SUBJECT: Joe the ProTestant Speaks Out

“I have spent many hours and many sessions with your book, Antichrist in Our Midst.  I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of the work that you put into its production.  It deserves a wide circulation.
My best friend in golf had a positive response from my testimony and your catechism.   In past attempts at finding a place for dialogue I was not very successful.  His wife was raised Catholic and he had a favourable image of the Catholic Church up to this point in time…… In about 1988 I attended a four day Florida golf retreat sponsored by World Vision, Ligonier Ministries,  FCA, The Gathering of Men and Wally ‘A’.   RC Sproul was the chief speaker.  I was invited by lifetime PGA Tour member Wally ‘A’.  Wally has since become a best selling author in Christian bookstores for daily devotionals utilizing object lessons from golf.......At the retreat I mentioned earlier,  I stood up in front of about one hundred men and told them that I had responded to a conviction to leave the Roman Catholic Church because of it being Mystery Babylon.  RC Sproul had just finished a talk on Martin Luther and his conviction to take a stand.  I got no response from RC Sproul or anybody else in the room.  There could have been a number of Catholics.  There was no way to tell what denominations anyone belonged to. 
I called Lorraine Boettner 10 or 15 years ago after reading his book on Catholicism.  I had forgotten he was weak in identifying the pope as the man of sin……
 Sooner or later I am going to talk to Wally about what you had to say about RC Sproul in your book.  They are good golf buddies and successful Christian authors. Thought you might find these Christian connections interesting.
Joe the ProTestant
note: about the signature
I do not like the way protestant is normally pronounced.  People have forgotten what we are to protest about. This pronunciation with the long o sound makes an opening to witness to others.  I usually use the words contest and contestant to make my point.  They both sound the same, whereas, protest and protestant do not.   Protester has the long o sound.  Sometimes I think it is a Catholic conspiracy that has evolved the English language to change the pronunciation and lose the meaning.”

SUBJECT: The Great Dream

In Googling (apparently now considered a verb) for material on the Papacy/antichrist etc., I came across your web-site and eventually your email conversation with Dean Flanders.
I read ‘TGD’ a few years back (1999 I think), when I had yet to make up my mind whether or not this newly discovered, for me, via the web, premillenianism and the associated rapture were accurate, and found it to be
a stimulating read. I conversed with Dean, and even advanced its spread by sending it to other people to read. (Much to my present regret.) I did have reservations about the reason given for writing the book though.
Shortly afterwards I came to realise how wrong premill etc is and I emailed my thoughts to Dean.
Over the next month or two we 'debated' the issue. Eventually Dean came back with an email that, from memory, told me that if I was not futurist and did not believe everything he has written in this regard to be right then I was as good as lost. Obviously the email made me feel attacked. It was not the attitude I would expect of a christian. It is an attitude that I have now come to expect from premillers when challenging their beliefs though.

Bravo on attempting the same and making the material available on your
web-pages. I wish I'd kept my emails.”

SUBJECT: Dave MacPherson

“Am just an older lady who is interested in sharing items with  others. Have received some of Dave MacPherson's articles. I understand that he is no great fan of Catholicism and believes it will have a big and insidious part in the endtime persecutions of true believers. When he was a lad (he's in his 70s now) he was in the Philippines where his parents were missionaries. They would give out tracts and portions of Scripture to the people and the priests would collect the material and have public bonfires of it. As you can imagine, he has a deep-seated hatred for that false system. Let me add that I appreciate your much needed presence on the internet. Lord bless you much!

SUBJECT: Free-Will Question

“I was trying to get through all this about Free Will and Christ's Elect, and got tired and confused.  Just give me the bottom line:  Did Christ Choose His Elect and predestined them to be saved and if so, it seems to contradict the fact that He Chooses All men To Be Saved.  Just the bottom line in simple terms please.  I'm going brain dead.”

SUBJECT: Free-Will Question Answered

“I am so BLESSED to have a teacher as wise and kind as you.  If I ask too many questions and become an imposition please let me know and I will back off, but I am just enthralled with Jesus and His ways and His Word.  I can't seem to get enough, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with all this new-found knowledge.  I can learn more by discernment and trusting in a teacher to give me the bottom line according to Scripture.  Reading volumes is not my forte. Thanks again.”

SUBJECT: False Prophets Question

“Thanks for the info.  These false prophets are so confusing to me because so much of what they say is true and they do so much to further the cause of Christ and His Church (ex. - Billy Graham).  Is Billy Graham one of the false prophets???  Look at all the people who have come forward and accepted Christ during his ministry.  How can they be false prophets when they do and say so much to bring the knowledge of Christ to the world?????  Maybe they are just blinded in a small area of their ministry like schmoozing with the pope.  Does that pollute the whole of their ministry?????   Know what I mean???”


“I shared your responses to my earlier questions with my brother and he replied with the following question regarding Calvinism's  TULIP.

In Isaiah 66:4 God is upset because no one listened to his calling; therefore, my brother asks: If the calling of the elect was Irresistible, to the point of not having free will, why did God get upset because he called and no one listened? Thank you for your time.”

SUBJECT: Fruitcake Zone

“Hypocrites on Parade is some of the best-made fruitcake I've sampled. It's a series of movies warning all true Christians against the ultimate evil – Catholicism – and the hypocrites who don't hate the Pope enough (more or less everybody). Funky graphics, a cool soundtrack from Aimee Mann to Mozart, witty irreverent text, and as mad as a moose in flairs.”

SUBJECT: Rick Warren

I noticed that the name of RICK WARREN was not included on your list of pope-praisers.  Do you know what his position is?  I am concerned as my son attends a so-called "hippie-church" which is supposedly scripture-based, and also follows Rick Warren's teachings.  What about the Independent Baptists?  Just askin'. 


I hope one day to accept Christ as my saviour. I will never be a RC, and hopefuly in my Christian journey I will not meet people as mad as you lot. At first I thought you're fanatasism was simply amusing but it's worse than that, you're dangerous, people like you drive people away from Christ, they assume all Christians are just as barmy. You're consumed with hatred, there is no room in you're hearts for love.

I pity you.

John Hughes”

SUBJECT: More Questions

Your site is extremely interesting and informative. While not agreeing with everything you've posted, I do agree on much of it. Here's my question.

Since we are dead in trespasses and sins and cannot respond to God unless He resurrects us spiritually first, how would you tell someone how to be saved?

Also, why do you think Bill Bright has gone over to Rome when he was a mighty influence in spreading the Gospel for such a long time?

What does calvinism say that the Bible teaches about assurance of salvation?”

SUBJECT: Happy Face Christian

I am saddened by your bitterness and desire to live life from crisis to crisis rather than embracing the life of victory that Jesus has provided for all of His followers.  I would never want to serve a God that you describe.  One that seems to take joy in the pain of His people... I feel so sorry for you and I pray that the love of Christ and His sacrifice becomes real in your life.  

