Jesuit Origins of Futurism PROVEN


1. PART ONE: 7 Letters to 7 Churches; Does Revelation 3:20 teach Free-Will?

2. PART TWO: Revelation 4: A ‘secret’ Rapture?

3. PART THREE: Are the 144,000 literal Jews?

4. PART FOUR: The Seal on the Foreheads of the 144,000: Is it Literal?

5. PART FIVE: The First Four Trumpets: Are they Literal?

6. PART SIX: The Fifth Trumpet Judgment: Who is the Fallen Star? The Locusts?

7. PART SEVEN: Revelation 11: The Two Witnesses

8. PART EIGHT: Revelation 12: The Woman in Heaven and her Seed fleeing into the wilderness

9. PART NINE: Revelation 13: The Beast: His Name, Image and Mark

10. PART TEN: Revelation 17: Mystery Babylon

11. APPENDIX ONE: Ribera’s Two-Stage Second Advent of Christ

12. APPENDIX TWO: Jesuit Futurist vs. Protestant Historicist Interpretation of II Thess. 2

13. APPENDIX THREE: The Futurism of Cardinal Bellarmine