin of claiming that YOU alone are worthy to spend eternity with Christ while cunningly feigning false humility by consigning it as God's work alone. You can't help it if God finds your ass special, right? Everyone will be there. Many are called to rule, but only a few will be chosen to share the throne of Christ.




Subject: Newborn Calvinist

Dear Rand,

I have become a recent convert to Calvinism which is truly a work of God in itself, as I was involved in the Charismatic Movement at one point. Thatís how I know that the Calvinist Gospel is true, and that God is the one who saves regardless of where you are. If you are one of his sheep, he's gonna get ya.

Subject: English Christian in Germany

Dear Brother Rand,

Iíve been settled in Germany since 1962Ö to fellowship - afraid not. Like my mother - a Primitive Methodist - I have not found a congregation, although there are certainly Ď7000í here who have not bowed the knee before Baal. It is a little "lonely", but when one has the Lord Jesus one is never "alone"!


Subject: What a Shame Christ Cannot Save

What a shame you canít see past the end of your own ridiculous beliefs.I am 23 and have struggled many years to know and understand the Lord and I have many years to go.But I do know this, even though Jesus died for our sins and they are already forgiven us, it does no good unless we accept it.The Bible says it so very plain.Love the Lord your God with all your heart.You must be saved and believe that Jesus is Lord or the forgiveness of your sins is futile and you will spend eternity in Hell.It is a gift that must be accepted.It is not forced upon us.Do you not believe what the Lord himself said?So while you are out bashing other people for preaching in something you donít agree with, remember it is not you who decides the fate of any man.But the Lord decides theirs, and yours for that matter.

Still believing,

Audra Zimmerman


Subject: Korean Pastor Teaches Historicism

Dear Rand Winburn

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. Today many Christians both in America and Korea are polluted with Dispensationalism.

Even Christians who use KJVB are falling into Dispensationalism and their spiritual eyes are closed so they cannot acknowledge the Papacy as Antichrist.

Under these circumstances, your mission is really important and I believe that faith and courage are needed because we are in spiritual war with our Lord's enemies.

I have been praying that my book, a study on Revelation, might be translated into English. Your book, Antichrist in Our Midst, is almost finished being translated into Korean. Soon I will publish your book in Korean. I expect that your book make many sleeping Christian souls awaken.

I really thank you for your interest and pray for my book.

I pray our Lord's love be with your mission.

Sincerely yours,

Pastor Seo Dal Seok


Subject: A Catholic Proves Idolatry is Biblical

Here is just one of many documentations I can provide to demonstrate that you do not believe in Jesus Christ as revealed in scripture. 

Figure 2
The Scarlet Beast Exhausted From Praying to 80-Foot Babylonian Stone God He Calls 'Jesus.'

You have this statement under a picture of a statue of Jesus Christ on your website.  How dare you call a 3-dimensional depiction of Jesus a Babylonian Stone God!  A Babylonian Stone god would be shaped like a Babylonian Stone god.  This stone is shaped in the image of Jesus Christ, the True God.  The statue is not Jesus Himself but a depiction.  If depictions are idolatrous, then all photos and pictures are idolatrous.  We don't idolize the statue--that is an ostrich kind of stupidity.   There is nothing wrong with viewing Jesus Christ as we do our loved ones for simple and excellent reasons: to remember them fondly with love.  Your suggestion that Catholics idolize such statues as though the statues themselves were God is the cheesiest fantasy ever concocted.


Your website is hateful and blasphemous.  Shame on you.  You criticize what you don't understand and stubbornly refuse to believe.  Jesus says, "Do not persist in your unbelief, but believe!" Accept the doctrines of Jesus or you'll surely perish in your unbelief!



Elaine Cooke


Subject: Greater Love

Dear Brother,
After reading your "futurism" article, I love you (and your site) even more.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you're doing.  He, the pope, shall be brought down.  Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! - NOT THE antichrist POPE! AMEN.

PS - At the annual March for Life against abortion, I witnessed to and passed out tracts to many Roman Catholics - who now virtually totally control the March which has virtually become a Marian worship march.
Joel and Jenny Garrett

The Jesus League

Subject: Iconbusters translated into Dutch

Dear brother Rand,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

At the end of last year I have translated an article in Dutch from iconbusters, Forensic Science and the Antichrist. Unfortunately it was not published in the magazine 'Verwachting' of the last quarter of 2003, but it will be in the first issue of 2004. This has been confirmed to me yesterday by the brother who makes this magazine.

In the meantime I will also put the translation as soon as possible on my website at, which has on it several articles against false shepherds in the Netherlands.

My apologies for responding so late, but I hope (Lord willing) that the article now will be published.