I see that monetary gain is not beyond your beliefs.  You are soo concerned with other ministries and their suppposed deceipt upon the world.. But, It is not below you to ask and accept a monetary donation for your publications.

I am truly sorry that I wasted my time reading any of your material.  But, I believe that God always has a plan.. And maybe He just wanted me to pray for you.. So consider it done.

May the Spirit of God's truth reveal Himself to you in a mighty way.

In His Love,
A Believer in the Hope that is found through Jesus Christ”

SUBJECT: Mission

It seems as if your mission should be concentrating on spreading the "Good Word" and not tearing down other religions.  Having been raised a Catholic in the Bible Belt- I have heard everything under the sun about my religion and beliefs...and have learned to "turn the other cheek" when insulted or approached by someone with misinformation.  I choose to learn about my faith through my Church......I would not be so brazen as to tell a Lutheran/Pentocostal/Baptist, etc  how to believe or to disavow their foundations.....That is for the Lutherans, etc.....It seems as if you are spending a lot of money tearing down - instead of spreading the story of Jesus Christ.”

SUBJECT: Venusberg Review

Meanwhile, check these guys out. Flash animations about the iniquities of the Catholic church. What Saint Teresa didn't tell me was that I was about to be sacrificed on the altar of whoredom. I know, they're mentally ill. But they're lovin' it.”

SUBJECT: A Futurist Asks…….?

“ I was just at your site tonight, and read all 6 parts of your "A Futurist Asks..." debate.  I must say brother, that was excellent!  As you may or may not know, I was pre-trib, as well as pre-millennial...up to about 2 weeks ago.  Now I am neither, and I must say, I am losing friends fast!  First my "conversion" to Calvinism, now my disavowing of the futurist baloney! Pretty soon you will be my only friend!  ;-)  

I am finding, slowly but surely, that most everything I was taught when I was saved in 1991 was a lie!  In fact, I'm beginning to suspect that until my eyes were finally opened to the Doctrines of Grace last November, that I wasn't truly saved!  Anyway, as I was reading through your debate, and saw you made mention a book you wrote(1400 footnotes?).  May I request a copy?  I would appreciate any other info you may have as well!  I can't believe how misled I was for 12 years bro!  Thank you for your site!  Keep up the great work, thou good and faithful servant!

Elected by Grace”

SUBJECT: Conserning Dr. Alberto Rivera

“This is Alberto Rivera, Jr. President of A.I.C. International Christian Ministries,

I had the displeasure of reading your letter to Jack Chick, and I will inform you that since you pose questions about a man who is dead and cannot defend himself I suggest that you contact me, if it is a battle you seek to have concerning my father than you shall have it and you shall have it with me.

Your Humble Servant
Alberto Rivera, Jr.”

SUBJECT: Conserning Dr. Alberto Rivera, Continued

“What Alberto did said or claimed to be is none of my concern, however the following is,  when a person has the audacity to slander a dead person whether wrong or right that concerns me, it has nothing to do with the fact that he was my father it has everything to do with the fact that you should have taken up your claims with him and no one else but him while he was alive, while you are complaining about something that does not suit you God uses his book every day to reach millions of souls for his glory even through my fathers death has accomplished more than anyone alive (have you noticed how everything that he wrote concerning the Vatican and the Muslims has come to pass, where to you think he got he knowledge from) which is more than I can say for anything that you have demonstrated, because instead of using your time wisely as the Bible calls us to and reach the lost you are more concerned about the truth concerning someone who is not even alive, and if you really are concerned with the subject of my father then I commend you to start a full fledged investigation if you are indeed not full of hot air, invest the necessary money to find out what you want to know, but I will not give you any documents concerning my father because one who does no wrong has nothing to prove if going against my father is something that God has put on your heart then he will give you all you need to reveal the truth if there is one to be reviled, one who is really called by God to do a work does not need to ask others for the truth to prove a misplaced theory, when God asks he gives what is needed to fulfill the mission he might ask of us.

As for myself please do not concern yourself for me as an evangelist that God has made my soul is well rather you should worry about yourself as you will be held accountable for your actions and not mine on judgment day, take notice that what you are doing is of help to know one but only of hindrance and that through your work I doubt there is any evidence of anyone having been saved and if there has I praise the Lord that you have not been a total waist in his service as you claim to be.

Your Humble Servant
Evangelist Alberto Rivera,Jr.
A.I.C. International Christian Ministries

SUBJECT: Thank You

Thanks for writing such a nice email to me regarding my questions.

I was saved through the ministry of Presbyterians and I still agree with the Westminster Confession of Faith. However, I've attended different churches since then.

It appears that before anyone can be saved they have to be quickened by God or they're just dead and helpless even to make a decision for Christ.

God apparently chooses us and not the other way around. However, Joshua did ask the Israelites to choose this day whom they would serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

And God does hold people accountable, so there's  lot of theology that I still don't understand.”

SUBJECT: Luther on the Antichrist

I am currently reading Luther's Revelation of Antichrist(from your site).  I am simply AMAZED to see what the Reformer's believed...compared to the Lahaye-ites of today!  What a contrast!”  

 SUBJECT: Paraclete Forum & Mystery of Prophecy Explained

“I just wanted to tell you that I read your debate called "The Paraclete Forum Controversy" tonight(for the 2nd time actually), and absolutely LOVED it!  You know brother, the more I read from your site, the more I kick myself for being deceived for 11 years!  I have seen the reactions of other "Christians," in the various debates of yours that I have read, when you try telling them of the papacy being the antichrist.  I know that not all have eyes to see and ears to hear; but let me tell you, a year ago, I would have responded just like them!  But, thanks to the Providence of God, everything I have been reading at your site from the Reformers, and you, makes perfect sense!  I was reading your "The Mystery of Prophecy Explained" series tonight as well, and was SHOCKED that I had missed something so CRITICAL to the right understanding of Nebuchadnezzar's dream; i.e. that all the kingdoms had more than ONE man ruling them before the next kingdom was ushered in!!!  That is an iron-clad Biblical witness, as far as I'm concerned, for the antichrist also not being ONE man, but a successive line of men in ONE office!  Keep up the GREAT work brother!  I can't wait for you to post some new articles!  I've been reading a lot on your site, and praise the Lord every day that it pleased Him for us to cross paths at this point in time!

Elect in Him from the foundation of the world”

 SUBJECT: Ex-Dispensationalist turns Reformed Protestant

“It is so very encouraging to read your website, and I fully agree with it........ I am 31 years of age and am working as a freelance translator and editor for Reformed publishing houses in Germany, mainly translating books of Reformed theology from English into German and from Dutch into German (my actual task is the translation of Herman Bavinck's four-volume Reformed Dogmatics from Dutch into German), closely working together with Dutch Reformed publishers, too.

