Love, Threats and Christian Hate Mail, Third Edition


SUBJECT: Death Threat


if I ever meet you I will Kill you.



Patrick Teggart





Dear Rand -

Your site has to be the dumbest, most ridiculous site I've come across. Some nice pictures of the Holy Father though...The Pope has travelled the world preaching the Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior - therefore he cannot be the anti-Christ (since the BIBLICAL proof for the anti-christ is the one who DENIES this fact.)  Grow up, lose your hatred for the true
Church of Jesus Christ founded on Peter the Rock by Jesus 2000 years ago.  Your "brand" of Christianity traces back only 500 years to a philandering king (Henry VIII) and monk of questionable sanity (Martin Luther).

Christ found the church I belong to, and I serve Him.  You, through your hatred and false witness of your fellow Christians, serve the devil.

Merry Christmas silly one.

Kenny Carcaterra



SUBJECT: Hypocrites on Parade


Dear Sirs,

I love your Hypocrites on Parade. Excellent work!

Do you have any previous movies that you could forward?


Pastor Mark



SUBJECT: Offended Lutheran


As a confessing Lutheran - I am deeply insulted that when you presented your list of Reformation doctrines re: the Papal Antichrist, you did not include Melanchthon's "Treatise on the Power and Primacy of the Pope" - penned in1537, signed by 32 theologians (Luther was deathly ill at the time) and included in the Book of Concord of 1580.  I believe that makes us first!!!!



SUBJECT: Education?

I’m just wondering where you get your information and what your qualifications are? Do you have a degree?  Or any collegiate education? The language and style edit of your site leads me to believe you haven’t.

I’m sorry you feel the need for a sight like this. I’ve read so much on this site about Catholics being bad trees, seeds, apples- what have you. You do realize that whatever denomination you are, that you fall from a tree- the Catholic one. Why are you cutting down the tree from which you came?

It’s so very sad about you. I hope people continue to pray for you.




I am reading all your material about Antichrist…… I admire your teaching, so bold and so strong.

Thank you

Sister in Messiah





You do great work and I admire your courage.  How do you keep from getting depressed?  The more I learn about Reformation theology and witness Christian radio, television, publications, etc. the more miserable I get.




Again, thank-you so much for your ministry!  I know it must be a terribly hard task and the opposition must be incredible- but the Lord said the whole world will hate you for this truth!  Just never stop doing what you're doing. Who knows how many people are being set free by your exposure of the lies!!!





I have just read all the comments on the website and i can see how much of an attack you are under. People cannot discern between the truth presented in defense of the gospel because truth means standing firm! yet they confuse the lie presented as 'wrapped up in love', of which many cannot discern spiritual things.

As Jude says, that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

Keep at it brother!

God has called you to His work, and you serve Him well.



 SUBJECT: Ex-Catholics’ Testimony


We are both ex-roman catholics. We came out of that cult about 8 years ago. We have learned a lot about the lies and deception in that "church" since then, and are very grateful to our Savior, Jesus Christ, that He has set us free. Many family members and friends are still believing the lies of Rome, it is very hard to witness to them, it doesn't help that other family members that have also left don't realize what the catholic church is really all about and don't even try to explain the errors that these blind fools are following. The lines have been blurred, so many people believe that catholics are Christians, and that we don't need to witness to them, but we know they are truly lost and it breaks our hearts, we are in such a small minority, but we know that God is bigger than all of this and He is ultimately in control. We live in Erie, Pennsylvania and our children attended catholic school (there are very few Christian Schools in our area.) My oldest son informed me that he had learned that in the U.S., Erie has the highest per capita population of catholics. This is a very catholic town. We have a few evangelical Protestant Churches, but there are so much catholic churches it's not even funny. They always cry for money, close down the schools in the poorest neighborhoods, but always seem to have the money for statues and gold floors for their cathedrals. It is ridicules. I have come to the conclusion that what the catholics believe as "Marian Apparitions" is really "Satan in drag", if you can excuse the rough language. Maybe you can use that in a future "Icon Busters" episode. You are a much needed light in this dark, dark world. Please keep up the good work... May God richly bless you and may your ministry continue to lead the prisoners out of the darkness of roman catholisism.



SUBJECT: Wants Update


Could you put me on your list for the next hypocrite movie....thanks a bunch guys, for standing for the truth!!!



SUBJECT: Unhappy


I visited your gallery.  Are you very sure God is happy with the sarcastic comments that you printed?  Is it good journalism to infer sarcastic comments applied to pictures of the pope?


Is your church prolife and opposed to artificial contraception?  Did you know that the Catholic Church is prolife totally and opposed to artificial contraception?   Do you pray about what you will post on the internet?  Does God give you direction to do what you are doing on the internet?


Edwin R. Taylor



SUBJECT: Mark of the Beast


Dear Rand

I enjoyed your site, particularly the mark of the beast-which is an excellent help, convincing, when all and sundry (nuts/apostates/ and many sincere believers) are convinced of the chip under the skin.  I came across your site a while ago having prayed for God's help re: the mark of the beast, as I was surprised how many Protestants hold to the chip theory. Any book you can advise on this subject would be really appreciated.


I am a weak feeble minded believer saved by Sovereign grace and convinced of the Historical Protestant Reformed position re: the pope is the Antichrist.



SUBJECT: Mark of the Beast


Brother Rand,

    I have learned a great deal from your work concerning the Mark of the Beast and the RCC. I completely share your conclusions and will study your excellent posts in order to be equipped to minister truth to my deluded and decieved Catholic friends.  I now believe that the Antichrist is the Papacy...the office itself and anyone who occupies such is truly the "man of sin". I was most impressed with your gentle, loving attitude as you laid bare the errors of the RCC and proved the prophetic role which it plays. What the heck happened to that Christ-like attitude when you were drawn into a fiery debate with Andrew? ("Prophet" Andrew /King of the Board was not in that same gentle spirit) I encourage you to continue exposing the truths in the same spirit with which you began and don't let yourself be dragged into a name calling, insult swapping verbal bout with anyone.  Paul tells us to correct our enemies with kindness and gentleness. I know it's difficult, I've done the exact same thing myself. You are truly blessed with God's insight and you have taught me much. Please accept this kindly word of correction as coming from a brother in the Lord. Be very sober as you are truly making a difference and the enemy will look for any opportunity to attack. I trust you know the weapons of our warfare and I will pray for you and this important ministry.



SUBJECT: Richard Bennett’s Audio Lecture


The audio from Mr. Bennet was earth shattering! It fully and further confirmed everything you have been proclaiming. I used to think we were to look for the Antichrist in the future. I have had my eyes opened and I thank the merciful God for allowing me to see. He has been leading me to these truths for quite some time and has used your web site to bring me into a clearer understanding. My partner in business is a devout Catholic and we have had several discussions about the false teachings of the RCC. I feel that God is teaching and equipping me to be a light bearer in this dark and troubled time. I also believe in that God does as He wills and I am chosen by His will to know these things. Thank you for being faithful to the direction of the Holy Spirit, Rand. God is using you mightily!!



SUBJECT: ICONBUSTERS Satanic and Unsaved


Get thee behind me satan! 


I fully recognized why your site did not contain the gospel message from the beginning.  I wrote you a message for your benefit, not my own. I will put up your letter as a warning to others to stay away from your type of site, and as an example of how satan misteaches revelation as a way to pervert the word of God.


