Subject: Clang, Clang, Clang

You are nothing more than a clanging symbol because you know nothing about love -- particularly the love of Jesus.  Joel Osteen doesn't need me to defend him -- his anointing and GENUINE Christ-like nature speak for themselves.  But so do the millions who have been forever changed, delivered and restored through his of whom is me!  While you're busy playing God and tearing down Christian leaders such as Joel Osteen, true men and women of God like Osteen, Hagin, Joyce Meyers and Copeland are busy teaching and preaching the Good News and building God's Kingdom.

Why not stop pushing others down in order to build yourself up!  God is plenty big enough to expose any deceit and/or heresy without you appointing yourself God and claiming in His Name that you are called to do it.  Talk about deceit -- you ought to know because you are a PRO at it!

I pray for you...after all, we are to pray for our enemies and you are not only an enemy of genuine and godly Christian leaders, but as such you are also an enemy of God's Kingdom.  May He open the eyes of your understanding.


Randall J. Waller

Subject: Joel Osteen

"Thank you, brother in the Lord, for opening my eyes to Joel Osteen's false teachings, church and doctrines. My friend, Matt, told me that he was false and I went to to research the church itself and came across your letter for the deceived people of LakeWood church. I don't personally attend his church; I live in Reno, NV., but I received a "30 Thoughts for Victorious Living" booklet from my mom. She isn't a Christian, but a spiritual person. She wouldn't have known any better for giving me that booklet. I realize know that Joel is full of deception and unholiness. I told him off in a righteous angry way in an e-mail I sent to his church. Thanks again and continue to lead others away from him.
God Bless you."

Subject: Lakewood Church

Hello, I am a Lakewood Member, until you are there personally at every service, only then will you know who the Osteen's are, they are not hypocrites, they admit mistakes.  They are not perfect and have realizes through their teachings only Jesus is perfect. I have learned that my daily walk with God is just that a daily walk and everything is not going to be a bed of roses and I will face challenges and I will go through storms in life, but if I keep in the word, I will learn how to be still and look to God for help.  My money I give, not because they ask, but because God teaches us about tithing.  So they have a fancy house, what only a rocket player or rap star can have a nice home.  Have you seen the prices of houses these days?  And what, if Victoria goes to Neiman Marcus, that is a sin?  Why can't Christians have nice things, as long as they are not acting on it selfishly.  Now it would be different if they kept the money and Lakewood never gave to missions and by the
way is this not still the Osteens Church, if they choose to buy something bigger and better is that their prerogative?  You are not there to hear people's testimony's.  Many who have opposed them have paid a visit to the church and many of those critics are still attending and tithing.  Hope you can visit one day .

Love in Christ,


Subject: Legalistic Hate!

I reviewed your website and attack on Joel Osteen and others with sadness.


It is such "Legalistic" Christianity that lead Christians to kill more people than any other religious group in history.


Fanatical Christians like Adolph Hitler are the perfect example of legalistic men who took the words of the Bible to the extreme, and committed unthinkable evil in the name of that warped belief.


Jesus died for our sins, and simply said that all those who believe in me shall have salvation!.    End of story.


Nothing more need be said.  Legalistic additions and warnings only distort the meaning of his simple words.


Your hate filled website only divides and creates friction that need not be presented.  Your legalistic literal approach to the Bible is doing nothing more than driving people away from Christ completely.


Instead of loving the enemy (which is what you perceive Joel Osteen to be) you choose to hate.  Against the teachings of Jesus.


It's obvious you need to get a life in the worst way.    Your site is the creation of a spoiled legalistic brat with nothing better to do than pick up a sword and attack.


You need to consider getting a copy of the book "Don't sweat the small stuff".   It would do wonders for you my friend.


In closing..."Get a Life".


Dr. K 


Subject: Good Job

We appreciate the hard work and long hours that your ministry devotes to the work of the Reformation and to your continued attempts to stand firm in the faith.