For many years, I had been a (very active) member of the Exclusive Brethren (the Kelly-Lowe-Continental branch). But due to my translation work, many doctrinal questions in my mind which did not get answered within Brethrenism, an intense reading of anti-dispensational material and last but not least our sovereign Lord's grace in opening my mind for the truth of the Protestant Reformation, I clearly saw the errors of Brethrenism and Dispensationalism and definitely left Brethrenism end of last year (much too late, since I had been convicted many months earlier…....Those have been a few introductory statements, and I could write you more, if you would like. But my main concern is to order one copy of all those six publications which you offer.”

SUBJECT: Life Saving Education

“Thank you so much for your ICONBUSTERS website. I treasure the life saving education I am receiving from it. In order to further this education, would you kindly send me a copy of your book ANTICHRIST IN OUR MIDST. I am enclosing the $25 payment.”

SUBJECT: You guys are funny!

“I do hope this is a satirical website. If not you have some serious problems.




“I recently finished "Antichrist in Our Midst"  WOW!  The conclusion is very powerful!  Not to mention the entire contents of the work that you have done!  All of the information, pictures, history, etc....!  Thank you for sending it to us. We thank the good Lord, again, for men of God that are out there in the wilderness working selflessly for the Kingdom of Heaven and for the elect of the Bride of Christ!

It is becoming more and more evident that we are truly in a foreign land.  With the passing of each day, the world and the things of the world grows dimmer and dimmer.  This is not our home, we are a peculiar people just passing through. I have also enjoyed the newsletters.  They have been a wonderful source of information, as well.  Thank you for sending them.

The recent additions to your website are great!  I just visited them and they are really informative and so filled with truth. We encourage you to continue the good fight of faith.  Let us all look up, for our redemption draws near!”

SUBJECT: Kudos from way down under

“The boss sends his wishes!  Keep up the "good" work.

Enviously Yours,


SUBJECT: Wants Updates

“Greetings in His Precious Name! Please amend my email address in your list of those who you inform of changes to your website. I trust and hope that you are knowing the Lord’s richest blessing as you and James continue in your much needed ministry of ‘Iconbusters

Your brother in Christ from England.”

SUBJECT: Comments from Finland

“I checked your site and was rather impressed. I can sense the honest conviction in your voice, and my own character is such that the accusation of showing "rude manners" and having "a hateful spirit" when espousing the ugly truth don't hold much weight with me. (May Lord, however, spare me - and you - from going overboard with this attitude.)

I agree with you that there is definite call for some serious Revisionism concerning the real beliefs of all those Medieval "heretics" who were coldly FRAMED as Manichean heretics by the Catholic Establishment…… Have you considered making a flash film about that cynical money-making scheme known as the Purgatory? If the Roman Whore would really have the power to influence the condition of those contained in it, why don't they simply empty the whole place, instead of collecting funds through Requiems and Novenas? Some early reformer (Simon something) compared the Pope in this regard with a highwayman, extorting money for the release of hostages.

God Bless and guide you Rand,

Christian from Finland”

SUBJECT: Some people think you are not nice

‘This is my second visit to your web site.  I am a Reformed Christian in the Historical Calvinist tradition.  I have come to embrace the historical Amillennial position on Biblical prophesy, I have truly "Left Behind" my Pentecostal pre-trib, Premillennial days.  I think you have a real point that the church of Rome is apostate and the office of Pope is anti-christ.  But the pageantry of it all is so banal it is almost funny.  Brother I think evil is much more seductive and complex than this, it has to be the sum total of all religious and political systems arrayed against God.  Sin has caused humanity to be blinded by all manner of superstitions and idolatries.  You are moving into enemy territory when you begin to confront it however imperfectly, but remember that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ we must take into the darkness.  A lot of people have accused you of not being so nice, I find this interesting.  What are they expecting of you to compromise on the truth such as the Lord has revealed to you?  If you love someone and their soul is at stake in sin and idolatry do you tell them nice things to put them at ease or slap them up the side of the head with the truth? 

I have a family locked in the bondage of generational witchcraft.  I am at war for their souls, being nice to my mother about her superstitions and the abuses they produced in our family is not going to change anything.  I tried that as a Pentecostal and she just looked at me praying in tongues like a dill and smiled.  I have to bring the authority of Gods word relentlessly to bear on the darkness till the darkness backs off.  And guess what?  The darkness backs off.  None of us are saved unless it is Gods will. I am sure you and I are in agreement on that but in this war that I am in I have to operate under the assumption that it is his will that my family be delivered from this bondage.  Tough love is the truest form of love when its objective is deliverance, liberty and salvation.  Remember this Rand when you enter enemy territory. Expect to take casualties, so watch yourself spiritually and pray.

God Bless you.”

SUBJECT: Comment from Bunker

“If you are not reading Rand Winburn's website regularly, you are missing out.  It is one of my favorite sites on the internet.”


Michael Bunker

SUBJECT: Rapture


SUBJECT: Alan Morrison

“I just received your book and am eagerly learning of God's truth. Thanks so much.

I am familiar with Mr. Morrison's work and am very disappointed at his summation with regards to "that wicked", which has been revealed to the faithful remnant in these last days.

It is exciting to hear of your work in reviving the old texts of the reformers, who were compelled to reveal the papal antichrist.

It is sad to see how gleefully those deceived enter into Hades. For example, the Episcopal church and their convention of fools meeting today. It is unbelievable how none of them has a kernel of discernment.

I admire your stand alongside the martyred who cry out for justice

and will receive it on judgment day.

your friend in Christian witness.”

SUBJECT: Testimony

“I started my JESUS walk attending ROMAN CATHOLIC masses with mom and slinked away around the age of 16. In college I floated somewhat spiritually checking out what Druids do with trees (from a distance mind you). In 1996 among some Lutheran Missouri Synod brethren, I felt the call of God to follow him, learn from him and work for him among the persecuted.

This desire to follow JESUS got me in some hot water with the charismatic (follow me following JESUS) wing of our church and we actually got excommunicated. PRAISE JESUS SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD!!!!

Since then the road has been a little bumpy but eternally rewarding.

Back in 1996 while lying on my bed perusing the HOLY BIBLE, I latched on to 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2 and have been somewhat obsessed with eschatology since.

I was first a Jack Van Impe dispensationalist, then a Gary DeMar Preterist -- now I'm fascinated with the historicist interpretation. Like you, I don't believe the Bible teaches of a secret rapture.

For a few years now I have been a visitor to MICHAEL BUNKER's website. I agree so much with his teachings on the underground church. The most blessed church of our age is by far the Body of Christ in China and I don't think they even get TBN there (haha).