Friend, you have links to sites that post on conspiracy theories and link to those openly involved in the witchcraft and the new age movement.  In some respects, such a person is better than a person who perverts God's word.  Repent, and perhaps God will send you someone else who will help you, for it is clear you have not been saved to me.


Max Kennedy





its sad.  its sad that anybody has stooped to the level u have stooped to in making this website.  i truly feel sorry for u for u have wasted your time.  what has the pope ever dont to u?  what have catholics ever done to u? u dont not share the beliefs that the pope has. thats fine.  doesnt your God teach tolerance at all??  if u have a problem with people from another religion, keep it to yourself.  if they r truly in the wrong, God will handle it. its not your place to decide who goes to hell and who doesnt.  For all u know, u could be the one who is wrong and is on a one way trip to hell.  u never know.......


this letter was not writen with the intention of being mean or nasty, just another point of view for u to ponder.


JD Kuehn



SUBJECT: Mark of the Beast


recently over the last few weeks i feel that god was telling me that the
mark was the cross.  I know the cross is a pagan symbol.  Along with that my thoughts were that the mark in the forehead my be in the mind of catholics to follow the church and pope and the right hand i was thinking that catholics use their right hand to make the sign of the cross in front of them.

Satan is a great deciever and he would be subtle in his approach to lure people in to thinking they were indeed following Christ.

Today i came across your web site and i am so Glad. I thought i was losing it a bit or i was out there on a limb. God bless you for this site. the truth is hard to take for a lot of people.


anothing thing whilst i remember, do you think that the crucifix is satans way of parading his only victory(in his eyes only) over Christ?
Its like a trophy showing around the world. his boast if you like.



SUBJECT: She’s enthusiastic about ICONBUSTERS


HI,  I JUST HAD TO SAY GREAT SITE.  I have been debating arminian's and dispensational family members, and  X Pastors now for 3 years.  I have said everything you have said to try to prove that there is no free will in salvation, and It goes on deaf ears.  When God said that we are spiritually dead before He makes us alive,  He means DEAD.  I really like your site,  and plan to visit it often.  Keep up the Good work.  Saved by Grace alone.





SUBJECT: She’s still enthusiastic……


It is great to be able to carry on a conversation with a true believer,    I do not have much of that….. You are the breath of fresh air.  I am glad to have meet you. …… It is nice to have someone to talk with that is in agreement.  You too keep in touch.  If you need any help with research on any Biblical subject.  That is what I do all day long.  I would be glad to help.  We are retired now so we have much time.





SUBJECT: She’s lost her enthusiasm……

Im sorry, but you have lost all credibility……You have told me that I must study all of these books that you have read, and that the reformers thought that the antichrist is the Pope, Well do we believe God or men. The reformers were certainly not right about many things. Look at the Westminster confession. There are quite a lot of mistakes there.

You say that you teach only what the greatest prophets teachers, pastors saints and marytrs have taught. The pope being the great Antichrist., I say to that, that I only believe what the Greatest teacher of all time taught. And that being Jesus himself, and he did not teach that the Pope was the antichrist. Mystery Babylon the Great is the world. Babylon is spiritually the whole world. It is also spiritually the Visible Church, which is apostate, and has become the world.

I love your boasting about being expert on the subject. That is really a Hugh boast especially when you also say that you use other mens writings to come to your conclusion……You need to throw away your books, and go to the Bible alone, and in its entirety to reach ANY conclusion that you may want to reach. Rom 3;4 Let god be true, but every man a liar……

You say none of the reformers taught that satan was the antichrist, and they were either knowingly lying, deceived through pride or ignorance, or telling the truth. What about a 4th possibility Daniel 12;4 Many things have been sealed till the times of the end. These were just men. They did not have the ability to come to complete truth…… You act like Im not a serious student of the bible. Well I am, but I don’t look to man written history books. I only look to the Word of God. It will tell me all I need to know.

You also say that we lack the enormous spiritual gifts of the reformers. Where do you come up with that information. God is not a partial God. We are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly place .in Christ. . But this only pertains to the believers. You say that you are a true believer, then you should have this same blessing.

Matthew 24, is giving us a description of the church today. We are in this time of the end, where the abomination of desolation is standing in the Holy place. I have , in the last 12 years , left 4 church’s. The last one was a reformed presbyterian. The abomination of desolation , (the unsaved pastor) was standing in all four of them. So I had to flee, because of the untrue doctrines that were being taught. All of these false prophets, are under the power of anti christ. Satan. Satan comes as an angel of light, and his ministers as ministers of righteousness. Also He has taken his seat in the temple showing himself to be God. I’ve seen it first hand. Only the truly saved have the eyes to see this.

You really need to do more homework. You are never going to come to truth, until you can say God is truth, and man is a liar. And use your Bible alone and in its entirety. Look at the whole definition of anti, and against, in the concordance. It is clear.





As a Catholic, what you have written about the church is saddening.  Can you say these things with a clear consience?

I'll start with a priest you attack.  The one that molested children, and then was removed...key word, the church got rid of him.

In another, you compare the True and False church. Why would Christ have his Church hidden?  Doesn't he want people to find it?  Why would he not want to the Church prosperous?  Read the parable about the talents: "To whom much is given, much is expected".
The Church is to biggest charity.  You forgot to mention that.

You said that the True church is persecuted, and the False is persecuting.  But, look at who is persecuted in your site.  And who is persecuted in anti___ websites?  And who is blasted in the media?  True, the presecuted is the True Church.

You bring up soemthing that allegedly happened 200 years ago.  The mother superior killed the child? Please.  if so, she's probably in hell, and thats the end of it.

You forget what Christ said: "Remove the log out of your eye before the stick in your brothers" "Love thy enemy".  Why don't you read the new testament with an open mind, looking for inspiriation and love of all people?  why don't you read the beatitudes.  Apply them to yourself and see which ones you fit into.  See what of what Christ says you fit into.

I hope that God will move your heart, to at least respect us as fellow Christians if you decide to disagree with the teachings passed on for 2000 yrs. If your heart continues to be hardened, something is help to become more loving, please.




SUBJECT: Thank you

I just wanted to thank you for your web site. I am a newly turned
christian from atheist of about 2 years.


SUBJECT: Naïve Brethren

I am engaged in teaching Church History in my local church. I do not soft-pedal Roman Catholicism, as you know. I am amazed at how naive are some of my Evangelical brethren. When I give them teachings and examples of Roman Catholic idolatry and superstition, they are amazed. This Wednesday I intend to give mention to the "Sabbatine Privilege". This is the Catholic belief that wearing a brown scapular (little cloth) will be rewarded by the Queen of Heaven who promises the wearers of this thing that she will save them from hell-fire.

Keep up the good job you're doing. There can be no compromise with that filthy religious system.

In Christ,

W. B. (Bill) Carrigan


SUBJECT: Antagonist thanks iconbusters

……Finally, thank you for your speedy and kind reply.  Of all anti-Catholics that have emailed me, none have been so responsible as you.





I've visited just a little of your web site. You have made a clear presentation of truth from what I've seen.

God bless you as you serve our Lord.

Bob Krajcik
Bible Study Letters Online


SUBJECT: David Cloud, Dave Hunt, and Reformed Theology

Dear Rand,

I came across your website yesterday, and found your material informative and interesting. You have certainly put a lot of work into it!
Congratulations! I wondered if you have seen the following article by David Cloud, who I think you know. His sentiments are very similar to those from The Paraclete Forum I believe, and I would be very grateful if you could comment on David Cloud's article.