We further appreciate the new information as well as the additional information on the Osteen network. We regret that Mr. Osteen does not teach accurately. But we are glad that you did post the information. Somebody needs to get the message out!..................... I was just re-reading your open letter to Joel Osteen' church. It is such a Good Job. It will be one more reason why Jesus will say to you "well done, thou good and faithful servant".


John Taylor

A website by discerning ex-Eastern Orthodox, now saved by the grace of Gnother example of Christian


Subject: Your Hate Letters

I was saddened by your comments on Joel Osteen.  You have a gift of judgment that should be delegated to God and Him alone.  Who made you judge over us?
We are all sinners.  We don't need another "defender of the faith hammering our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Knowing you will not receive this as a loving rebuke...

Rick Dinoff


Subject: ignorance is bliss   

You people make me laugh. You do nothing but try to split the body of christ. Now your getting on Joel Osteen's case. You guys are good at mocking, belittling, and trying to discredit servants of God. Your anti catholic rhetoric will be judged by Jesus and you negative views on fellow christians like Joel Osteen will be judged by Jesus. Enjoy it now because Christ will render a judgment on your evil works when you die.


God Bless...Abe Pachikara


Subject: Arminian-Prosperity Theology Explained by Rebecca 

Ministries like Lakewood and Copeland are very balanced. They teach the importance of peoples holiness walk and their every day walk in obedience and the consequences of not living in God's ways. But they equally teach the blessings of living an obedient life. That always seems to upset the religious people who do not have a personal relationship of their own with God. Anyone who has actually read the whole Bible can see for themselves that when you live in obedience you will be blessed in every area of your life like protection, healing, and prosperity. These ministries teach that if we do our part, God always does His. The trouble with Christians like you is that you would rather believe the messes in your life are part of God's plan instead of acknowledging it is because of lack of obedience and lack of  faith in what the Bible says. We have personally been living with no sickness and no lack financially and peace since we have been applying the teachings of these ministries, because their teachings are very Biblical and when you take the Bible for what it says and not try to change the Scriptures meanings to justify why your life is not whole in every area of your life you will be able to live in protection and health and with no lack financially. God wants us blessed so we can bless others and His work. People who are not Christians are not moved by sick poverty stricken Christians who have one tragedy after another with no victory. That does not show how wonderful and powerful and loving God really is. Those things are the fruit of Satan. Satan came to kill steal and destroy. Jesus came so we could have life and have it more ABUNDANTLY in every area of our lives.


It would do you good to get into the scriptures and see that God always came through for the obedient and blessed them more than they were before. Picking up our cross and suffering and follow Him simply means live your life His way, do things His way, treat people His way even when we do not feel like it. It does not mean to live a miserable defeated life. Jesus took all our sicknesses and diseases and iniquities and bore them on the cross so we could live free from them. Jesus died for the whole world and paid the price for everyone, so whoever accepts Jesus will be saved. People choose to go to hell by not accepting Jesus. Jesus does not make that choice for them. He would want everyone to accept Him. But He loves us so much He gave us free will instead of making us mindless robots. I pray that some day you will be open to the Spirit and see God for who He really is and how blessed He wants your life to be. These ministries gives Christians opportunities to seed into God's work, so God will be able to bless them and multiply their seed. The fruit of it is prosperity not just for the ministry but for the people who seed the money. Personally we prosper more every year as we keep on seeding and so does everyone else who seeds into God's work. I thank God for the opportunity these kinds if ministries give us. That is why Satan has people like you persecute ministries like these, he wants to keep God's people sick and poor and defeated. You should think about the consequences in persecuting God's people who are trying to show people how to live in God's best. It will come back on you and you will find your life cursed with lack and sickness and tragedies with no victorious outcome. For your sake I hope you repent so you can receive God's best!


I do not know what Bible your reading but Osteen's messages line up with the Word perfectly. Start reading your Bible with the Holy Spirit instead of your natural mind and you will be able to understand God and His way of doing things correctly.