There is no intercessor between God and man other than the LORD JESUS CHRIST and folks like the papa who call themselves the HOLY FATHER will be in much trouble on JUDGMENT DAY.

I saw a link to your website on Michael Bunker's site and caught a ride. Your website is fantastic!!! So deep, so true. I love reading the works of the reformers and their take on the antichrist papacy. To me it's as clear as the Episcopal heresy of today.

I feel like the big rock of human history is rolling down hill and picking up speed and I'm so glad that JESUS got me out of it's path.

PRAISE THE LORD for the work you do Rand.

I think it's amazing and the will of the HOLY FATHER (John Chapter 17) that your website gets to places like Saudi Arabia and ROME where there is resistance.

your friend in Christian Victory.”

SUBJECT: Questions for iconbusters. Great job!

“Hey I love your site. I just visited it again for the first time in about a year, I think? You have done a great job since then. I especially love the Catechism! I may teach it to my children. I do have a question though. I am trying to grasp an understanding of Daniel 9:27.

He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease... Daniel 9:27.

Who is the "HE" in this verse, and do you see any validation in the Gap between the 69th and 70th week?

Also, just wondering, explanation not expected, what form of church Government do you believe the bible teaches. What Commentaries do you recommend for Blasting the Anti-Christ and Exalting Christ? What is your take on J.A. Wylie's "The History of Protestantism?" Do you receive a large amount of Hits to your site? I know that it says money order or credit card but will you accept personal checks for the books on your site? Care if I link to your site?

Thanks for your time and effort, and Keep up the Great work in exposing the Anti-Christ and Proclaiming the Doctrines of Grace for the Glory of Christ!”

SUBJECT: Difficult to read

“Love the website...great information and not afraid to tell the truth about the whore that is popery and hierarchical instutionalised "government" religions.  My only complaint is that many of the pages are very difficult to read due to the contrast and the color selections.  I applaud your efforts and humbly submit a suggestion to change some of the pages so they may be read more clearly.

The reformer

SUBJECT: Arminian Christ who tries hard, but not hard enough

“What do you believe you have to do in order to be saved?  The Bible makes it clear that once you admit you are a sinner, repent of your sins, and accept Christ as your Savior, and know that when Jesus died on the cross—it was for our sins—our sins were forgiven.  But the key to all this is:   Accept Jesus Christ’ gift of salvation.

God will not send you to hell, only you can do that by not accepting Jesus as your personal Savior!  So, if you go to hell, it is not because Christ sent you, it is because you chose to go  in spite of everything Jesus has tried to give you (gift of Salvation) to keep you from going!


Cindy Amos”

SUBJECT: From a Supporter

“I’m a good friend of Michael Bunker and I was just emailing you to let you know that I enjoy going to your site. It is very encouraging to see more good brothers in the fight. Its not an easy thing speaking out against the antichrist I have figured that out myself but thank the Lord for His mercies and His servants. We have a sister website in part of Mr. Bunkers ministry and we were considering putting your site on our we support page. I figured I would ask first, so if you can get back to me at your leisure just let me know. Here is a link to our site if you want to check it out and make sure that we are of sound doctrine. 

In Him,

W.C. Mosteller”

SUBJECT: Sorting out truth

“Thanks for your response regarding the antichrist v. super computers.  I'm very glad I have you help me sort out the TRUTH.”

SUBJECT: Comments from Beliefnet Message board


8/11/03 11:24 AM

1 out of 23

...Jack Chick meets pop culture. With demented results.

8/11/03 11:28 AM

2 out of 23

Wow. :-0

8/11/03 11:28 AM

3 out of 23

So, how did you find this little gem, D-boy?

8/11/03 11:43 AM

4 out of 23

some people have waaaay too much time on their hands


8/11/03 11:53 AM

5 out of 23

It was linked in the Ship of Fools "Fruitcake Zone".

8/11/03 12:03 PM

6 out of 23

I think it's supposed to be a joke.

8/11/03 12:05 PM

7 out of 23

Take a look at their homepage:

Still think it's a joke?

8/11/03 12:11 PM

8 out of 23

Well, it's creative.


8/11/03 12:14 PM

9 out of 23

One of the lovely things about our day and age is that the line between satire and the real thing seems to have dissapeared. I guess this site is for real but it is so bizzare that it already parodies itself.

8/11/03 12:14 PM

10 out of 23

Actually, I find the what St. Teresa (which I think they spelled wrong) didn't tell me a bit more offensive than the pope one.

8/11/03 12:20 PM

11 out of 23

"5.[out of 10 signes that a religion is false] If your religious leader believes Jan Crouch’s hair poses no problem
as to the veracity of her Christian witness…..

Your religion is false"

Still think this is serious donkey.

8/11/03 12:20 PM

12 out of 23

...they did spell St. Teresa of Avila correctly.

The problem with this little piece of film is that it connects Teresa of Avila with raping of a nun -- the two actually have nothing in common.


8/11/03 12:28 PM

13 out of 23

But it will be a great source for caption contests for weeks to come... (that is assuming we aren't raptured away in the meantime)...

8/11/03 12:29 PM

14 out of 23


8/11/03 12:34 PM

15 out of 23

I guess it is for real. Here's the scoop in the webmaster.

8/11/03 8:03 PM

16 out of 23


I did try to link to the least offensive film they have. The St Teresa one is sick.


8/11/03 10:13 PM

17 out of 23

Well, I will just have to jam up their mailbox, won't I? Ain't technology grand?

8/11/03 10:17 PM

18 out of 23

OK, this is a sick joke of a site. Check out this page:"

8/12/03 12:02 AM

19 out of 23

I'm wondering what kind of minds think this crap up. Honestly! I wonder if they are laughing over a couple of brewskis or a stinking big joint.

8/12/03 12:51 AM

20 out of 23

I'd suggest they were doing something a bit stronger and more illegal then beer or pot.


8/12/03 7:26 AM

21 out of 23

J, check out the web link in my last post it gives a short bio of the guy who runs this site. It seems he's serious.

8/12/03 9:08 AM

22 out of 23

That web site is really sick. the webmaster must be as well.

Can you imagine all the time he took to fabricate the pictures of the Pope in those obviously fake crowns and stuff.

And did you see the ones of the cardinals in the long flowing scarlet robes? Doesn't this guy have any sensitivity at all. The audacity to make fun of these guys with hokey invented images. There should be a law against people generating false digital images of the leaders of our church.

We must all contact the FCC or the police or the vatican. We must demand that all false images on this website be removed immediately.

Are you guys in to get this travesty eliminated from the web?

Donkey Boy, can I count on you to spearhead the move to get all of these false images removed?