Respecting David Cloud and Dave Hunt, as far as their soteriological views are concerned, I believe both men are blinded by tradition.  Dr James White has said as much about Dave Hunt online with regard to their dialogue about Dave Hunt's book "What Love Is This?".

I am looking forward to the book soon to be published, with Dr James White and Dave Hunt as co-authors, dealing with 'Calvinism' and soteriological matters.


I came across David Cloud when I was studying KJV Onlyism. Then I found Dr James White!  I am very impressed with Dr James White, and his theology. In comparison, certainly Dave Hunt is not in the same 'league', so to speak. In fact Dave is quite out of his depth when he engages 'Calvinism'. I have asked David Cloud also to debate Dr White on KJV Onlyism, or on 'Calvinism', but he declines! 


Tradition, is what seems to bind ( or blind?), David Cloud and Dave Hunt when it comes to engaging meaningfully with Reformed theology. At least that is my opinion. In a lot of other things they are sound, and know a lot more than me!


I live in Brisbane, Australia - a long way from the US, but I do appreciate being able to get access to good theological material online. I have had online access for a year or so now, and continually find new websites with great Reformed material. I have been what you might call a persuaded Reformed person for many years now. The first good book I think I received was Berkhof's 'Systematic Theology', and I have slowly grown from there, and I do believe that one needs to continually be reformed by Scripture! I find some theologians in the US of great help, ( and some weird ones too!).

The internet is truly a great asset if properly used.


There are not too many Reformed people where I live. Most simply do not understand what 'Calvinism' is all about, but simply use the term to denigrate others. Ignorance seems to about in this regard. At the same time, no one ever calls anyone an Arminian?! I guess these days there are lots of  people who  want to be known as a 2, 3, or 4 point Calvinist, but never, never, a 5 point Calvinist! And this is due to tradition I suspect. Two of my three Pastors would definitely reject Calvinism, and strongly too! The other is much more quiet, but holds to at least some Reformed views, maybe even the doctrines of grace yet is careful not to reveal this.

I did a 3 week Adult Bible Class a short while ago, and my subject was the 5 Solas of the Reformation, covering Justification and Sanctification, etc. I put out a couple of small booklets with notes for the class, and I know that my Pastors each took one. I have had no comment from them. Who knows?!


I have written a lengthy email  to an ex Pastor of our church, in response to a book he published recently, in which he denied the substitutionary death of Christ. Again, I have not received any reply!

Calvinism has had a 'bad press' for a very long time here, and I think in the US also. Do you think we will ever see the day when this situation will be changed?


Thanks for all of your hard work on your website. It must have taken a lot of time and effort!



 SUBJECT: Joe adores us


I am a friend and supporter of Rand Winburn and I believe him to be theologically sound---not to mention guided by the Spirit and not the flesh.





SUBJECT: Joe abhors us


Take me off your mailing list, coward.





SUBJECT: Eastern Orthodox objections


Excuse me? the "Eastern Orthodox the spirit of Anti christ"? Oh my gosh! What unbeliveable ignorance! THIS IS the church that christ founded in 33 A.D.! You need to study more! If you don't like the Orthodox (true) church, then you better give us our New Testament back, for we decided upon and canonized the New Testament in 397 A.D.! "Spirit of Anti christ,"? Then give us our "Anti christ" bible back. lol. As for Vigilantius, lol. Don't claim him as an ancient protestant. lol. He did not teach the erroneous man made 16th century German Nominalist  philosophy of (I can hardy say it),"Sola Scriptura".



SUBJECT: Reader heeds warning, re: 7th-day Adventism


Thanks for the advice. I have never been to any of their services and it is hard to learn about an order from their web pages. I will endavor to seek more information about them on the net.





This site is both anti-Catholic and anti any Protestants that doesn't attack the Catholic Church. They have a section called hypocrites on parades which uses Flash animation to give slideshows of various bizarre rantings. This was some of the unintentionally funniest things that I have ever seen. I reveled in the irony of a site called iconbusters using graphics as a way to convey meaning.



SUBJECT: Lechery in the Church of Rome Exposed


Rand is just one more of legions of Fundamentalists and Calvinists whose passion is seeing how much dirt they can dig up on the Church. After a while, it gets pretty much routine, after all, how much embellishment can lies stand? He has the usual assortment of lying excrement on his site, of which we not only give you samples. At the end we will provide you with a URL (oh, be still my beating heart!) where it will be discovered that his sources are all a pack of bald faced liars with an agenda.


Rather than engage in a substantive discussion of doctrine, he reaches into the toilet and begins flinging dung. What is it with these Protestants and their fascination for filth? Am I denying that there exist problems in the Church? Of course not. Any moron with the ability to read would know that the Church is made up of terribly human sinners, some of whom struggle with temptations all the days of their lives. But Rand and all his anti-Catholic buddies make the Church look like Madam Woo’s Pussycat Pleasure Palace from top to bottom and side to side. Reading their screed, one would think that the whole edifice has no holy people in it, just wave after wave of lechers, pedophiles, and sexually immoral people.

Rand’s web site says that it is a ministry to awaken the "sleeping elect". Rand, we are awakening. We are finding out that the Protestant Rebellion was based on faulty hermeneutics, lies, distortions of Scriptures, and fomented by people who, like Maria Monk had serious and grave mental problems, not the least of which was its founder, Martin Luther. As we read the Early Church Fathers, as we shake off the lies like the ones you fill your pages with, we are awakening to the fact that the Church which Christ established is the Church Catholic, holy, one, apostolic and Eucharistic in nature and teaching. All the evidence from the writings of the Fathers identifies for us that this Church, despite its problems, its very human leaders and priests, and its sometimes need for reform, is the Bride of Christ. Among His promises was that He would never leave it nor allow the gates of hell to prevail over it.

You, on the other hand, are part of a tidal wave of fighting, schismatic, and heretical assemblies, which have the nerve to call themselves churches without having a licitly ordained priesthood to administer the Sacraments. The results of your Protestant Rebellion are sickeningly evident as one by one these "churches" ordain, marry and support sodomites, steal money from the faithful under the guise of "prosperity gospels", and teach doctrines which question the divinity of Christ, the Trinity, and even the need for salvation itself.

So, Rand, look around you, my blinded and delusional friend. Your rebellion has spawned all this. It is a direct result of leaving the one institution, which Christ promised to protect. It is the Catholic Church which is standing for morality and decency, which is protecting unborn life, and refusing to ordain those who are immoral. My advice, sir; GET A LIFE!!!


Ed Hara



SUBJECT: Doctrines of Grace


I had a wonderful time reading your posts on the doctrine of Grace (the Good News). You have obviously done much study and the Holy Spirit has revealed much to you about God's sovereignty. Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you so. My prayers are with you and hope that you maintain the fire!


SUBJECT: Anti-Catholic website of the day: Antichrist Family Photo Album

(thanks to Fr. Shawn O'Neal for the link)

Have some fun looking at the pictures and the captions that go with them. Don't take it too seriously. The folks who run the site probably take themselves very seriously, but you don't have to.



SUBJECT: Lechery in the Church of Rome Exposed


Hello, seekers after truth!

I Googled my way to your webpage 

and because I've been researching the MANY RELIGIONS that have sex-abuse clergy, I read most of the series with interest and got some facts from the webpages. Even Mormon, JWs and would you believe it, Muslims, have the problem, including the hiding and hushing up. Bless you for what you are doing! But, I'm hoping that you will change your COLOUR SCHEME. Admittedly I'm 70, but the strong grey background on that page makes it hard to read the text…..

Keep up the good work!