Subject: No Christian  

I just read your condemnation of Joel Osteen.  You don't seem like a  Christian to me.  Are you someone posing as a Christian to try to deceive people?  I think so.


No Signature


Subject: whoa                       

I found your cite while looking for information about Joel Osteen.  I am a somewhat skeptical seeker of the word, but wow, I found your cite to be offensive, irrationally cynical and bizarre.  You may find Joel Osteen to be a problem or an icon of a false religion, but your method of demonstrating this will put off even the most open minded reader.

Despite your rantings against him, I think he's very compelling.  I couldn't care less where his clothes come from or how much his house cost.  I care what he says and how it impacts my life.  I need some spiritual guidance and he is giving it to me.  You, on the other hand, are causing me to doubt your sanity.  What good is that to anyone?


No Signature


Subject: Open Letter to Joel Osteen                         

I have been watch this Joel Osteen stuff on TV for the past couple of years.  Some of it was ok, but the more I watched and listened his concepts just didn't make any sense.  I read your open letter about his stuff and you make a lot of sense of what you say.  I have thought a lot about some of these so called "preachers" on TV.  They are just a big act.  They just say things to keep on bringing in the "BIG" bucks.  They could care less about peoples salvation.  Next to Osteen, I think that Benny Hinny and Paul Crouch are two phonies.  One of the TV networks had an article about Benny Hinn last year and it was told that he was a crook!!

I liked most of the entries you talked about.  The only one that I was not to clear on was the antichrist.  I didn't think that the antichrist was identified yet.  Although you do make some sense.  I happened to hear on the news today that a group is starting to put that mini chip in your arm.   That is the start of the antichrist.  My church told me at all cost to avoid that.  Anyway I enjoyed what you had to say. Keep up the good work.


Subject: Lakewood Church and Others                     

Do you not fear God?  To publicly defame ministries of the Lord Jesus Christ through your website and books makes me really wonder about you.  Why do you have a such a problem about the money it takes to remodel the Compaq Center into the Lakewood International Church?  Why do you have such a problem with Pastor Joel Osteen wearing designer suits?  You are looking at the outward man and not the heart of man.

King Solomon built the Lord's Temple with such lavishness, expense, that it took the Queen of Sheba's breath away when she saw it.  Why is it a sin to build a fine, state-of-the art facility in these times for our Lord?  It takes money to reach the lost.  Lakewood, for years, has given millions of dollars to support missionaries all over the world.  A few years back, Lakewood gave a million dollars in supplies and funds to a minister in India who has raised up a couple of hundred churches in India.

It's the love of money that's the root of all evil.  The Osteens do not love money.  They love and care for hurting humanity.  When Houston experienced widespread floods from Tropical Storm Allison two years ago, it was Lakewood who opened its doors to all who were left homeless after the storm.  They treated the sick, fed and clothed the people, had people camping out in the church building until these folks could get back on their feet.

That is exactly what Jesus would have done.  He told the story of the good Samaritan; the one who had mercy and compassion on the wounded traveler. 

I warn you, in the love of the Lord, to cease your attacks against Lakewood Church and other ministers of the Lord.

The Lord said "by their fruit you will know them."  These ministries that you have attacked have the fruits of the Lord, whereas you do not.  To bite and devour others is not Christ-like. 

God's Word says "by every word you shall be justified or condemned."

What you are doing is wrong.  You are like the Pharisees of old who Jesus rebuked.  They were so religious, so pompous, and He hated their hateful, unmerciful, hard hearts.

I have never understood "Christians" like you.  Your type of ministry does not heal, comfort, enlighten, bless.  The fruit you bear is rotten, filled with strife, creating divisions, hurting people.

As He is, so we should be.  Your actions are not of Him and not like Him.  You are the deceived one in error.

I'll pray that you will have a true encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is rich in mercy to them that fear Him.

Fear Him.  Fear Him.  He further said "touch not My anointed and do My prophets no harm."