8/12/03 10:20 AM

23 out of 23


This stuff actually reminds me of mad magazine bumped up a few notches.

SUBJECT: 10 Reasons




I get mixed up in reality lately.


An Armenian still working on his salvation never ending  / eternal insecurity.”

SUBJECT: Top Ten Marks of False Religion


A brilliant, humorous, educational and inspirational TOP TEN, sir.

And very, very accurate. I will keep it in mind.

Your brother for the duration.

PS: Once again thanx for your book, which I am making my way thru. It puts many of the "theological" tomes by the ‘greats’ to shame.”

SUBJECT: Are Ribera and Bellarmine the founders of Futurism?

“The question is: are you saying that these two Society of Jesus lads are the founders of Futurism and how do you know? In other words, what is the evidential foundation for this statement?

I know these two's doctrines, we covered their material and others during my time at the NZPBS.

I do not care what the majority believe; at one time the majority believed the earth was flat. I want the truth Rand and I want to speak the truth because I have this Almighty Being watching me and listening to me.

I do not care for Rome and her clever SJs, I believe the Church of Rome (is today and always has been) the enemy of the Lords people and a political system in religious garb.”

SUBJECT: Your work in the Lord Jesus Christ

“Thank you. As an ex-catholic, conned into this institution by a Jesuit, and inadvertently exposed out of it by a Jesuit, may the Lord bless your writings.

Just to rebut any eventual carpings as to my qualifications - as seen in your guest-book - I am a Master of Arts, a Bachelor of Surgery, a Doctor of Medicine and a Specialist in Dermatology, Venereology and Allergy. Not that I think that important, - by God’s Grace I am His child, - (that is the "main-est" thing of all !) - but some people do. God bless you.”

SUBJECT: truth

“Just entered your site for the first time and had a wee read.  I think this site is fantastic.  I have always thought of the roman catholic church as evil since I have been brought up in Glasgow, Scotland which has a history of Protestants & Catholics not trusting each other and hating each other.  But I have never really had any "proof" of why I thought the pope is the antichrist until now.    After reading your postings that you put on a catholic message board I felt much more comfortable with my feeling for the catholic church.  That it is not just blind hatred or mistrust. 

I look forward to reading more articles on your site.”

SUBJECT: Mark of the Beast

“How are you doing? I thought I'd drop you a friendly note amidst the hate mail that you are getting. Your articles on the Mark of the Beast are interesting. As a Roman Catholic I was taught that an "indelible mark" was placed on my soul when I was baptized as an infant. That means that, if I left the Catholic Church, I was worse than a "Protestant heretic".

Of course I believe that the Blood of Jesus cleansed me of that mark along with my sins and unrighteousness. However, that teaching is still very clear in my mind since it lacks any Biblical authority and reinforces the religious bondage Catholics are in.

As a point of interest: Being raised and educated Roman Catholic, I received little diplomas and certificates for almost all of my religious activity in the Church of Rome, e.g. baptismal certificate, confirmation certificate, diplomas from Catholic grade school, high school and college. Rome is big on certificates. When I got baptized in a Baptist Church in 1977, they looked at me askance when I asked them for a "baptismal certificate".

I recently thought it would be an honor to receive a letter of excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church. The company with which that would put me (William Tyndale, Martin Luther, John Calvin etc.) would be wonderful. You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered no specifics listed in the Roman Catholic Encyclopedia that clearly defines how and why I can receive this excommunication. According to the Council of Trent I should be excommunicated for:

1. being baptized in believer's baptism

2. believing the authority of the Word of God alone over the Church Magisterium

3. believing that I am saved by grace through faith

Isn't it pathetic that the Roman Catholic institution, which has used excommunication so effectively as a threat to any who refuse to obey the pope, cannot seem to be definitive enough to excommunicate me in our day?

Now you can see why they have 1 billion members? No Catholic who dies or leaves that church is ever removed from their roles. I am probably on the membership roles twice since I grew up in the Archdiocese of Chicago and have lived over 30 years in the Archdiocese of Detroit. These are just some observations that I thought you might find either amusing or pathetic.

Hope everything is fine with you.

In Christ,

W. B. (Bill) Carrigan

SUBJECT: Great web site

“Dear  Brothers in Christ,

What a great site, I have read most all of it, some of it twice over. If you have a regular e-mail list please could you put me on it. I live in New Zealand a land of great apostasy, the charismatic movement is very strong, many of our friends and family have been drawn into this movement and in the eyes of most we are a cult church, it is so very sad to see.

Your wed site is of great encouragement to us for our numbers are few. To know that we can be linked to Gods people in other parts of the World is a wonderful blessing to us, thank you so much. I would like to buy some of your books at a later date, in the meantime I will continue to study and your web site to teach our people, for most of them have come out of the Charismatic movement.

God bless you and thank you.”

SUBJECT: Book Review

“……I outlined 13 Scriptures pertaining to antichrist, and how the papacy fulfills them.  Once you've read it, you will recognize a lot of my arguments.  You have taught me a great deal brother!  Not only with YOUR words, but with the historical testimonies of those contained within your book!  I'm telling you Rand, your book is priceless to me...and would be to any sincere Christian desiring the truth, that is, the faith once delivered unto the saints!  I have almost finished your book, and can't wait to go through it a second time!  I must remember, though, to have a highlighter with me this time!  LOL!”

SUBJECT: Antichrist Family Photo Album

“Great Site!! If it weren't so would be absolutely hilarious!”

SUBJECT: Reconsidered Position

Thank you very much for your reply.  I have researched the issue further about anti christ and you are completely correct.  It can be no other than the Pope.  Maybe it just seemed so obvious and in my face that the whole catholic system was false that I didn't take the Pope seriously, but he is clearly the Biblical son of Perdition.  How strange that so many of our Protestant brethren don't get it and think he is coming some time after the rapture.  That’s got to be one of the biggest con jobs I have heard of.  When you study the scriptures, read the testimony of the martyrs, the great reformers and confessional statements they are in accord with who the man of sin is and his harlot church.  The unveiling of antichrist obviously upset him during the reformation and he has attacked none more ferociously than those who exposed him.  You can hardly mention the name Calvin and Luther in some quarters without being howled down, but when you mention the Pope as anti christ people get strangely defensive.  I have even heard atheists talk about him in rapturous terms. 

I am interested in broadening my understanding of Reformation Eschatology and would appreciate any recommendations.  I am interested in some of the book offers on your web site.  I would like to buy your book and ask your personal recommendation for a couple of outstanding works on the subject of Anti Christ and Historic Eschatology.  Could you please be so kind as to forward that information and how I order with a credit card.  I have read through some of the subject matter on your website including the Mark of the Beast series, and the Petulant Pentecostals and found it very informative, I thought the Pentecostals paranoid and were playing games, dare I say lying.  Your Hypocrites on Parade rocks.  I would like to thank you for prodding me to look more closely at the matter and I give praise to the Lord for your courage to fearlessly deliver a truth Protestants have been neglecting.  No doubt the Lord has more elect to call out of that black pit and it is our duty to declare Christ as the savior and denounce the anti christ.  May the Lord continue to bless and use you to reach the lost with the Gospel.