John Massam



SUBJECT: Jesuitical influences in ‘Protestant’ churches

Dear Mr. Winburn,

Some time ago I received your book on antichrist. As I am a so called orthodox protestant who considers with the Flock of Christ the pope as antichrist, I found your research and the new facts concerning popery I didn't know very interesting. Also the pieces of the Lollards and the Waldenses were very interesting.

My question is if I could receive some information about your current work at iconbusters. Does your message reach existing churches, do you get resistance out of so called reformed circles, how do you think about jesuitical influence in the protestant churches in your country ?

Breda, The Netherlands

SUBJECT: Too many cowards

Hello from Texas,

You have created a great site.  I found it by looking through "Phil Johnson's Bookmarks".   When it comes to dealing with Rome there are too many ecumenical coward church leaders out there that don't speak the truth. I like the way you present the lies of the papacy.  I think you are dead on. It is refreshing to read your no holds barred comments about the beliefs of Catholicism and the complicity of men like Billy Graham, Colson, etc. It is interesting to note that back 100 years ago and more, the great defenders of our faith wrote scathing books and had ferocious arguments concerning the errors of Romanism. They didn't worry about feelings or political correctness.  I don't see why that style must change today. I think the pope, cardinals, bishops and priest should be fair game when defending our faith and exposing the lie of Romanism.


If I may ask, are you affiliated with any church there in Calif.?



SUBJECT: Lechery Updates

Dear Brother Rand,

I just went to your website viewing those updates. I must say, they were SOOOO GOOD! I especially enjoyed those cartoons you got on the pedophilia in the Catholic clergy. Out of curiosity, where did you manage to get these excellent cartoons from? As a recommendation, why not send these cartoons to Chick Publications. I am certain they will enjoy it. Keep up the good work of exposing the Papal Antichrist.


SUBJECT: Compromise in Christendom troubling

Dear Rand:

I simply must write and tell you what a blessing your site has been to me an ex-catholic.The dear Catholic people themselves are precious souls for whom Christ died and need to be set at liberty by His Holy Spirit. Understanding the prophetic book of John and the warning of Christ and the N.T. prophets has produced a gradual awakening for me from my complacency and lingering vestiges of POPERY. I am very troubled by Evangelical preachers who have not been forthright with true believers and have initiated such compromises such
as the "E.C.T." document which makes Catholics "off limits for evangelizing them for Christ's kingdom." How sad and how cruel to let Satan have these souls without at least a fight ...allow them the privilege of being presented with the truth at least once in this life. I know it made an eternal world of difference for me.

Keep up the good fight of faith and know I appreciate your sense of humour
in this as well.

An ex-catholic set free.

Allan Pequegnat






Why do you lie about the Catholic teachings on your site?


You claim that we practice idolatry... this is a lie.


You claim Roman Catholic teachings are false... that is a lie... every attack on the Catholic Church that I have ever seen has been a lie, or a major distortion of the truth.


People such as ian paisley, jack chick, loraine boettner, rick jones, etc..., all lie about Catholic teachings. clearly shows this.


Nothing the Catholic Church does contradicts scripture. Anyone who says that the Catholic Church contradicts scripture does not know what the Catholic Church teaches.


Archbishop Fulton Sheen said it very nicely: "There are not a hundred people in America that hate the Catholic Church, but the are millions who hate what they think is the Catholic Church."


All of your films are full of errors. So many it's almost comical. Please, get the facts.




Real Catholic



SUBJECT: Hypocrites on Parade, “Eucharist Miracles”


Wow, Rand.  You win the ultimate cosmic collective consciousness catholic-bashing prize for this one!!  Keep up the entertainment!!



Jackie Alnor



SUBJECT: Hypocrites on Parade, “Eucharist Miracles”


Dear Rand and James,
That was great - really entertaining and amusing at times, but really
powerful. Would it be possible to get a link to Wonder Bread on my

Keep up the good work.
In Him,
Bill Jackson



SUBJECT: May we link?


We are an anti ecumenical Evangelical ministry interested , among other things, in evangelizing Roman Catholics. We have a web page on our site dedicated to counter Roman Catholic apologetics. As a matter of Christian integrity, it is our policy not to link to another site without their prior consent. Our readers would be blessed by your material. Your material is superb, (and we share your disapproval of Jerry Falwell, who called the Korean false Christ and cult leader Sun Yung Moon an “unsung hero”).  I expect you know Richard Bennet, Bill Jackson, Dave Hunt, John Mac Arthur, Bart Brewer, Mike Gendron, Jacky Alnor  etc. May we have your consent to put up a link?



In Jesus,


JJ Prasch



SUBJECT: Dave Hunt a traitor?


Enjoyed your latest.....I have a question....why is Dave Hunt a traitor?  I read his book ..."the Woman Rides the Beast" and thought he was very specfic on his belief that the Roman Catholic Church would be the coming One World Religion....why is he considered a traitor?



SUBJECT: iconbusters is correct


Rand,  I found your site the other day while doing some research on the antichrist and I believe you are correct.  The way I have been conducting my research is to, of course, use the Bible, but I also used another source to define terms I didn't understand (not being a Catholic myself).  I referred to the Catholic Encyclopedia to see their own words of definition.  It is frightening that they condem themselves with their own postulates and premises!  This source is extremely easy to navigate and provides, IN THEIR OWN WORDS, testimony of the truth that you tell.


I began my research about 4 days ago.  I was disturbed about events in the Middle East and curious about end time prophecy.  Well, little did I know then what a time consuming project this would turn in to.  I have been spending about 12-14 hours a day in the Bible and linking to various sites on this and other spiritual subjects.  At first my notes were spotty and in no particular order, although I've since begun to provide myself with better documentation since the material is really piling up! This is extremely facinating! 

I just found out a couple of days ago that my NIV Bible isn't what I should have and I have written in the corrections that I have found hoping this will suffice till I get to the store to purchase a KJV. 

I am totally enthralled with my studies and thankful to have the time to spend pursuing them.  This newly found time is the result of my being laid off from my job.  My husband provides adequately, although I do need to find at least a part-time job.  Thank you very much for your site and I'm so excited to have found such a wealth of information!  Would you mind if I emailed you questions sometimes?





Hey I have a few comments for your website. This is only constructive critism. What is your website designed to prove? Is the Pope really the Anti-Christ? Is doing this website going to conform the Roman Catholic Church to our Protestant ways? Here are my answers to these questions.
I believe that this website is doing nothing but pissing off the Catholics. It's like a Muslim burning down one of our churches. It would only make us grow closer to our faith.

Next, How can the Pope John Paul be the Anti-Christ? What about all the other

Again with my last question. I believe that you cannot and will not convert anyone by means of calling them names, et cetera. You have to be kind with them and show them Jesus. You might be the only example of Jesus they will ever see.

Please do not take this email the wrong way. I am a Christian and I do have many Catholic friends. We get into debates all the time but I do not call their Pope any names. I only use Holy Scripture to use against their arguements.


I am 17 just recently accepted to the Florida Baptist Theogical Seminary (!!!SO EXCITED!!!) anyhow, I have been a christian from the age of 9. I go to a Southern Baptist Church. I only ask that you do not look down on me because of my age. You would be suprised with what I know about the Bible and concepts of the sorts. Also, I would like to know that same about you please. I would love for you to reply to this email.

Your brother in Christ Jesus



SUBJECT: Catholic Converts Message Board reviews Hypocrites on Parade


One look at the site and I already know what I would think without having to drink in their poison by watching any of their videos. No thanks.



