by john militz

Written in prison, A. D. 1367

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Translated from the original latin by kenneth bubb

                                                                  edited by rand winburn

© 2002 protestant reformation publications





          What I write, I write in the name of Christ, the loyal witness, Amen! He who has an ear to hear, let him also say, ‘Amen.’ And let him not shudder who hears, but let him ponder and approve the Spirit of God who speaks.

        I was in the Spirit, meditating on that verse written in the Revelation: To him that overcomes I shall give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of my God. I realized if I were to conquer the sin that is in me, I would then taste of the bread of life and understand holy Scripture. How often I have prayed that Almighty God would give me the Holy Spirit and anoint me with His unction, that I might not fall into error, but enjoy the taste and aroma of wisdom. For I wished to deceive no one or be deceived by no one, but to discern only that which was necessary for me and the holy Church, and no more.

        Soon a voice thundered within the inner ear of my heart reminding me how I had once longed to taste the tree of the knowledge of good and evil often, wishing to know too much, being wise beyond my capability, and reckoning myself the greatest zealot among God’s most pious preachers. But having been turned often from this prideful opinion of myself, one might say I strove for repentance of heart, doing penance often, though I was not as enlightened then as I am now as to just how naked and blind I then was, nor did I recognize how much I needed to crucify the flesh, deny myself in my own heart, and to take upon myself the cross of Christ. I understand this now.

        Thus, the Spirit spoke to me in my heart, telling me that I should begin to take up my cross, crucify the flesh, lose my life, deny myself, and enter upon the monastic life. I was not to preach, for I was yet unsuitable for such an endeavor. But all my advisors prohibited me from entering Holy Orders that I might continue my preaching. Despite the opposition of these advisors I refrained from preaching for quite a long time.

        It was during this period that I began to meditate on the Antichrist, deliberating concerning the time of his coming. The Spirit responded, speaking to me thus, “Read in the Gospel of Matthew of the abomination of desolation, and when you see it, also consider the abominations which are in the Church. Then examine the years of Daniel.” This is not what I wished to hear. But despite confessing the temptation to calculate Antichrist’s coming, praying the Lord take this desire away from my heart, it began more strength in me. I did not dare examine Matthew and Daniel, except with the permission of my confessor. Finally, unable to quell my heart’s desire, with my confessor’s acquiescence, I began to read the pertinent prophetic texts, along with other materials, carefully studying Daniel’s years. Frustrated that not one learned Jew or Christian could show me the interpretation of the prophecy, I told my confessor, ‘Behold, no one can take this matter from my heart, but the Lord Pope. Therefore, I must go to Rome where I shall open my heart to him, obeying whatever it is he commands.’

        I waited more than one month in Rome, unwilling to preach these mysteries or anything else, thinking for the time being it was better that I be purified by penance, lest perchance I err in what I preach. I began to fast as did Daniel, not eating desirable bread, praying vehemently, frequenting Mass, while doing penance in ash and goat skin. My prayer to the Lord God was one which admitted amazement, for when I did not find the prophecies clear in the Bible, I could find no teachers able to decipher them for me. This I knew was due to the sovereign will of God to hide these prophecies from the wise, revealing them to babes. Although these wise have been babes at one time, nevertheless, by God’s providence, it was not the time of revelation.


Militz Prays for Wisdom


Perceiving this, I prayed the Lord that if now was the time of revelation He would reveal it to someone in the Church other than myself. As for me, the Lord can cast me to a wretched place of penitence or in a dung-heap, wherever He wishes. I ask only that He remove this temptation from my heart! “O Lord,” I prayed, “if you wish to enlighten me, making me capable of understanding this mystery, then so be it, but only if it be to your greater glory that by one so inept, foolish and worthless, the greatest sinner of all, your glory would shine all the greater before men. If, therefore, it be thy will, look mercifully upon me, one poor and contrite in spirit, who greatly fears thy words. And although I may be the object of scandal and derision by such as those who were of unbelief in your day, though you descended to earth appearing in the flesh after the manner of men, I ask  thou be merciful with me and holy church only to that extent which thou deems necessary. I also pray that thou strengthen me, O God, enabling me to do only that which is in thy will, whether resulting in my further obscurity or my praiseworthiness before men and to your glory.”