Your brother in Christ and, yes, Protestant co laborer.”

SUBJECT: Question

“A fellow Christian in Holland who writes a quarterly magazine (about 300 readers) has written to me that he would be thankful if I would write for him an article on the Roman antichrist. One of my first thoughts was if it would be possible to translate one of the articles on your site. My question is if it would be OK if I would translate one of the iconbusters-articles into Dutch for the next issue of this magazine ? I am mainly thinking about translating 'Forensic science and the antichrist', 'Antichrist, A prophetic catechism for protestants', and perhaps some pieces you might recommend from your site for the Dutch.”

SUBJECT: A thank you note

“i just wanted to let you know that i viewed your web site and i want to thank you because i can see exactly what your talking about , i never noticed it before but i am very happy to finally get the real truth about the catholic church and i am grateful to people like you . anyways thank you so very much it really opened my eyes up before it was too late. god bless you and keep exposing the catholic church for what it really is.

i am an ex catholic even before that i was a non practicing catholic for sometime especially after all those priest were getting into big trouble i realized then and there that the devil actually resided in that church ,so now i want to find a new church that is christian and practices good christian morals, my soul is very precious too me and it belongs too god and god alone that is how i want it to remain. i take my christianity very seriously and i don't try to deny that i want to be with god no matter what it may cost me, that is the price of being a christian spreading the truth of god and rejecting satan and his demons to be honest this world is crumbling down all around us and it is easy to see that. i am glad i never got my daughter that so called baptism in that church. i want my daughter to know jesus  remember i am a concerned christian who just wants to do the right thing by gods standards not by mans. this may cost me in the end but it was certainly worth all that it is a privilege to serve my father in heaven. p.s. i am making an apology for the murders of the innocent people that the catholic church committed because i was once a catholic myself. i am sorry.

To be honest i've been watching the turn of events that are going on in the world today and sadly enough this world reeks of evil, and for quite sometime now i knew in my heart and soul that the antichrist was and is already here , i was shocked to learn as to who it was and to be honest it was someone i would have never suspected until last night when i took a look at his family photo album then it all started to fit altogether. i just recently learned of the murders that was committed by the catholic church and would you believe that i found out about it on the history channel. that snapped me to attention and all those priests getting into big trouble
really made me want to stay away from the catholic church. i was going to have my child baptized at a catholic church until the whole story of the pedophile priests broke out in print ( newspaper ). it made me protect my daughter all the more cuz my daughter is autistic and cannot speak up for herself. so i didn't get her baptized into the catholic so called faith. i am glad i listened to the alarm bells that went off. by the way those pedophile priests are not the man of god - they are demons in disguise!!!!!  i have found people who truly believe in gods word , and i do talk about god quite frequently to make it known that i do believe in jesus , i want the world to know i understand the consequences for being christian are and i humbly accept them. i will not hide myself from these dangers because where
ever i go the dangers are always going to be there  no matter what. so i ask you, why hide from it when you can help someone else. my life belongs to god the father and it is his for the taking. i am not afraid of the beast even though i know that eventually it's going to come down to fact that you either take his mark or suffer for not. i know i will suffer cause i will talk and spread gods word til i turn blue in the face or until the beast decides that i am a threat to him and his henchmen - whatever shall come first. thank you for being my friend in christ jesus, our risen lord and true savior. god bless you always and forever your friend in jesus.”

SUBJECT: Lutherans safe?

“Hey Rand, are Lutherans on safe and solid spiritual ground in their beliefs?

My husband has started going to a Lutheran church.  A friend of his died suddenly a few weeks ago who was Lutheran, although did not attend church much.  At the funeral my husband was strongly attracted to the way the pastor preached and this led him to attend the man's church.  My husband has not been churched in a good many years.  He attended Baptist, Methodist, etc. churches as he was growing up, and during his 8 year stint in the marine corp, he attended Catholic services when he went to church, whose views he leaned toward up to the time I began reading your website and informing him of their errors, which he has accepted as truth.  It's obvious that God is drawing him and he has told me as much.  That he feels the need to reconcile with God has been my most fervent prayer, and one which I claimed 10 years ago.  I want there to be no spiritual divide in my home as I believe the husband should be the spiritual leader.  This is why I asked.  I believe you to be a true man of God and I'm so very grateful for the time you take when I have questions.  I just want to be sure that we will be worshiping in a spiritually sound and safe manner, as well as receiving God's true word.

Thank you for your patience with me.”

SUBJECT: Is iconbusters Christian?

“After visiting your homepage I must ask you the question: you are christian or not?

Because I have hard to see that Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour ask us to judge in His place!

Yours sincerely

Eric Christianson   

Orthodox by heart

Catholic by faith

Lutheran by denomination”

SUBJECT: I’ve viewed your website

“i've viewed your website, out of accident, and found the pictures and word groupings well….pretty pathetic!

May our Holy Lady ,The Ever Blessed Mother, forgive you and accept you as one of her lost children too when your day comes.

How dare you create such hatred. are those the words of your savior? i don't think so. take your time and feed the hungry, visit the sick and share love, not more violence. we live in a colorful world, a world ready to display their affection for the heavens any way they want! i've read your website, got angry, but now forgive you, for you too are allowed to your opinion, and it will not be me you will face when your days end.


james jacob pierri

catholic italian american 29 year old ‘Goddess’ worshipper”

SUBJECT: Forum comments


“Have you ever wondered how many non-christians might be christians now if we spent our  time witnessing to them instead of doing sites like this?

Signed, Steven Gladwell, UK”


“I believe you are right, sg, but I also like to think of these sites as a form of evangelism.

Just as I use this site to help me learn, others we never know of may be reached with the truth of God's love by something said here.

Signed, soterion”

SUBJECT: To encourage you

“I did not have the time to read all the articles.  I spent some time to read the responses of some of the Catholic loyals.  From what I know only an ignorant person can satisfy himself with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  The call the name of Jesus and God in their worship, but they are not speaking of the God of Heaven.  The lay people in the Church do not know this. 

The time the spent in saying horrible things of you for publishing the truth, would have been valuably spent in the stud of God's Word, The Holy Bible, KJV.

It is in that same book, Peter recorded in ACTS chapter 5 and verse 29, "We ought to obey God rather than men".  Ignorance is destructive.  God in His Holy Word said, "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge"  The can not look to the Catholic Church for their salvation.  Salvation comes from God through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

God issued His call in Revelation 18:4 "Come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of he plagues". 

