Having read through the recent controversial letters debating the truth or falsehood of the Protestant and Roman Catholic faiths as posted on the Take Heed Protestant guestbook, I ask these questions:

(1) If God is love, who loves and tolerates all people of all faiths, then why on earth is there eternal punishment promised, with no possibility of reprieve or let up, especially for those who take the Mark of the Beast?

(2) If the Mark of the Beast is administered via the right hand and forehead, described in the Revelation, why on earth does the Roman Catholic Church use this same method for signing the sign of the cross in all its rituals and blessings?

(3) If, in the Roman Catholic Latin Bible, the 'mark' - as in 'Mark' of the Beast - is translated characterem,  why on earth did she use the identical Latin word - characterem - when describing the indelible 'mark'  given in her sacraments of baptism, confirmation and holy orders?

(4) If the City of 7 Hills, Rome, is identified in the Revelation as the headquarters of the false church, the Mother of all Harlots, doomed to damnation by the infallible word of prophecy, why on earth did the Roman Catholic Church choose that site for her Holy See and Pontificate?

(5) If the beast from the earth, the false prophet doomed to damnation, is depicted as having two horns like the Lamb, Jesus, why on earth do the Roman Catholic bishops and Pontiff wear two-horned miters?

(6) If the false church, doomed to damnation, her capital in Rome, is named Mother, why on earth do Roman Catholics call her holy Mother, the church?

(7) If the false church, doomed to damnation, whose dominance, sway and authority is worldwide as described in the Revelation, why on earth did the Church of Rome call herself 'Catholic,' which means 'universal,' comprehending the whole world?

(8) If the false church, doomed to damnation, is depicted clothed in purple and scarlet in the Revelation, why on earth did the Roman Catholic Church choose those colors for her Pope, Cardinals and bishops?

(9) If the false church, doomed to damnation, is portrayed in the Revelation as wealthy beyond belief, wearing costly gold and precious stones and pearls, why on earth is the Roman Catholic Church the richest institution, whose wealth is incalculable?

(10) If, in the Revelation, the false church, doomed to damnation, is seen drinking the blood of the martyrs of Jesus in a golden cup, why on earth did the Roman Catholic Church spill the innocent blood of the true Christians who refused to partake the cup of the Mass, which of necessity must also be golden in its interior, if not its exterior?

(11) If the word of prophecy warned 1st century Christians of the coming Antichrist, why on earth did the Pope claim to be the Vicar of Christ when this title, translated into the Greek, is 'ANTICHRIST'?

I believe there can be only one explanation: The Roman Catholic Church is that false church foretold unto destruction, and her Pontiff the very Antichrist, whose predestined end is the Lake of Fire. Those who remain in her, no matter how kind, considerate and religious, are doomed to the same fate.

That would include the Order of Preachers who carry God's eternal curse for preaching another gospel.

P. S. The early church councils which enumerated the doctrine of the Trinity were Greek councils, comprised of nearly all Greek bishops. The Roman Pontiff was nowhere to be found.

Rand Winburn


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What is your name? Catholic Christian

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The diabolical and perverted opinions of Rand Winburn will be dealt with thoroughly in due course.



What is your name? Fr Patrick McCafferty

Where are you from? Sacred Heart Parish, Belfast 14

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I have been made aware of Rand Winburn's comments. This is a reply to each of his eleven points..

(1) God, indeed, is love. This affirmed constantly by Scripture. The eternal punishment of Hell is the end of those who have wilfully and deliberately persisted in resisting Grace and refusing to Love. (Mt 26:41-46) The rich man in Jesus Parable, in Lk 16:19-31 went to Hell because he ignored the plight of the poor man Lazarus. God alone can judge who will be lost and who will be saved. He alone can know the inmost heart of a person. That is why the Lord gave most explicit warning in Mt 7:1-5. Christians of the mindset of Mr Winburn, Andrews McAllister et alia be very careful "FOR THE JUDGEMENT YOU GIVE WILL THE JUDGEMENT YOU RECEIVE!"

(2) The Mark of the Beast is the ownership and control of the Evil One, over those who are given over to hatred throughout history. There are human beings whose behaviour is bestial. There are human beings at loose in the world who are like predators. Our Sign of the Cross, which we make upon our persons and as a mark of blessing has nothing whatsoever to do with the Mark of the Beast. We make the sign of the Cross to remind ourselves of our Redemption by the Lord's Cross and our belonging to Him.