In Christ's Love,

Christi Jones
Houston, Texas


Subject: Quick Word about Lakewood Church                            

I am not going to insult you nor give my opinion on your article on Lakewood Church. However, I will give you one fact that you failed to put into your article. Joel Osteen's million dollar home was not bought from the tithers money at Lakewood Church, but was purchased before he ever became pastor. Joel was invested in several great real estate decisions, in which he did make a profit that allowed him to purchase a very beautiful home which does reside in the uptown Houston area. Again, I am not here to argue with you, but just to tell you the facts. If you argue my credibility, check when the house was built, and the owner of the property before the property was built. Joel owned them long before John Osteen ever died, and before he became pastor. Do a little more research before you incriminate someone with using funds of a church in an inappropriate manner. I am sure you feel that you made the right decision before you wrote that, but your facts are a bit off, as well as the context you used scripture. You cannot take one piece of a puzzle and use that as the whole picture. You have to look at it as a whole, for everything that it is. Well, I hope you have a blessed day and if you need anymore facts that are true, feel free to reply with questions.



Tricia Nelson


Subject: Quick Word about Lakewood Church                            

I had a friend that suggested that I read your letter Lakewood and Joel Osteen. I then read letters written to your website. That is all I dare read. I got an overview of all the letters written and it has the same ‘personality’ as paramilitary and white supremacy groups – people who are unhappy, disillusioned, angry and confused. As in any group – whether secular or christian – there are the good, the bad and the ugly. And there are always dissenters in each group who think they are right and EVERYONE ELSE is wrong. It all boils down to ones’ own personal point of view. Don’t you hope you are right? Because it could be very bad for you if you are not. And one thing I always wonder about critics – is this all you do or do you actually take the time to have a relationship with God?



Tommie Leamon


Subject: Judging                   

Your ministy stands for criticism, who are you to judge, Thou Shall Not Judge.

God is the only one to judge, by you being so critical of joel olsteen, it shows jealousy, on your part, God will be the one who would repremand Mr. Olsteen, I am not a follower of Mr. Olsteen, I am a child of Christ, who does not judge others, and I have seen some of Mr. Olsteen sermons, and all I see is a Man driven by God, instead of showing your very invious side, or shall I say demonic side. Let God be the ultimate Judge, God will not let a man lead these people down the wrong path, give the people some credit, do your own ministry, and let God handle Mr. Olsteen, instead of triing to cut down someone else's ministy, just preach your own message, and ask God to lead followers to you, instead of cutting down another person, God is Love, where is your Love??? You are not showing your loving side.....



Debbie Richardson


Subject: Chill Out                                     

Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen are servants of the most high God!!  You need to be careful attacking them with your words.  The anointing of God is on their lives and ministry.  You will face God's judgement for the things you say against His vessels.  Jesus wore a seemless robe.  The servants of the Lord deserve no less because the Spirit of the Lord is within us believers.  This is a letter of rebuke to you for attacking the man and woman of God who feed my family the word of God with pure motives and high integrity.  We love our Pastor and his family.  And besides, if greed is in their hearts, (which I do not see in them), God is their judge, not man.  You need to examine your own heart to find out where all this envy is coming from.  Jesus sent His people out the way He saw fit back in the days.  He sends His people out the way He sees fit in this day.  Seek God's face and serve Him with a pure heart and see if His blessings don't overtake you.  (If you're faithful to tithe of course)  That's Bible.  love ya.  Oh, come and visit Lakewood sometime.  You'll be surprised at the LOVE that will be poured out on you.  You are welcome there.  And the word also says you'll know them by their fruit. The fruit of the Spirit is in the Osteen family.  I know!!  Repent and stop attacking our leaders!  God bless you.  No more backbiting!  How is unity in the Body Of Christ ever gonna happen with this kind of thing going on without someone reminding people who are doing things like this that it is wrong to come against each other and backbite and scourging each other with the tongue.  Come on, over "doctrine" too.  That is something a religious person / hypocrite would do.  No one agrees whole-heartedly on every single detail of the Bible.  But you don't come against each other.  Why argue the Bible.  Go to your church and we will go to ours.  What if God sent a new born to Lakewood church for a season and your website really lead them astray (from God's will) for their life?  You were not called to try and correct those who teach and preach.  You were called ( maybe chosen, maybe not chosen, according to the Word) to worship the Lord and to do His will in this earth.  That does not include what you are doing.  You are not God.  Therefore, if you are going to serve Him, do it in love and let God be the Judge of hearts.  You are judging the outer man.  STOP trying to hurt people God loves.  He loves the Osteens and so does his congregation.  Woe to those who cause offense.  (that's Bible too) Come on MAN.  Chill out.