His Prayers Answered


As a result of my petitions, those matters which had been first placed in spirit in Bohemia, I began to understand more clearly in Rome. By now I despaired of the soon return of our lord pope, so that I began to prepare myself for my mission, wishing to seize the road against Avignon. For the Spirit had so rushed upon me that I could hardly contain myself as He told my spirit, “Go and publicly make a lasting impression upon my enemies through the letter which you will write and affix to the church of St. Peter. In it you will proclaim that which you desired to preach in Prague, but did not, that the coming of the Antichrist is at hand. You will exhort the clergy and people to pray for our lord pope and for our emperor to set in order both the holy church’s spiritual and temporal matters so that they may zealously serve the Creator with a sure faith. You will write your sermon using the Scriptures as proof texts. In that way, by making your charges public and scriptural, your enemies will dare not change your words. Also, a public denunciation will cause evil men to fear, while good men will be encouraged to serve God with even greater fervor. In addition, you will hold back these secret matters from the knowledge of the most high lord Pontiff.”

Therefore, I did not wait to preach this matter to the head of St. Peter’s Church. Nor did I say one word about my mission to the lord Inquisitor, or anyone else for that matter. Nor would I because I knew full well the Holy Office of the Inquisition would compel me to be licensed before I preach on the Antichrist, and that ruling could only be made by the lord pope.





          By the Spirit who spoke to me, I discerned the prophecy of the years of Daniel,[2] where it is written that from the time in which the continuous sacrifice will have been taken away to the time of the setting up of the abomination of desolation will be 1290 days: “Blessed is he who awaits and arrives at the 1335th day.” [3] It was in the year of Christ’s Passion that the continuous sacrifice of the Jews was taken away by virtue of Christ’s death, which their sacrifices foreshadowed, having no efficacy or merit of their own. Furthermore, Christ, our sacrifice, being neither molded or formed, was taken away through the death of His flesh. Therefore, the abomination of desolation, or at least the sign indicating a future abomination, began in the same year as Christ’s Passion, beginning with the continued sacrificing of the unbelieving Jews, culminating in the idolatrous image placed in the Temple upon its destruction by Titus and Vespasian. This destruction occurred in the 42nd year after Christ’s Passion.[4]

Therefore, by taking a day for a year in Daniel’s numbers, as it is written, “I gave you a day for a year,” [5] when the first figure which Daniel gives, namely 1290, is added to that of 75, the year Titus and Vespasian destroyed the Temple, we arrive at the year of our Lord, 1365, namely that time two years earlier when the Emperor led the Avignon alliance against Almany in hopes of scattering them.

Indeed, the second number, namely 1335, if counted from the year of Christ’s Passion, (in which the continuous sacrifice was taken away), it will be discovered it has its completion in this present year, 1367, because when we add the years of Christ’s life to that of 1335, we arrive at 1367.[6]

Blessed, therefore, is he who arrives at this year of beatitude – not that he is blessed by the peace in which the world gives. For Christ did not bring it, and Isaiah preached it as evil, saying, “Behold, my bitterness is made most bitter in peace.” [7] But true blessedness, according to the Gospel, is contrary to that of the world: “Blessed are they who suffer persecution because of the cause of justice.” [8] This saying is particularly aimed at the persecution which comes from the Antichrist who rules under the authority of the god of this world. Concerning this beatitude Luke prophesies, “When these things begin to happen, raise your heads because your redemption approaches.” [9] In Genesis the Antichrist is described under the figure of Dan when Jacob added in his blessing, “I shall await your salvation, Lord.” [10] This is, therefore, of what Christ is saying in the Gospel, “When you will see the abomination of desolation,” etc.[11] Yet when He exhorts us by saying, “He who reads, let him understand,” the Lord stirs us to perceive the negligence of our shepherds, who leave the church in a condition of desolation, just as in earlier times the synagogue was desolate because of the negligence of the Jewish shepherds. For although the Church abounds in temporal peace and worldly riches, yet it is plundered of its spiritual riches. And so that prophecy which is written in the Gospel is fulfilled, “Iniquity abounds,” that is, the iniquity of mammon, and “the love of many grows cold.” [12] Has not charity grown cold and iniquity abounded, as evidenced by greed disguised as service for the Lord in that they have many prebends[13] which they have obtained by simony or through avarice? And is it not true that others without means are forced to beg and steal, committing sacrilege? And are not the poor members of Christ deprived of what belongs to them? Do we not see plentiful evidence of simony amongst our clergy in the selling and buying of sacraments, including burial? Is there not much simony in the monastic orders? Are there not private possessions in the hands of those who have renounced riches? Rather than delight in ownership of those things which repudiate riches, our clergy practices flagrant male concubinage.[14]

 “When, therefore, you have seen the abomination of desolation,” etc. Are not these the same abominations and idols for which cause Jerusalem was destroyed and the temple of the Lord forsaken? Did not the hypocrites then rule as they nearly universally do now, denying they are anything other than pious and holy? Therefore, that Gospel prophecy has been fulfilled, which predicts many false prophets of Christ will arise who rule for the reward of mammon. Indeed, all false prophets have a zealous greed in their  pursuit of the priesthood, from the greater to the lesser. None rise in opposition to this avarice, nor do they prefer the House of Israel, nor do any stand in battle on this Day of our Lord. Even the monks hear confession indiscriminately, having sought no license or authority to perform this sacrament from the authorities. Neither do they seek a dispensation of grace by the diocese. These things are typical no matter where one travels.