(3) Why on earth should the Church not use the Latin word for 'Mark'? A word is a description of something. A 'Mark' can be a good thing as well as something bad. In the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Ordination, an indelible character is imprinted on the soul - it is God's Mark of ownership on us.

(4) The Apostle John was writing in exile on Patmos. The Roman Emperor and authorities were ferociously persecuting the Church. John's vision was to give encouragement to the faithful in Rome and everywhere else, that they would not lose heart. (Rev 13:10). John is referring to pagan Rome, guilty of murder and idolatry - not to Christian Rome. The Christian Church became centred in Rome because of Peter and Paul's martyrdom there.

(5) The Pope and Bishops of the Church do not wear "two-horned mitres".

(6) The woman referred to in Revelation is the "Mother of Harlots". This is not the true Church of Christ - His Bride and His Body. Catholics rightly refer to the Church as Mother because of Isaiah 66: 10-14 and Ps 87.

(7)The Church is called Catholic since the beginning because its mission is universal (Mt 28:19-20) Writing in AD 110 to the church at
Smyrna, St Ignatius of Antioch states: " Let no one do anything of concern to the Church without the bishop. Let that be considered a valid Eucharist which is celebrated by the bishop, or by one whom he appoints. Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there; just as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church. And in the account of the martyrdom of St Polycarp AD 155: "When finally Polycarp had finished his prayer, in which he remembered everyone with whom he had ever been acquainted .... and the whole Catholic church throughout the world, and the moment of departure had arrived, they seated him on an ass and led him into the city. It was a great Sabbath".

8.Purple and Red are not evil colours. For example, in the Song of Songs, the Throne of our Heavenly Bridegroom is described in 3:9-10: "He has made the posts of silver, the canopy of gold, the seat of PURPLE. The Cardinals of the Church wear red to indicate their willingness to die for the Faith. The bishops wear purple as it was once associated with nobility. However, the normal dress for the Holy Eucharist and other liturgical ceremonies for cardinals, bishops, priests and the Pope is an ankle-length white garment called an Alb. he wears a Stole and over all a Chasuble - the most frequently used colours of these vestments are white and green. Purple is worn during Advent and Lent. Red is worn at Pentecost and on the Feastdays of martyrs.

9. This business about the Catholic Church's wealth is just nonsense. A few years ago the Vatican State was in debt. My own parish is far from wealthy. The "wealth" of the Church is mostly priceless works of art that are part of the human races culture.

(10) Mr Winburn should be aware that the innocent blood of many Catholic Christians, bishops, priests and laity, was spilt in persecutions of the Catholic Church because they refused to abandon the True faith of the Church in the Holy Eucharist. Writing in the First Century, St Ignatius of Antioch affirmed: "the Eucharist is the True Flesh of our Saviour, Jesus Christ".

In regard to the Chalice having, "of necessity" to be golden on the interior if not on the exterior, this simply untrue. I have seen chalices of polished wood. I have regularly celebrated Mass using chalices made of pottery and also crystal or glass. All the church asks is that the Chalice be of a worthy and non-porous material, for it is to contain the Precious Blood of the Lord.

(11) The title Vicar of Christ indicates the Pope as the delegate of Christ and Supreme Pastor of the Universal Church. (John 21,15-18). It does NOT mean 'Anti-Christ' in Greek.

Your statement about the early Church councils which "enumerated" the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the Popes is wrong. Pope Damasus (366-384) shortly after the General Council of
Constantinople, called a Council at Rome to condemn errors in Trinitarian theology. If the Pope was not personally present at other of the early councils, he would have been represented and nothing would have been defined without reference to his authority.

You are completely and utterly in error Mr Winburn, in your belief that: "The Roman Catholic Church is that false church foretold unto destruction, and her Pontiff the very Antichrist, whose predestined end is the Lake of Fire. Those who remain in her, no matter how kind, considerate and religious, are doomed to the same fate".

I conclude by repeating to you Jesus' Word: "Judge not that you be not judged. FOR THE JUDGEMENT YOU GIVE WILL BE THE JUDGEMENT YOU RECEIVE!"

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