The Bible is not a mystery book.  It is God speaking to the inhabitants of the earth.  A careful study of the books of Daniel and the Revelation shows the Catholic Church at work in the past, present and future.  She (the Church)  is Satan's agent on earth.  Every custom and practice in her worship is pagan and all is contrary to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

Perhaps those who criticize you ought to take a  moment and research the information on the Church from books like Fox's Book of Martyrs; Vatican Assassins, Wounded in the House of My Friends, by Eric Jon Phelps. Those are just for a start.”

SUBJECT: Powerful Witness

“Thanks Rand for your powerful witness on the web. I was just totally blessed and blown away by your flash movie, THE TWO CHURCHES. Ain't it the truth!”

SUBJECT: Notice of Updates

“Please could you send me notice of updates to your site as and when they are available.

My brethren enjoy whiling away an hour in the afternoon having a good laugh at your latest contribution to ecumenical relations and catholic understanding!

Many thanks,

Gareth E Jones, CoR

College of the Resurrection


West Yorkshire

SUBJECT: From utmost darkness to glorious light

“I have to compliment you on your website its extremely attractive and user friendly, I am enjoying the material.  I am particularly enjoying studying about the remnant brothers the Paulicians and the Waldensians and the Lollards who preceded the Reformation.

My conversion experience happened about 10 years ago when the Lord gave me faith to believe on him for my salvation.  I was a committed New Ager and at the same time deluded that I was christian.  I was reading Isaiah 55:8-9 when it leaped off the page at me and I understood the Gospel that I had been exposed to, through a couple of Bunyan books..  Right there on my own I bowed my head in repentance and believed on Christ Alone for my salvation. 

A friend lead me to an Assemblies of God Church and I went full bore into their practices not knowing the error I was still in, but the Lord is merciful and used the experience to show me that my salvation indeed was all of him and I saw that the Church I was in had no concept of this.  I actually endured quite a flogging in that church, an associate Pastor and key personnel caused quite a problem between myself and some of my personal friends by poisoning us with subtle lies and contradicting me on an issue of doctrine.  I came under heavy personal attack and it cost me a lot emotionally.  However praise be to God he delivered me from the heresies of that church and showed me what had happened.  I took my friend and confronted that Pastor and the fellow just folded up.  The only reason I didn’t confront him earlier was because I mistakenly believed you don't question God's 'Anointed'. (A rather unique Pentecostal Papal doctrine to bind the sheep in slavery) 

So I am separated from the institutional Church and the blind religious traditions they invent to counterfeit the faith.  I experienced a lot of manipulation and spiritual bondage, but hey, I am free praise be to God, I was dead in my sins and now I am alive in Christ. When the Lord was suffering on the cross he suffered for me and paid the debt for my salvation and he called me and he saved me by his wonderful Grace and I will praise him forever. Although hungry for contact with my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  I am not entirely sure where to turn for that but God willing he will open the doors.  I have realised more fully that Gods church is not a man made institution and I will never again look at another Brother or Sister as being either higher or lower than myself in the Lords eyes.  This was a lesson I learnt from my experience with that Pastor.  I made a fundamental error in not confronting him on an issue of doctrinal truth when he contradicted me to my friend and I did myself and him a disservice. 

My salvation has helped me to understand much of what I went through in my up bringing and to put the suffering into perspective.  I am separated from my family of birth but not bitter at them just sad at the gulf that separates us and the fact that unless it is given them to believe they will perish.  I occasionally have contact, but we are strangers.  So now the Lord has given me strength I never knew I had to fight and overcome.  My life has turned around and I give Jesus all the Glory.

Ok, now I would like to order your book, Antichrist in our Midst.

That’s a basic synopsis of my life and testimony  its a story from the utmost darkness to the glorious light of Christ, its a story of trial and of triumph and its a story to the eternal Glory of God.  Thanks again for your advice regarding further research, Rand. I will follow it up.

Your friend and Brother.”

SUBJECT: Permission to use material

“I am to give a talk to expose the truth about the Roman Catholic Church, and I would like to know if I may use some of the photographs you publish on your web page.”

SUBJECT: Hypocrisy in the Church

“Hi! I'm on the newspaper staff at HHS and I'm doing an article on Hypocrisy in the Church.  I was surfing the web and I ran across your website, after I looked through it, I found the political cartoons and thought it would be neat to put one of them in the newspaper.  Because of the Copyright laws I need your permission in order to put it on the paper.  If you would so kindly send me an e-mail back and let me know if that will be alright.

HHS actually stands for Hartsville High School, it's a little town near Florence in South Carolina.  You know, I don't really know why I decided to write about the church. But I am a catholic and the more I look into all the issues that are going on in the church today the more and more I get absolutely disgusted... And also I have a friend who's mom has been going through a hard time with her church (Southern Baptist) and I feel like people should know Hypocrisy isn't only in the Roman Catholic Church, it's in almost every church.”

SUBJECT: French books and material

“Would it be possible to get the french version of, lewd questions asked to young single girls and married women in the confessional. Furthermore, could you inform me of french books, or material concerning abuse, committed by the catholic church. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.”

SUBJECT: Charismatics and the Beast

“I have almost read through your book, what a lot of information, I will need to read it again to be able to take it all in. How the Church of the day has hood winked the flock, the whole World certainly follows after the Beast…… Question. Do you see the charismatic movement as a part of the second Beast along with the Bishops of Rome? The movement in this Country seems to be far more dangerous than the Roman Church, which is not all that strong here. Most of the Churches here fellowship with the Roman Church on special occasions, with the Pastors, Ministers, and Priests meeting once a month.

Your brother in Christ.

SUBJECT: John 3:16 Re-Examined

“I needed to tell you what a blessing your John 3:16 Re-examined is to me. I have learned much about CALVINISM thru you and I am very excited to have found your website and to be constantly enlightened by the truth of Holy Scripture….. Praise God for his mercy and his grace.”

SUBJECT: Hunger for the truth

“Your book has been a real blessing to me, and has given me so much to talk to others about. How wonderful truth is and how free one is with God's truth in your heart, He is revealing so much to His people in these end days. We thank Him for people such as you whom He is using to teach us the truth of the word, and the teaching of the enemy of God and His church, I feel that knowing the enemy is so important,  I can't get enough of it, I feel so hungry to know more of these truths.  How I pray that our families and friends will come out of those churches where the truth is not being taught, but it is wonderful to know that our God has it all under control.

…….Our love and God’s blessing to you.

Your Brother in Christ.”

SUBJECT: Antichrist Family Photo Album

“Nice photos- they make me want to vomit. As Jesus said in Matthew 23:09, "And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is you Father, which is in heaven." Apparently the "holy father" in Rome is unaware of
that text.”