          From these signs it is clear that Antichrist has come, as it is written in Genesis, “Let Dan be the serpent in the way, the horned snake on the path, who bites the hoofs of the horse, so that its rider falls backward.” Dan, a figure of the Antichrist, the ancient serpent, is a man, the Antichrist, dwelling in the shade of blindness, bites the hoofs of horses, speaking of the pseudo-prophets, whose entire state he infects with the poison of his iniquity. The false prophets prefer being consecrated with the poison of iniquity over the sweetness of charity. Thus it is that the serpent then becomes the rider, directing their strong horses as to what it is they preach. Habakkuk wrote of this: You who climb onto your horses now have fallen backward,[15] forsaking the warmth of charity for that which is cold, insomuch as iniquity abounds in them, they no longer strive after the salvation of men. Instead, they are silent [when it comes to preaching the truth] like mute dogs, lest their tithes and offerings be diminished. Nevertheless, [though they omit the truth] what they do preach is handsomely rewarded.

        Oh, how terribly the Lord speaks to them through Ezekiel: I have sought a man from among them, who would stand up in the earth as a fence on my behalf, lest I should destroy it, and I found no man. [16] Behold, the continuous sacrifice has been carried off, and the idolaters stand in the holy place. Therefore, he who reads, let him understand how an abomination has been placed, causing desolation.




          These prophecies speak figuratively of the tribe of Dan because despite instances of his judging justly (as well as unjustly), and although he appears to have partaken of the blessing of the richness of the land, nevertheless his tribe is missing in the Revelation,[17] where the tribes containing the 144,00 of Israel are named and described as marked, having been chosen by God [for salvation]. Dan and his tribe are not there because they signify the Antichrist and his anti-Christian followers.

        God’s counsel, therefore, is that they repent, amending their failings and the failings of their people, doing the first works of charity, [18] so that through the chancel of charity of the cross of Christ, by carrying their own cross after Christ, they, too, may be written in the Book of Life, as is Manassas and his tribe written in place of Jacob…..




          In what manner are kings and rulers of the earth, nobles and barons, citizens, merchants, craftsmen, farmers and all people involved in so many great and grievous sins? As a whole, their lives are lived in pride and vanity, they unjustly judge, they oppress the poor, they wage war among themselves, they do not obey the Church, rather, they persecute her; in their buying and selling they engage in usury and unjust business practices, they extort, they lie, they perjure, they act deceitfully, in their legal advice they subvert justice and judgment, allowing false testimony, they believe the oracles of despots more than the Gospel. Furthermore, they serve adultery, fornication, sodomy, avarice and gluttony. They do not dispense with the tithe, nor do they protect the faith promised by God to men. Therefore, if the people wish to change their wayward living, they must first be converted, turning from their sins and errors.





          These things considered, I asked the Spirit who spoke in me, “Who is Antichrist?” He responded, “Antichrists are many. He who breaks away from Christ’s authority, denying Him --- he is Antichrist.” [19] I asked, “How do  some deny Him?” The Spirit answered, “As many who say they know Him, yet deny Him by their works, are Antichrist. Others deny Him by keeping silent, daring not to confess Christ’s truth before men. He is Antichrist who holds back the truth and justice of God. Gather from these who is  Antichrist.”

        St. John spoke of him in his epistle when he warned that he will come, and yet is now already in the world.[20] And can you not see his army described as locusts in the Revelation? [21] This description is given for our understanding, that we might see how the Antichrist – [king of the locusts] [22] – rules with so great a power which no one opposes.[23] His army is an alliance of tyrants and oppressors of the poor, whom they ravish through sins of usury, dishonest business practices, lies and perjuries. Nesting in monasteries, these locusts are driven by an insatiable desire for more to devour, so they appoint destroyers who torture Christians for their money. [24]

        Then I asked the Spirit, “What is his name? Is he that great Antichrist to come, who is to be looked for at the end of the world?” And the Spirit responded, “It is not for you to know with perfect knowledge, but rather to conjecture.”