I watched the video, ‘What St. Teresa Didn't Tell Me.’ Absolutely ridiculous!! What a bunch of morons.



Ignorant anti-Catholic claptrap produced by people who care not about truth or honesty. And I figured all of that out, like Della, without watching a single moment of the garbage there.



I watched their show. As I am sure you have guessed it was geared for the ignorant. Lies and half truths is the best they can come up with. How sad.



It is most vile and disgusting.



SUBJECT: Alberto Rivera: Spanish Svengali, Teller of Tales



Dear brother!! What can I say..

I am overjoyed and so greatly blessed to have received your brilliant rebuttal and set about notifying others after I read it late last night…

The Lord has put gladness in my heart...may the Lord be glorified and the Rivera deception exposed for what it is... 'he went out, and began to publish it much, and to blaze abroad the matter'!   A link to 'Rivera' will hopefully lead to many then studying your site.

Your expertise and input is invaluable and this is the rebuttal that should have been written a long time ago - excellent as it does not rely on Roy Livesey (excellent as his own manucsript is stated to be and still needing to be published) but on plain and obvious facts which you have drawn out like no other.

The Lord bless and encourage you brother!




Very funny website.

Americans are not usually renowned for their sense of irony but your website gives the lie to that. Anyone reading it would think it was real! Reminds me of Monty Python.

One complaint the flash thingy loads very slowly and it is not always clear when you should click to move forward for the next screen. Maybe you should change the control buttons so they are clearer? Apart from that it was great. Really liked the burning pit bit at the beginning.

Your Fellow Antichrist Basher ;-)

P.S. I saw something similar to this on The Simpsons cartoon. Is that where you got some of your ideas?

SUBJECT: Alberto Rivera: Spanish Svengali, Teller of Tales

Dear Brother Rand Winburn:

God Bless You, you web is EXCELENT, continues exposing the Roman Catholicism, nevertheless I am not in agreement with you in the Information that presents/displays of the Dr. Alberto Rivera.

If you loved brother want to have credibility in your {anticatolic
ministry} she retract of THAT GREAT ERROR ON ALBERTO,
Otherwise I miself it will begin public to refute it to you in several webs Christian, I wait for and retract this FALSE information of Dr. Alberto Rivera.

Continues Exposing to the Roman Catholicism
You Servant and Brother in Christ
Edgar Treviño: Evangelical Research
God Bless You


SUBJECT: Rethinks public refutation


I was thinking the things well, and it does not have case public refute the information to him on Dr. Rivera. We must be UNITED in the FAITH…. I have said to him that you web it is EXCELENT, contains a great DENUNCIATION and INFORMATION, and it is by that it will not refute public his I articulate on Alberto, the only that I say to him is that it has been demonstrated that Alberto is not a Fraud…… love that it considers his friend and brother in Christ, I have exortad it as far as this subject of Albert, but it is your decision to accept it or to follow its own conclusions, the only who I say to him is that continue exposing to the Vatican, continues denouncing a leaders apostatas Christians, although not this agreement with you loved brother Rand Winburn in the subject of Albert, I AM IN AGREEMENT WITH YOU IN ALL THE ERRORS OF ROME, AND I CONSIDER MY BROTHER AND FRIEND IN CHRIST. And I hope that we follow in contact to interchange opinions on the biblic and historic errors of the Roman Catholicism, and the ecumenism of several leaders evangelicals.

God Bless You and you Family and Ministry
You Brother and Servant in Christ:

Edgar Treviño- Evangelical Research



SUBJECT: ICONBUSTERS has helped the Body of Christ


Dear Brother Rand,


Your website has been the cause for many a tear to run down my cheeks.  Thank you for your honestly and obedience to the truth!!!!  God has given us so many wonderful brothers and sisters in Him………….glad He led me to you and your site, thanks…………… have helped this sister very much and let's just keep looking up for our redemption is near!!!  Although we are scattered upon the earth, we are still His and still members of His body, Praise the Lord!!  I just wanted to encourage you and everyone that works with you.  Thank you for your time and obedience!!!!!.......


I visited your site again last night with my husband, he enjoyed it as much as I did.  It is so amazing how all these years I tried to figure out the antichrist, the beast, the whore, the harlots on every street corner and then one day when I least expected it…….bingo!  God revealed His truth and set me free!!  Of course there were many tears, struggles, confusion, escape plans considered, etc…. prior to this, but praise God, He never left it up to me!!!  He dragged me to the truth, with the most just love that one could ever know.  I agree Brother Rand, He has set my hand to the plow and there is NO going back to the fables, lies, and heresies!!  I desire only to live for Him and to proclaim the true Christ and the true Gospel!!  Sometimes I struggle with this because I am a woman and God has not given me authority to teach man.  In fact that is how He took me out of the brick and mortar church.  I was asked to teach and did not feel right about it and we left, that was just the beginning of all the wonderful truths that He had in store for us.

Well, I'm not normally this talkie, thanks for listening and you are in our prayers.  You and James are very precious to us and we thank the Good Lord for you!!!


Thank you again for your hard work and selfless efforts to spread the truth.  You have been a God send for my sweet husband and I……….thank you!!





i am glad to have found this site. 

thank you for the insights into the catholic church.  you have given me some foundational information to qualify feelings and thoughts i have had.

-who put together the soundtrack to your videos? 

love in Christ





I cannot believe the amount of hatred in your hearts  - but I will pray to the God of love to melt this hatred within you and bring you to a true love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of your neighbour - read your Gospels and there you will find the loving Christ.


In his name.

Brendan Agnew



SUBJECT: Alberto Rivera: Spanish Svengali, Teller of Tales


Thank you so much for your expose of Alberto Rivera.  I have been studying the Jesuits.  From their own sources, plus Malachi Martin. And Edmond Paris as well.

You are right.  Chronologically, there is no way that Alberto Rivera could have done what he has claimed.

You are right: he could not have been ordained as he claims at age nineteen.  I have read on the Jesuits' own sites that, for a typical high school graduate going into the Order as a novitiate, a man must be in the Order for fifteen years.  And then, he can only be ordained if he has the ability to meet the stringent academic requirements.

Nine years--listed by the Jesuits at you site--is for those who have already completed a college degree.  According to the World Book Encyclopedia, for a high school graduate, the time is fifteen years……

Thank  you again for exposing Mr Rivera!  We do not want to put up spurious arguments against these Jesuits!  They are extremely clever, and well-taught….The Jesuit Superiors are cunning wolves. No question about it.  And morally very corrupt.  But to discover more on that, we do not need Ribera.  We need only refer to the writings of the Romanists themselves, like Malachi Martin, who documents himself the high incidence of sodomy in that wicked society……

There are facts out there, Rand, that the people of Italy are very familiar with.  And the people of Ireland, more and more.  This child molestation scandal is opening the eyes of many….. If we use well-documented facts, I do believe that the good Lord has His elect amongst Roman Catholics.  Well, you know that.  I am one.  Some of our best friends are former Roman Catholics.

But referring to talespinners like Ribera--that undermines our cause.

SUBJECT: Freewillism and Lechery

Just a note to express that your site is getting better and better.  I have read the negative e-mails that you have received and I am truly amazed how people can be so blind to the facts of the Catholic church and/or the errors of all Freewillism.  This only strengthens my belief that if God does not remove the scales from our eyes and give us the faith to believe, we would still be in darkness.  Also, if the style of your presentations are a little rough to these people, can you imagine what they would have thought of Luther, Calvin and the rest of the reformers.  Now those guys had an aggressive approach. haha!!