Kind regards in Christ,

Dennis Grutzmacher,

Breda, The Netherlands


Subject: Escaping Jehovahís Witnesses

When I lived in Colorado, I used to work with a fellow who had been raised in the Witnesses. He was a terrific guy who interacted with his colleagues except when we were celebrating a birthday. I was always intrigued by that. In 1995 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was home on disability during treatment. You will never guess who rang my door bell, a Jehovah's Witness, of course, whom I peppered with questions about birthday celebrations. Of course I couldn't be told right there at the door, I needed to attend a bible study, which I did. These were lovely, kind people (very well scrubbed) who I actually enjoyed speaking with, and slowly over time began to attend many sessions of studying "their bible". Over time I was expected to "come into the truth" and I did worry that they might be right. But I was a foot dragger, because all the way back to childhood I have had an aversion to joining anything, mostly because at minimum you have to pay dues and follow rules. I also couldn't understand some of their practices like disfellowshipping someone. It just seemed so un-Christian. 

Then two significant things pulled me away. In March of 2000, I was offered a job in San Francisco, my home town, and was no longer within their reach. And in September of the same year I took a trip to Europe where I met a married couple who had fallen away from the Witnesses. To this day they believe that they were meant to be on that trip with me (there are no accidents). They led me to some literature written by Raymond Franz, considered apostasy by the Witnesses. Raymond Franz was a Witness who had been on the governing body, a very well regarded individual who was related to Fred Franz who had been the leader of the governing body before his death. Ray Franz' first book, Crisis of Conscience, was like breathing fresh air. After reading it I went in search of every article and/or book written to expose the lies that have been told over the years to justify their erroneous prophecy.

I've left out many details, but I'm sure you get the picture. I am back in the loving arms of the Lord and away from the fear of Jehovah's "requirements".  Now I try to help others who have fallen away from the Witnesses, as well as spreading the word about the dangers inherent in believing A Course In Miracles (ACIM) as the word of Jesus. ACIM is being used in some of the Unity churches as well as Science of Mind and has been called by its opponents as giving one a "voluntary knifeless lobotomy.Ē

Some of the people in the Witnesses were born into it and it is the only life they know. The husband of the couple I met in Europe was raised with them and his wife was a convert who spent more than 20 years being a "pioneer". The "leaders" use fear to keep their "flock" from straying. It's all quite dishonest behind the scenes and so squeaky clean on the outside.
Most of the believers don't even realize what really goes on.

There are so many people being led astray by "gurus" and charlatans of every sort. The ones who distort the Bible are among the worst, but there are also very devious sick personalities who manage to capture the souls of the very weak minded who need to be told what to believe. It can be very disheartening if you aren't actively working against them.

God bless you in your work.


Subject: Iconbusters the ones deceived

I'm sure you will not want to take this message to heart, but, reading your information was a big mistake of mine and it tells me that YOU are the one who needs to seek the Lord for HIS TRUE interpretation of the Bible. Your very attitude indicates you know nothing about Jesus Christ or his word. You are one of many of Satan's deciples trying to turn people away from the Lord. But, you know, if you have truly read the Bible, Christians have already won.  SATAN is defeated and he can't stand it.  His time is limited and he is using people, like yourself, to blindly stumble in the dark to misinform others about God and his Word.

I'll be praying for you and all those who are involved in the treacherous way of reaching
individuals only to deceive.  YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS DECEIVED!

Sandy Borrell


Subject: News from a New Zealand Pastor

Dear brother Rand, 

How are you? Thank you for your latest flash film. Itís great and should so a little stirring. Hopefully more of Godís sheep will find their way home.

We have had a very wet summer with much flooding in parts of the country. People have lost their homes down swollen rivers; some were one hundred years old. Farmers have lost thousands of cows and sheep. Perhaps the Lord is telling us something. One man whose third generation home went floating down river, said, The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Others curse and know not the Lord. Men in our day are far from the true and everlasting God. Many of them will rebuild their lives in the same place of danger. How foolish. It is like the church that is building its faith on a corrupt Antichrist system. They see not the danger and will not take note when warned. Instead they respond in anger. What a great falling away we are seeing. It seems there are but a few who stand strong in the Word and in the joy of His calling. The Lordís return seems so near. What joy fills our hearts. Come, Lord Jesus.


This week we are publishing a full page ad in our local newspaper describing who we are and what we stand for. Please pray with us that those scattered sheep who are lost and have not been able to find their way will read it.

Well, Rand, Godís blessings to you. You are often in our prayers and we are very thankful for God-inspired men such as yourself.

Take care,

The little group of Godís people down under,

Pastor Alan Higgins


Subject: A Believerís Thoughts

I admire the fact that you are bold enough to publish the truth about Roman Catholicism.  That's what I like: Truth. I am not content with ignorance.  The Word of the Lord says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  Thanks for the information.  I wish more people will see Roman Catholicism for what it is and not what they perceive it to be. It is "the world's deadliest cult" - borrowing from an excerpt of a book on the world's deadliest cult.


I was reading some of the letters of Love, Threat and Hate Mail; though my sympathy is unsolicited by those who hate truth, by the love of Jesus Christ in me, I can not help but feeling pity for them.  What I find appalling is that people refuse to seek truth.  They are content with lies as long as they sound reasonable.


