Paraclete Forum Controversy

The controversy which follows is one which this ministry believes highlights the state or condition of the professing Christian Church in our generation. Jesus, speaking of end time signs, stated it succinctly:

And many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

This group of professing Christians cunningly propagate false doctrine and a false Christ by means of appealing to Godís alleged universal love for all mankind, Christís universal atonement. They do this in the name of their beloved departed false prophet and teacher, Ray Stedman.

Like all tares planted in the Lordís wheat fields, their members simulate a kind of Christian ethos. To the naÔve and ignorant they easily pass as genuine Christians. Based in Silicon Valley, they represent the Ďeliteí in Christianity whose words are wise, whose advice should be heeded.

The reader will note the progression of tone on the part of the gentle, soft-spoken, loving Paracletes. Their unabashed pride, conceit and hypocrisy soon become apparent with a minimum of provocation.

The noun, Paraclete, is the English adaptation of the Greek and Latin terms for the Holy Spirit, meaning intercessor, comforter.

May the reader discern the wiles of the enemy who uses Christian names, terms and biblical expressions to deceive, corrupt and lead the unwary into blasphemous error.

Rand Winburn


Protestant Reformation Publications†

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