I read your section on the priests and the confessional.  That was almost unimaginable.  I read Chiniquy's book over forty years ago when I was a teenager and was appalled then, but I have never read any of the other references that you have that are even more revealing of the treachery of the Great Whore.  Thanks for putting this together, you guys are doing a great job. 


My wife and I have been going to a church here, but at present have decided to look elsewhere.  We are trying to find a Reformed church, even if we have to drive a few extra miles.  We really don't have any acquaintances ( other than family in Tulsa and my daughter here ) that share our theology.  I know they're out there, we just haven't found them yet.



SUBJECT: Hypocrites on Parade


Hey, Guys,

This is just terrible.......terribly great.  Raised in a Baptist Pastor home (my father), in Southern Louisiana (99.5% Catholic), I have always wanted to say what you are saying.

Keep it up.

Apostasy abounds. 



SUBJECT: An Answer to Alan Morrison


To Mr Rand,


I have read A Morrisons article on the anti christ, I was really blessed by it. He is not a false teacher by any stretch of the imagination.


You are picking on the wrong guy.


Nice try





SUBJECT: An Answer to Alan Morrison


Mr. Rand the least, you are an imbecile! The following, complete, not out of context, sentence from the first paragraph of YOUR diatribe is proof of my opinion:


"I would remind the reader that to accuse the brethren is to accuse Christ." To compare Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Who was sinless, to mortals IS blasphemy!


I see no reason to waste my time to read the remainder of your bilge... 

Evgeniy Vassilievich Ignatov



SUBJECT: An Answer to Alan Morrison


Attention Rand Winburn:


I have read the article by Allan M. on the Antichrist and found him to be very discerning for John in 1John 2:22 gives us the spirit of antichrist.


Therefore, I must warn you that God will not look kindly on the selfrighteous reply you wrote about Allan and his article. I am well aware that there are deceivers in the world but many of the things you accuse Allan of your reply contains.


Please don't attack fellow Christians just because you think you are an "iconbuster." For the discerning reader, Allan does not lead anyone astray. So please do not lead those new in the faith astray yourself.


Jim Keegstra



SUBJECT: Alan Morrison Responds


Dear Friends:
    You may remember that, in the lead-in paragraphs to my article on "The Antichrist" the other day, I wrote about the unfortunate mindset of many of the dyed-in-the-wool believers in the pope or papal office being the Antichrist. My exact words were:


    "The almost obsessional vehemence with which this view is held by many of its adherents — and the ungracious, ear-stopping, sectarian spirit shown towards those who do not share it — has inspired us to consider it here through the evidence of Scripture rather than the blind prejudice of men".


    You may have thought that I was somewhat exaggerating when I said that. You might even have thought that I was being unkind. Well you can now discover the reality for yourselves. Within a short time of my article going out, a classic response appeared on the website of "Protestant Reformation Publications". The link is and the article is entitled "An Answer to Alan Morrison, Pseudo-Prophet of Diakrisis Ministry" by a gentleman called Rand Winburn.  I will make no further comment on this article except to ask you to check carefully the content as to whether or not it does answer my article adequately, to see if there is any hint of Christian debate, to examine if it reflects the biblical data and if it has anything to say of any value to the saints, or if it does in fact reflect what I said in my paragraph above.

    What a funny old world we live in! What an even stranger Christian scene we inhabit! Tal was right when he said that one needs the hide of a Rhinoceros and the alertness of a world class spy in order to keep one's head above water at this point in history. One needs more than the patience of Job to get by today.

    Goodnight and God bless...
Your servant, in Christ Jesus,
Diakrisis International



SUBJECT: What an eye opener!


I can't even begin to tell you how finding this web site has changed everything in my life. It says everything that I have believed for years but was afraid to say it to anyone.



SUBJECT: An Answer to Alan Morrison


I read both Morrison's article and your response.   I think you did a great injustice to Morrison.  You simply disagreed with his view of who the antiChrist is,  and therefore from that perch lamblasted him as a false teachers, etc.  I think you greatly misrepresented what Mr. Morrison said.

Perhaps, as I read both, you both tend to use hyperbolies (sp?) to both exonerate yourselves, and smeer the other person.

I encourage you not to do that.   Speak the truth boldly, accurately, and in love.  The rest of us reading are not ignorant.  We do not need you to label and malign the person you have a different point of view on.

Gil Kamps,  
St. Louis  MO


SUBJECT: Alberto Rivera: Spanish Svengali, Teller of Tales


What a crusher.  I'm so disappointed in Chick.  I've used his tracts since the high school. I just kills me inside to see what a lap dog he was for Alberto. Alberto is bogus.  You showed that.
Question:  So are the jesuits not as bad as he paints them?  i.e. are they responsible for at least most of the underground behind the scenes mayhem he says or are they basically innocent of most of
those charges?

Once again thank you for setting the record straight and keeping us
iconbusters on the right track. You know brother, this really speaks so well of you and your judgement and cleary demonstrates that you are only interested in the truth.   Way to go bro



SUBJECT: Seventh-day Adventism: Ministry of Death


The article is not well written, is homiletic and not systematic, and is filled with pride itself, while accusing Adventists of pride.  Take heed to your spirit.  God is love and we are not saved by doctrine, no matter how hard you may try to argue otherwise.....God looks at who we are, not what we believe.  Love, mercy, virture, faith.




SUBJECT: His eyes are killing him


Great site!

I've been on it for 3 straight hours and my eyes are killing me.


One question:  when do the 1260 years start?  does Revalations predict a year for Christ to return?





Hi there gentlemen and brethren, I am excited about your latest upgrades and doubly so on your next endeavor. I will continue to pray for your continued success. Thanks again for the wealth of information you so generously provide.



SUBJECT: Witnesses Against Antichrist


Hello Brother Rand,


I read George Downame's,  ‘A Treatise Concerning Antichrist,’ and Andreas Osiander’s, Conjectures of the End of the World.  I thank our heavenly Father first and foremost, but brother…………………I am so thankful for your obedience.  I know that we cannot do anything good, for when we try evil is there with us, we are still carnal and thank God for His mercy!!  I just wanted to say thank you and we are not alone, God's eyes are upon the elect.  We may suffer in the days ahead, but we do not suffer alone, thank you for encouraging us and we pray for you!!!  Let's pray for the brethren!!


Thank you for your love and sticking out your necks, LITERALLY, for the cause of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!!!!   May our Lord thy God keep you and watch over you and your loved ones!!  I do have a question…………………………..if the pope is the antichrist, who is the false prophet????  If you have already covered this, I am so sorry for missing the answer.





I am an ex-Catholic.  I was raised Catholic and placed in Catholic
school from fourth through eighth grade.  I never really learned anything about Jesus, nothing of substance anyway.  I haven't approved of the Catholic church for a while now, but never really understood how evil it was until recently.  I was actually doing some research on the web to try to plant some seeds in a friend of mine who is Catholic when I stumbled on your site.  Your site and a couple others helped me put it all together.  Right now I just really need to dig into scripture and keep getting closer to Jesus before I can start discussing this with him and other members of my family.  This is very weird right now for me because when I stopped considering myself a Catholic, I didn't really understand how far off I was.
Now it's weird.  It's like in the movie the Matrix.  My eyes have been
opened, but not those around me.  Now the question is can I help them to have their eyes opened without turning them away because I still remember when my eyes were closed and the things that made me reject things.

Do you know of any other resources on the web for former Catholics?