Anyone who loves God loves truth.  God's Word is Truth!  If those who oppose the truth you publish on Roman Catholicism would only read their Bible, then Iím sure they would jump on the bandwagon to help publish the information by word of mouth, or by the means you use, or by any other legitimate means.  Covering up the lies of Roman Catholicism is not helping its defenders, nor anyone who needs to know the truth about them. The Word of God said the man of sin WILL be revealed.                                              


God has "had it" with this world.  He is about to put and end to sin.  I am happy about that.  On the other hand, I am very sad for those who will not see the Light as presented in God's Truth, so that they can come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins, that ye receive not of her plagues.  Your opposers need to read Revelation, chapters thirteen to nineteen prayerfully, and ask the Spirit of God to lighten their dark understanding so they can obey God before it's too late.


It is comforting to know that, according to Revelation, chapter seven, many will come out of Babylon and will be among the redeemed of the earth when our Lord appears the second time to take His children home. 


God is using you to uncover the mystery of Babylon.  People, therefore, need to learn a lesson from History.  Learn of the Waldenses.  Learn how Rome slaughtered them because they would not bow to Roman idols - though some gave in at the end.  Learn from the courage of Huss, Jerome, Martin Luther and others who had the courage to stand up for God.  I cannot forget the three Hebrew men, Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego, who refused to bow before the king of Babylon, and declared, O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer thee in this matter.  If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace...but if not, be it knownÖthat we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up. Daniel chapter 3:16-18.


My fellow believer and worker for the cause of Truth, be strong and courageous.  Pray earnestly for the Holy Spirit and may the God of Heaven keep you and every one in your ministry, along with your families, in perfect peace until the day of His coming.  I trust I will see you in His Kingdom.


Subject: Who Can She Trust?

Are all "preachers" on t.v. these days a sham?  Who can i believe? i read my bible and trust the word of god on a daily basis. But when it comes to finding a church, i find that i am suspicious of all the preachers because of sites like yours. So tell me...who can i trust? How can i tell when someone is teaching false doctrine? How can i spot a heretic? Being new to the faith, i am worried about being one of the deceived.


Subject: Idolatry Research Paper

I am a freshman at Heritage Christian School in Indiana.  For English class, we have to do a research paper on a controversial subject.  I chose idolatry, because I do not agree with images of Christ, and with Mel Gibson's new movie out, it has become a very talked about issue.  For our paper, we have to have six sources of information, and only three can be internet sources.  I have been having trouble finding any resources that are for images of Christ (we must present both sides of the topic in a non-biased manner) that are not internet resources, such as books.  I was wondering if you could help me in that area by suggesting any books that you know of.  Thanks for your time!


Subject: A Protestant Speaks Out

Hey brother,

I read all of your hate mail on you site and the one that I loved the best was the one inquiring about your level of education, like that is a prerequisite for speaking about anything in the realm of religion.   I'm sure Paul would have been asked the same questions by some today.

I have completed work at the post-doctorate level and I always hide this fact from those I come in contact with.  In so doing I dodge the "idol effect" that seems to grip a great many people because you have a piece of paper from some institute, most of which support the doctrines of the great whore in the first place.  In times past some have asked me about my qualifications and I said I would answer that question when they "showed me their qualifications and credentials to lead me to believe they can question my theological position from a real historical and theological foundation and not from the rhetoric they hear proclaimed from a TV show, pulpit, or prophecy book." 

I'm presently living in Honolulu (sodomite mecca of the Pacific and the United States of Babylon, ur, I mean America).  Though I love my country, I truly hate how indifferent people, Christians included, have allowed this nation to just waste away into a sea of immorality and consensus.  My efforts in ministry have been mostly in a true conservative fashion in writing a local newsletter and some preaching to dead local churches.   I contend for the faith in my workplace daily (finance and insurance) and I'm not bullied around like some Christians that let the devil silence them on a daily.  It's about a 70/30 split where the 70 percent of my co-workers hate me and I'm pretty well respected by the small 30 percent.   I also ghost write for a couple of authors at times and am currently putting the finishing touches on 3 books, The Daniel ScamThe Idol Shepherd, and the yet untitled book about compromising evangelicals who are Papal lap dogs, Graham, Van Impe, Tim LaHaye, etc. The one that I'm working the most on is the Daniel book and how the sham is costing professing Christians hundreds of millions of dollars annually through faulty exegesis of the prophetical book and the denial of history.   I feel that Tim LaHaye is doing more work for the Vatican than all of the Jesuits in history combined.  That man is making a ton of money based upon man's willful error and his 501 (c) (3) ecumenical organization that plays right into the Papacy's hands.  


Disowned, disfellowshipped, and de-ordained, by fundamental Baptists and Dallas Theological Seminary when I publicly came against the false doctrines promulgated by the College, their professors, and prominent authors after several years to test their material by the letter of Scripture and history.  I also mentioned the adulterous relationship with the Masons that a majority of the SBC ministers have that are graduates of this college.  Needless to say, I was not asked to come back and that if I desired graduate school it surely wouldn't be there. 


I picket Benny Hinn crusades and have been doing such since 1997.  I'm also a thorn in the side of Hagin, Dollar, Savelle, and similar ilk.  Copeland refuses to speak to me anymore since I got in his face once.   Through my local newsletter I've identified the local wolves that come and go and have thoroughly marked most of them.  However, Pentecostalism is deeply rooted as well as Paganism.  Idolatry is rampant in these islands.