SUBJECT: Testimony

“I was looking over some of your FLASH movies yesterday and I find them very amusing and informative. Particularly, I was looking at the MARIA MONK MOVIE. Dear God what a hell hole. I went to Catholic Grade School and High School and a number of nuns/penguins taught there, but I don't see many around anymore. Good for them, maybe they got wise or the priests lost interest!

In regard to your questions:
a) regarding [how I came to believe] CALVINISM --
I got to thinking that it is true that GOD does all things like salvation without any help from man. So it is he who calls us to salvation. We realize this truth if saved. Also Brother Rand, the Bible verse from 1 Corinthians 12:3

"... no one can say JESUS IS LORD, except by the Holy Spirit", convinced me that my salvation was totally of GOD and in no way of my own effort.

b) [How I came to believe] HISTORICISM --
I took the long way around for this. I was a Jack Van Impe dispensationalist and an R. C. Sproul Preterist, then I was looking into Historicism and found your site along the way and it all made sense. What other organization has been the biggest detriment to the LORD JESUS CHRIST than the Roman Beast and it's god the papa!!!
The Futurists and Preterists try to lead us astray but truth can never be silenced!

After getting booted out of our local LCMS church, which ironically officially hold to the belief that the Pope is the Anti-Christ, we have floated a little and now are
happy to be free of the tentacles of any man made religious organization. No Reformed churches are in the Bordentown area. Currently, learning from you and other Calvinist websites is plenty for me. You ask about the LCMS. What a trip that place was. The fellowship was the best we will ever experience this side of heaven, I fear, but the minister and elders thought they were charismatics and the combination of the closed door communion seal up the church and turn out the lights policy and the let's fly away with JESUS pentecostalism just gave us the bends!!! Through a godless deception of a second minister, we actually were thrown out of the church. Praise God!!! Oddly enough, officially the LCMS is Historicist, but in the five-ish years we were there no one ever spoke about it! 

About the sacramentalism ...they are jealous of the pope. They do revere their ministers like they a gods and they love the voodoo ritual of their closed communions. Thank God for internet ministries like yours Rand. Churches in the USA today are "fun" factories and you gotta toe the line or you can get out in the fresh air and listen to God thru his word!  Ah --- the fresh air is soooo good!!

Thank you for your interest in a fellow traveler.

I have received all your materials along with the extras you included. Thank you so very much for your generosity. I will treasure these documents in my library and I know I will learn much from them. I praise God for showing me your website and your loyalty to the vision revealed to the reformers. You, sir, are a modern day reformer! Keep the faith. Keep in touch. PRAISE THE LORD CHRIST JESUS!!!!

Your Protestant brother and co-laborer for CHRIST.”

SUBJECT: Dialogue with Daly

Ken: “Funny stuff!  There is nothing more entertaining than Christians bashing each other.  All other religions simply kill each other; you guys just make the best below the belt hilarious insults at each other.  Sometime real life is funnier than fiction.  Well done!

Signed, Ken Daly”

iconbusters: “Dear Ken: We assume you are no Christian. What is the name of the God you worship and how do you serve him/her/it?”

Ken: “If I had/have a God, he/she/it would be/is one who's followers didn't treat each other like total garbage the way Christians do. In the mean time I live the sinful life of working 9 to 5, eating dinner, sitting on my couch, fornicating with my wife, than do it again the day.  I try to get golf and fishing in on the weekends, gotta have a little fun before hell ya know. Which reminds me, will Catholics get to go to church in hell?”

iconbusters: “Dear Ken: Apparently you have not yet made personal contact with your God/Gods. You do not know his/her/it/their name. Thus, it is impossible to know how to please and serve him/her/it/them. True Christians have personal contact with their God. They know His name. They know how to serve Him in Spirit and truth. They know what is expected of them. They have all been called to do specific work for Him. Our God warns the world that there are many other Gods, but they are false, and they do not wish you well. Our God claims to be the only true God, the Creator of all things; the Savior of repentant sinners; the provider and protector of His people. The false Gods are not really your friends. They seek your destruction. If not now, then for eternity. It is necessary to warn the ignorant and deceived of their error in worshipping false Gods. That is what we do. Roman Catholics and many others worship false Christs and false Gods. To continue to do so will result in one's doom and eternal sorrow. Jesus says so, and He is no liar.”

Ken: “If you're right, I'd rather go to hell with Mother Teresa and Gandhi than heaven with Jack Chick and Ian Paisley.  Jesus said "you will know them by there fruit."  There is no fruit in your work, only hatred and insults (albeit funny insults.)  Luckily, I know many wonderful Christians who don't spew the nonsense you do.  In fact, I found your site at which is a Christian website exposing the fringe.  You and radical Muslims are two sides of the same coin. You're right about something else, I still haven't made up my mind about God.  But I'm sure of one thing, I want nothing to do with yours.”

iconbusters: “Dear Ken: If you take an objective look at the Gospel accounts of Christ, you will notice that He was vehemently hated by the religious Jews who claimed to follow the true God, Jehovah, the God of Israel, the Maker of Heaven and earth. Yet they were deceived and misleading the Israelites away from the path of truth. Christ was killed because He dared expose their God as Satan, not Jehovah. They also killed Him because He claimed to be very God of very God - the literal Son of God.

Those who crucified Christ had your mindset. They wanted nothing to do with Him or His Father. In fact, if the truth be told, that used to be my opinion also. Then, one day, when I least expected it, He revealed Himself to me, forgiving my innumerable sins, and healing me of my afflictions - sins and afflictions which I brought on myself. So, today I know Him as Savior, Comforter, Brother and loving Father, who graciously gave Himself to His false accusers for punishment so that I would avoid punishment due me.

Sounds kooky? Christianity is the only religion that dares claim these unfathomable truths. It is the only religion which states that your own personal goodness and righteous deeds are not good or righteous enough to earn the privilege of eternal life in Paradise. We believe only One was good and righteous enough --- the Lord Jesus Christ, the Nazarene Jew.

Check out the Gospel accounts, Ken. You'd be amazed what an open mind can discover in them.

Our website utilizes humor to point out the absurdity of false Christianity, as well as the power of Satan to blind the minds of unbelievers. We also point out why it is absurd, citing no less than the authoritative Word of God. The folks at ShipofFools are modern-day Pharisees who, had they lived 2,000 years ago, would have mocked Christ on the cross, saying, "If you are really God, then come down off the cross!!"

Ken: “Gotta go.  I honestly think that before you call others the Pharisee, you need to do a little self evaluation.  Thanks for all the time you spent writing your emails, I do appreciate it.  Maybe we can talk more another time. Merry Christmas (assuming you celebrate it since it's a Catholic/Pagan invention.)”