SUBJECT: Shocked and awed

Hello, my wife and I have been "shocked and awed" by your explosive website, and rightly so.  We pray that our Great God and Saviour (The Lord Jesus Christ) will bless your work as you stand fast for His word, and as you resist the devil and his Babylonian church on earth. We have placed one of your flash presentations on our website with a link to yours. We hope you don't mind. Of course if you do mind let us know and we'll remove it immediately.

Please feel free to keep us up to date with current news and we'll inform our email list.

Keep up the wonderful work, it's such a blessing and encouragement to us.

Kindest regards,

Graant Edwards

Auckland, New Zealand


SUBJECT: William Whitaker

Hi Brother,

Was just reading through this fantastic little book your produced of William Whitaker's.  It is smashing! What else have you read of his?  His frontal, straight-forward, direct approach is very helpful and great to see.  For four hundred year old writing, it is some of the freshest out there.


SUBJECT: Paraclete Forum supporter calls ICONBUSTERS antichrist.

An example of something in modern day culture that I consider to be 
inherently evil is the website
Which, as I'm sure you are aware, has attacked not only you, but many 
other men of God.
I'm not saying this man is THE antichrist, but he certainly is anti Christ.
I pray the Spirit of
God will bring him to repentance.
SUBJECT: Mark of the Beast
Hello and God bless Rand.

I'm just writing to say hello and that you and your site are in my prayers
to our Lord. 
As you know i fully agree with your view of the Mark and I thank the Lord
for taking me
to your site just when i was beginning to think i was imagining stuff.

May God be with you Rand.

SUBJECT: A Jesuit Comments


Dear sir,


There seems to be quite a fear for our faith within your work, my friend. A child is capable of spot-passaging, and anyone of bigotry.  Without trying to sound presumptuous, I must inform you that you have absolutely no idea of that which you pretend to know about the Catholic faith and your work embarasses only yourself, and certainly not the one billion souls who profess their faith everyday.


I would be most welcome of an amicable dialogue,


In pace Christi

T. Kauffman, S.J.



SUBJECT: William Tyndale


Dear Brother Rand,


I just wanted to thank you for sharing William Tyndale's article.  My heart is full and tears fill my eyes.  This little sheep loves to hear and read the truth.  For so many years, I wondered, why I was not anxious for the return of our Lord and Savior.  The answer is so very clear to me now.  It was because He not visited me yet. He had not yet blest me with the new birth, faith and repentance.  Now I long for His return with everything that He has given to me.

We continue to pray for the brethren.  Are there any needs that your ministry has that we might help with?  Thank you for your time, I know that you spend much time working for the kingdom of God.



SUBJECT: Mocking Jesus’ Mom


Hello!  I found your site through an internet search, and curiously enough, I stopped by to give a look.  I'm amazed at your hate tactics here.  Your mockery and fiction is so against what our Dear Lord Jesus teaches.  Also, in response to your query to The Blessed Virgin Mary, as to where was she, she was a young girl when Gabriel appeared to her, and the Holy Spirit visited her.  Please remember, she is Jesus's mother.  How would you feel if someone mocked your Mom?  Jesus and His mother lived their lives in accordance with the Ten Commandments.  Surely He did not stop honoring His mother when he ascended into heaven.  He is God.  He delivered the Commandments to Moses.  He cannot contradict Himself.  Mary declared that all generations would call her blessed.  While a few Catholic priests fell into sin, I read in my local newspapers every day that boyfriends, husbands, teachers, coaches and yes Protestant Ministers are also sinning against vulnerable children.  Perhaps we should look to Mary in her humble innocence, and humility, as she said Yes to God at the Annunciation, take her example and give our conscent to God's Will, instead of blaming her and bashing her for evil acts done by those with free will.   Don't pull Jesus's Mom through your muck......He could very well be offended by your insulting her, and tell you so when you meet Him someday.

You will remain in my prayers.




SUBJECT: Hypocrites on Parade


Rand.....whoever does your Powerpoint presentations does an EXCELLENT JOB!  The music...the photos...are syncronized to emphasize the message...I wish that I had your creativity!  There are so many people who have been blinded by the Rituals/Ceremony of the Catholic Church....they cannot see the True Message of Jesus Christ....he is the ONLY way to Heaven...NOT MARY!



SUBJECT: Loving Jesus’ Mom


Hello Rand,

I'm a Catholic and you and I exchanged decent emails about 3 years ago.

I've seen your latest anti-Catholic flash called Mystic Pizza, and what gets me the most about it is that you actually have Benny Hinn showing up!  Oh for heaven's sake - he's the biggest charlatan out there!  Any good Catholic (or protestant, for that matter) would rather have their eyes poked out than be in his company! 

Come on!  How about a visit from Robert (send me $100 and God will hear your prayer) Tilton??

On a serious note, I understand that for protestants, the easiest target against Catholics is the love of the Blessed Mother.  The truth is, there's no worship involved, it's simply a love for her that is based on Jesus.  He is the Savior, and we are "brothers" to Him by our faith in Him, and even protestants believe this to be true.  If you take the next logical step, if we are "brothers" in a spiritual sense, then Mary is also a "spritual" mother to us.  While some may go too far in their devotion, who doesn't love their mother?

And if we love Christ, wouldn't it seem natural to also love His mother?

Paul Nichols



SUBJECT: Rant if it makes you feel better


Thanks for the update.  If you ever feel like ranting and raving, just send me an e-mail.  ha ha.  You still have a very informative site.  I continue to be amazed at the poor people that are led astray by the hundreds and hundreds of false "religious" leaders out there.



SUBJECT: Word of Faith and Calvinism


I came upon iconbusters in my research on the Catholic Church. My life has been spent in many ways in the pursuit of truth. I found that the truth is the Word of God as revealed in the old and new testaments. While I share many of your views and was entertained and educated by many of your clever presentations, it was your open letter to the Osteen Church that led the Spirit of God to "nudge" me.

    The greed and focus on signs and wonders in these "Word of Faith" churches has bothered me for several years. My spirit is grieved when I see Robert Tilton, anything on the horrible TBS, Copeland and the like spew that prosperity deception over the airwaves. Your critic had merit but ironically you should aim the truth of the word at your own doctrine.

    Unfortunately, your own deception becomes apparant as you vent your own brand of doctrine with an arrogant edge.

     Calvinism is heretical to the core, according to correct understanding of scripture, the WHOLE council of God. "TULIP" is a poisonous flower that contains error in abundance. You see things through the filter of your self deception. Please, prayerfully and humbly study the site on the link below.  The answers are there for you if you are a true seeker of truth.


Edward Linny

(Bone and Marrow)





And the angel said something like 'Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee.' Guess that angel was nothing but a messanger from Satan tricking Mary into being a satanists.

Before you dog the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Truth, please learn just what the hell you are talking about.


Pax Christi
Dale Cebula
Cuyahoga Falls



SUBJECT: Father Bryce and his readers react to ‘Mystic Pizza’


More Flash Fun from the Anti-Catholic bigots at Iconbusters! This time their short film is called Mystic Pizza about people who see Mary in a pizza and start worshipping it. Not only do they ridicule Catholics in it, they also mock the Italians and their piety.

posted by Fr. Bryce Sibley



The prose portion detailing the historical canons of the ecumenical councils shows that the Church was aware of grevious abuses going back 1600 years, and did in fact address them, repeatedly.