No Signature


Subject: What a waste!                                               

Please read; Ephesians 4:29


Maybe you should use your website for positive things. The attack on Joel Osteen was unnecessary, and my prayers are that you will learn about unity, edification and love.


Jesus commanded us to do two things:


1.    Love God

2.    Love each other



Clarence Duncan

Greenwood, Indiana


Subject: Osteen more dangerous than Hinn                                          

I've been getting quite a few responses over my opinions on Joel Osteen. Surprisingly, most of them refer to this man as an "anointed one" from God. And they tell me that I'm "walking a thin line with God" by trying to tell "lies" about his teaching…… I can see that Osteen's preaching has carried over to his followers. That's dangerous. This is why I find him worse than Hinn, because at the rate Hinn's going, he can't convince a potato. Osteen can do much worse because he has hidden himself so well.


David Walker


Subject: You should be ashamed                                       

I really don't have much to say but I read a site done by Rand Winburn. It was done on joel Osteen. I just have to say I'm disgusted. As christains we are to lift each other up . And we have people like Rand Winburn going around and playing critic. Listen Rand Winburn I very much doubt that God told you all that stuff about Joel Osteen. So next time you get a vision keep it to yourself. Do christains a favor don't claim that your a christain cause people like you really make christains look bad. You attack Gods annointed like its nothing. I'm sorry you should be ashamed. You have my prayers.



Shaun Taylor


Subject: Subject of Joel Osteen                                         

I read your article on Joel Osteen and couldn't agree more. My sister wanted me to watch him the other night...and I did, for about five minutes, realizing what a joke he is.

I must tell you though, I am not a full believer in the Bible as being true fact, yet I do believe it is the one book that teaches mankind how to possibly live in harmony with each other...and it also teaches life lessons.

I think that if there is a Hell, Mr. Joel Osteen will be visiting there permanently.

"If you cannot teach the word for free, then you are not worthy"...and that's just how I look at it.

Thank You.


Subject: Questions Please                                         

I recently read your open letter to the viewers of Joel Osteen’s church.  I was a little shocked to hear that he is living in a two million dollar house (I may be off, I forgot what you wrote, but I am probably close) and all the cash he wants to put into “HIS” building.  I would love to know his salary.  I have written some material on the East Coast similar to what you are doing and think it is good to expose the wrongs in Christianity.  It would be great if we could put together something showing people the salaries and cost of homes and life styles of these false pastors such as Joel Osteen.  If we could manage to do that, think of the reaction to the people out there.  We could title it “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous False Prophets of God”.  It would probably be a top seller in the Christian bookstores world wide.


Benny Hinn is said to be living in a ten million dollar house complete with security to protect him from Christians trying to receive a blessing.  He drives several cars such as Mercedes, Lexus, and the Lincoln to keep the Americans happy.  He has a huge fat bank account with millions invested all over.  I have heard some rumors about that man who “OWNS” the 700 Club, Pat Robertson.  They say (Rumors I have read) he is filthy rich and uses the money sent in by the stupid Christians trying to buy their way into Heaven, to invest into “HIS” projects to make himself even richer (I hear he is in the diamond mining business in Africa).  I know the list goes on and on.  That fat preacher from Texas (I forgot his name).  I heard him today yelling at the church full of people for eating poorly and being fat and out of shape.  The guy is around 350 pounds with a 60 inch waist and probably larger breasts than Dolly Parton.  I am not one to ever hurt a person for their looks, but this man is always doing it as if he is in top physical shape.  His family is now a singing group selling CD’s and tapes left and right.  I even remember the show he was selling Jewish Prayer Shawl.  He said all good Christians should own one to pray in.  He even demonstrated a few quick prayers while wearing his.  My bible states man will not have his head covered while praying or standing before God.  I bet This self promoted pastor (You know his name, I can’t remember it) has a big fat bank account, a huge house, and drives a fancy luxury vehicle.  