Having first hand experience (former southern Baptist) at the heavy handed tactics that are used by certain people within that denomination, I can say without any qualms -- they are the ones under the grip of Satan! Their website seethes with hatred -- and if they don't realize that, then all's the more they need deliverance. scary scary scary -- and it happens every day. The Baptist Student Center kids formed a prayer ring around my university's Newman Center this semester, to pray for our salvation.

Barbara Wyman



Truly heavy handed--but don't we feed into it?




I thought the most revulsive part of the whole thing was the way that the BVM was made to look like a devil.
Hardly a nice way to represent Our Lady; you'd think that the bible thumpers would remember that she is, after all, the Mother of Christ..

Mark Wyman



Mystic Pizza saved me! I've seen the error of my ways and I'm going to stop WORSHIPPING and PRAYING to my god, Mary.

As if. This is a typical attempt to catch unwary Catholics off guard. Some Catholics actually do believe in "Mary worship" or misunderstand Catholic doctrine, and are thus very susceptible to methods such as these to pull them out of the one True Church and into the morass that is Protestantism. I've corrected a number of Protestants on this issue over the last several years, but many will believe what they want to believe.

As luck would have it, I blogged on a similar topic yesterday re: Chick Tracts. Jack Chick is an embittered, hateful old man, and his 50 year history of absolute hatred of all things Catholic was a forerunner of idiot sites like Iconbusters.

The Barrister





Iconbusters:  Praise the Lord God of all creation for your stand against the great whore!!!!!!!!

Please tell all of the lost, hellbound catholics who wrest the Scriptures (King James AV1611) to their own destruction - they don't have a Bible to begin with - that I was saved out of the whore 14 years ago. I was raised and indoctrinated in the belly of the whore since birth, went to catholic schools, church every day, received the "death cookie" during the hellish transubstantiation voodoo ritual whereby they crucified my Savior afresh every time the black mass was offered, had many, many lost relatives give huge sums of money to perverted pedophilic priests to say a mass to transport their loved ones out of hell,  i.e., the false doctrine of  purgatory -Read the Bible - the King James AV1611 you blind guides!!! -   I am averse to her, the rosary, the devil's mary (not Mary the mother of Jesus who was blessed among women - she doesn't want us to worship her or pray to her - she was a sinner saved by Grace as all of God's elect are), the sacraments, praying to devils, that's right, you pray directly to devils' when you pray to mary, st. anthony, st, christopher, st. joseph, st. ann, ad nauseam!!!!!!!! Vomitous, banal tripe!!!  FOR THERE IS ONE MEDIATOR BETWEEN GOD AND MAN, THE MAN, CHRIST JESUS!!!!!!! dear st. anthony please come around, there's something lost that can't be found - that's what I was taught as a child - to pray to a devil to find something.  Lord Jesus, give me eyes to see and ears to hear - when I misplace something - it's praying to the Father in Jesus' name - AMEN!!!!!!AMEN!!!!!  WAKE UP YOU HELL-BOUND REPROBATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No catholic wants to hear the truth - but I pray for all of you - I love the catholic people - many of my family members are still in the clutches of the biggest cult on the face of this earth - but I hate YOU - HELLISH ROME - AND ALL YOU STAND FOR - FOR YOU ARE ANTICHRIST!!   I will not even acknowledge you by giving you upper case lettering - may Christ ALONE be exalted!!!


Anyway, to say that I don't know whereof I speak would be a blatant falsehood!!!!! I know her inside out.  I know that while there's breath in me I will oppose, abhor and speak the truth against the great whore of Revelation, who is drunk with the blood of the saints.  Did you know, lost catholic friend, that when you are called of God and receive His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, that you become a living saint?  Rome doesn't have the authority to dub a dead, rotting corpse a saint.  There ain't no such animal!!!!! 


I hope I have raised some ire - enough so as to make some of you study the truth - start by getting a King James AV1611 Bible - throw away that trash, the new jerusalem, because it ain't a bible - and READ!!!  READ!!!!  READ!!!! If the Book is contrary to your poop - I mean Pope - then you have a quandary on your hands - hmmm- keep living a lie and go to hell - or ask the Lord, Jesus Christ to have mercy on your filthy, hellbound soul, admit that you have nothing to offer Him and ask him to save you from the Lake of Fire!!!




May God richly bless you brother –





Thank you for reaffirming my faith in God and the Roman Catholic Church,
founded by the apostles.  You provide an excellent service to the Church by
making your faith appear so clownish.



SUBJECT: Thankful


Thank you for your non compromising stand for the truth. I am an ex catholic who has been searching for information about the catholic religion and the end times. Please add me to your mailing list and/ or inform me of anything  knew in your ministry. Thank You.



SUBJECT: Antichrist in Our Midst


I am chewing on all this "truth" in your book, "Antichrist in Our Midst".  Wow!!!  The "quotes" from the religious leaders (America's Sleeping Drunken Prophets) are so amazing.  Now that the Lord has seen fit to reveal His truth to us, it's kind of hard to imagine that I ever thought that these men were speaking truth!

The truth cuts and the truth divides.  The sharp two edge sword sets family members against one another, but God is SO just and SO wonderful………………He gives us a new family!!!

Just wanted to pop in and thank you again for these materials.  May He strengthen and comfort you always, for His perfect will and good pleasure!

Until we speak again, may He prosper you spiritually and may you walk in the health or well-way of our Lord.



SUBJECT: God hates baby killers and Protestants


Dear Sir:


God hates baby-killers.


Protestants kill their babies with abortifacient birth-control.


Ergo, God hates Protestants. 


Catholics and Muslims trust God with their reproduction.


You don't seriously think you heretics are going to still be here when end times roll around, do you? You've killed more Protestants yourselves than all the Inquisitions and wars of religion combined. You're goners!


Ha ha ha,




SUBJECT: Hypocrites on Parade


Please send me and update when the next movie is ready......       


What a wonderful way to put this across....blessings and Thank you!



With love in Christ



SUBJECT: Condemnation


I read where you condemn Billy Graham, Chuck Colson, Pat Robertson and others. People who are the biggest Christian names in the country. Is it because you feel
they are too quiet about the Catholic church? If so, maybe they do it to get close to the Catholic masses and teach them the right way? No?



SUBJECT: Letter to Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church


Thank you, that was right on time.  Just searching the web yesterday for stuff on Osteen ...whose praise three people sang to me just this week.



SUBJECT: Former Catholic scared and laughing at same time


This is scarry.  As a FORMER Roman Catholic, I can see the logic behind this website.  I am now fundamental Christian.  Is this website kept up to date????

In your Mission Statement, are you saying that "Futurism" means that there is no such thing as the Rapture?????

The Photo Album is HYSTERICAL !!!!



SUBJECT: Most gratified


You are perfoming a wonderful service!  I was sexually abused as a young
girl by my parish priest.  His bishop still protects him.  Please check
out my website.

I have "borrowed" photos from your sight and put them on my sight, near the top under the photo of PPJII, "other candid photos".  I was born into Catholicism, a cradle Catholic.  Of course, I long ago denounced the church (Catholic) and it is now with horror that I see that this is an evil institution!

Elizabeth McKenna



SUBJECT: Invitation to debate


I was wondering if you were aware of the forums.  I frequent that board and have been engaging some folks in discussions on the Papal Antichrist and Historicism in general, though I am not as well versed on the topics as you are. 


It would be nice to have you on the boards sometime.  I think it would be an excellent place to rerun the "Mark of the beast" threads.


God Bless you for the great work you do.


Soli Deo Gloria,

Tony Felice
Felice Internet Services