Do you have information such as I mentioned?  Do you think it would be a help if something was put together and published and then placed in the Christian book stores?  I think people such as this should be exposed if they are doing wrong and possibly hurting God’s children in one way or another.  Please let me know how you feel about this.  

I’d love to help you in any way I can in exposing these crooks.  I am tired of God’s mighty Word being compromised to suit this new breed of preachers who are really trained business men who know how to use God for profits.  

Have a nice day and keep those eyes open for God.

P. S.  I forgot to mention, I am also an ordained Pastor.  


Subject: Joel Osteen                                        

I am sorry for your expressed   sentiments in the manner that you did about Joel Osteen.  For 18 years, each morning at breakfast, my father read from the Bible.  My father died shortly after I went off to college.   I have probably not attended church but an average of twice a year since his death some 30 years ago.    Osteen delivers a message to me that I can take with me through my daily life, not just a repetition of scripture.   I don't think I can ever remember hearing him asking for donations on his TV broadcasts.       I know a gentleman named Truett Cathy that is a very wealthy man but I hold not harsh feelings for him for his financial success.  You sound as though you live with pain in your life.  I hope you are able to find inter sorry for your expressed   sentiments in the manner that you did about Joel Osteen.  For 18 years, each morning at breakfast, my father read from the Bible.  My

Jim Hill
Griffin, GA


Subject: Lakewood Church                                        

Seems your are jealous! That also is scriptually wrong.  I am so surprised that your god made you a judge,my God has not given that gift to any christian I know!

I will pray for your deliverence.



Dede Vernocy


Subject: Joel Osteen                                                  

Shame on you for being so vindictive. You are the kind of people who give religion a black eye and make them stay away from God for a whole lifetime.  I am a member of a Lutheran church and I watch Joel Osteen whenever I can catch him on Sundays and what he has to say to people speaks directly to my heart loud and clear. We're not all idiots out here, we don't need some self-righteous, heavy-handed, opinionated fanatic telling us what Joel Osteen is doing wrong to the world. It's pretty clear to me who is the negative, mudslinger here. God is good and he wants us to be positive and crap like you write on your website can only make the world a more negative place to live in. If you really think Joel Osteen is so evil and brings nothing positive to the world, take a look in the mirror and see if you look the color of a big, fat, jealous toad!

A believer in God AND Joel Osteen and his ministry


Subject: Joel Osteen: The Prosperity Gospel’s Coverboy                                                 

Written by Jackie Alnor


Subject: Comments From a Pastor

"As a pastor of 16 years, I have always felt that of all the things a pastor is called to do, one of the most imperative is to "study to show yourself approved, rightly dividing the word of truth". (II Tim 2:15) This is why I have come to be concerned about Joel Osteens message. When I first tuned into his broadcast, I was amazed and rejoiced at the immense success of this church. I said to myself, "God is really using John Osteens son in a mighty way". But the more I listened over the course of weeks, it became very apparent that this churches size and success is not based on feeding the sheep solid meat of the Word (Heb.5:12-14) but just lots of fattening dessert.


The scripture tells us that in the last days people will gather unto themselves an abundance of teachers who tell them what their itching ears want to hear.(II Tim 4:1-4) If this is true, and we are in the last days, then we should be able to identify very clearly the fulfillment of that scripture. Who are the ear scratchers and why will their teaching be so attractive to the masses? That question can be answered by identifying the things people generally DO NOT want to hear. They do not want to hear about their sin, selfishness, lust, greed, or especially hell. Those are all negative. People want to hear only positive things. And granted the Bible is full of positive things. All of which are meant to bless us and lift us up. However, to preach only the positive subjects of the Bible to the neglect of the "negative topics" is a dereliction of a preachers duty. Does Joel Osteen ever declare or define biblical definitions of sin? Has he ever told his congregation that sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is sin and that no one who lives like this may inherit the kingdom of heaven? (I Cor 6:9) Has Joel Osteen ever declared that unforgiveness in our heart will cut us off from God's forgiveness? (Matt 6:14-15) Or how about the more subtle virtues of the Christian life such as contentment, and submission to authority. Perhaps all these topics have become unnecessary because there is a new shortcut to a sanctified life which does not require a thorough preaching of the Word.


As I read the objections of those who follow Osteen. One recurring theme highlights that these people suffer from a severe lack of bible knowledge. That theme says, "Who are you to judge someone who has accomplished so much?" and "Do not judge". But there is more than one type of judgement. Some we are commanded to avoid, and others we are commanded to engage in. The judgement we are told to practice is the judgement of prophesy and doctrine. (I Cor 14:29, II Pet 2:1-3) to prove all things and to hold fast to that which is good.


I do not judge Joel Osteen, his heart, or his motives. But I am at liberty by the Lords command to judge his message. If the Bible is the encyclopedia of life given to us by God. Joel Osteens messages have read only from the articles of prosperity and healing and success. There are still volumes he leaves unsaid to the detriment of his hearers. For though his church may have many Christians who were well schooled before they came to Lakewood, I am afraid that unbelievers who come in under this message are not hearing the true message of repentance Jesus commanded. Worse yet, by neglecting the hard teachings of the Bible, Lakewood Church is in danger of becoming a habitation wherin lost, and sinful people can come and enjoy pseudo-spirituality without ever having to come face to face with the God of Holiness."


Mark Deckard


Subject: The Door Interview with Joel Osteen

Door: ……So you have one of the biggest churches in America right now, what does that feel like?
Osteen: Wow, I tell you it is just amazing to watch what God is doing in so many people’s hearts. I just can’t believe all the wonderful things that we are seeing: People getting saved, healed, delivered, problems going away, learning how to be happy…..

Door: …...Are you part of any particular group, theologically?

Osteen: Not really, our main thing is just Jesus. We’re focused on Him. He is the one who we need to look to. We need to be careful not to love anything else.

Door: You seem to espouse a more Charismatic view theologically….you often speak of people getting healed and delivered and set free….So you have gotten some criticism from some of the more conservative folks. They claim that even though you talk about those things quite a bit, that you lack solid scriptural basis.

Osteen: Yeah, I have heard that before. This is what I always go back to – our message is one that helps the hurting. People are tired of hearing hell-fire and brimstone sermons. I know that the Bible is full of all kinds of hard issues, but we really want to stay away from those. People really need to only focus on the good. That’s why I talk about all the positive stuff…..

Door: Many are concerned that people are coming to your church and hearing only messages geared to make them feel good, and that there isn’t any real spiritual growth taking place.

Osteen: I don’t know if I would say that. I think that the biggest proof of spiritual growth is when we have to keep building bigger and bigger churches to hold all the happy people. We have a slogan here at Lakewood: “If you’re happy enough, people will know where you go to church.” Jesus often spoke through smiles and that is what we are all about. We don’t need to confuse anyone with doctrine or theology. That is for old people. If our people are anything like me, if I were to preach a sermon based on good solid theology, they would only walk away with headaches…….” (© The Door Magazine, July/August 2004)


Subject: Joel Osteen

Dear friends, [Joel Osteen is] no call for surprise. This has been going on since Simon the sorcerer ... Judas ... the false prophets of King Ahab ... the sons of the prophet Eli ... and so on. We had one in Germany, sold seats too; the temple cost millions and was never finished. "It must be that offenses come; but woe unto that man by whom the offense cometh!" (Matthew 18:7.)
God bless you and your work.