Militz Interrogated by Inquisitor of Rome


          Interrogated by the Inquisitor of Rome, I was asked whether it was I who spoke these things concerning the great Antichrist who is to come, whom the church awaits at the end of the world. I responded how it was not from my flesh, but that the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon me, causing me to speak of the Antichrist. I told him this testimony I will maintain before the lord Pope, bowing to his decision as to whether or not I should continue preaching these things publicly. For to him it has been given the authority to approve the spirits, [whether they be of God], and scriptures, so I willingly submit to his decision, accepting correction if need be. Indeed, let those who rule the church see and understand that those things spoken by such as myself, who wishes to live piously, suffering persecution and hatred for Christ’s sake, not wavering, though tried as are those elect tried, yet whitened by fire.[25] And thus, the Antichrist will be revealed to the elect, by the elect, because according to Daniel the wicked will not understand these things. Indeed! May you discern it is the last hour; [26] the Day of Judgment is here! [27] The falling away foretold by the apostle has been fulfilled.[28] It has been described in Daniel’s prayer which begins, “I implore you, Lord, let him who reads understand,” [29] that as the abomination of desolation done among the Jews signified our spiritual desolation, so, too, does the withdrawal of Christians from the judgments and commands of God signify our departure and falling away from faith, charity and Gospel truth. So did the apostle say, “In the latter times some shall depart from the faith,” [30] namely from imagined charity or simply a faith attentive to the spirits of error and doctrines of devils, speaking falsehood hypocritically and [teaching] doctrines of devils.

        From these evils emanate heresies and sects, such as the Beghards, and Beguines,[31] soothsayers, despots, and other fraternities[32] in which there are murderers who, killing for money, escape prosecution because of their close ties with the rich and powerful, with whom they share their ill-begotten gain. There are even fraternities which harm churches, such as rectors who draw up the laity’s wills for their personal gain, though there be some faithful who leave their estate to the church because of their devotion to her.

        What is more difficult to discern, if you will receive it, is the removal of the Roman Empire, which has today come to pass….because the rule of the Romans has been divided into many kingdoms and governments.[33] In addition, although there have been those who have removed themselves from the Church, persecuting it, there were always those sons of the Church, kings and princes, who have defended her.[34]

        Behold, in our time, the Day of Judgment comes because that which hindered the Antichrist is taken out of the way, so as to reveal him. Indeed, is it not true that we can know that we live in the prophesied generation of the Antichrist because of the preponderance of wicked men who do not and will not understand the prophecies? [35] These hypocrites do not receive the love of the truth, but instead trust a lie, so that thus will that day come upon them suddenly.[36] And so the hypocrisy of the Antichrist will not be manifest to all, but only to those to whom it is revealed.





          At long last I began to direct my attention to salvation and the status of Christianity. Since I was admittedly ignorant in these matters, I heard the Spirit speaking to my heart, saying,

“Go and tell the Supreme Pontiff that the Holy Spirit has chosen him to lead the Church back to the state of grace and salvation, and in order to do so he must send the angel preachers with trumpets of great voices[37] preaching against the aforesaid offences in the Kingdom of God,[38] [meaning] the Church, so that when the time of the harvest comes, which is the consummation of the age, the tares,[39] heretics, pseudo-prophets, hypocrites, Beghards, Beguines and schismatics - (all of whom are hidden under the names of Gog and Magog)[40] - will be revealed for what they truly are, and, as a result, destroyed. Gog and Magog represent those wicked who are concealed, as are hypocrites concealed from view while under their own roof,[41] who claim to show Christ obscurely in their inner chambers called shrines, or in their desert of iniquity.[42] And so, let preachers reveal these evils to all, thereby eradicating by rooting up the tares on the one hand, while on the other, gathering the wheat of God’s people into the barn of holy Church.[43] And from this may the abundance of people enter therein, and so may all Israel be saved,[44] that there may be one flock and one Shepherd[45] living in great charity so that all things may be held commonly among them according to the will of the Holy Spirit.[46]

“Therefore, seek to persuade the Supreme Pontiff to call a general council in Rome, whereby he should then convince all bishops to correct their own personal defects, as well as those of the people entrusted to their charge. In addition, he should assign preaching to specific secular priests and those from Holy Orders, many of whom, through idleness, have grown weak in their flesh….. though they hold the sword of the word of God upon their thighs, which should be ample protection against carnal lust. Those who are sent on this peaceful preaching crusade will suffer and die as martyrs for Christ’s sake,[47] and, by so doing, conquer the beast,[48] that Antichrist, overcoming him by the blood of the Lamb,[49] making safe our access to the Land of Eternal Promise. And it should not be viewed remarkable that the shedding of the martyrs’ blood, poured out for Christ, as well as the labor of their sufferings which they shall endure, should suffice for the expiating of the grievous sins with which the Christian people have enveloped themselves.” [50]




Thus, spake the Spirit. But my great fear is that, despite obedience to the Spirit by the preachers, the unquenchable anger of God will not be satisfied, descending upon us as a raging plague.[51] And if the preachers were to remain silent, the very stones would cry out.[52] About this plague Ezekiel says, “In my anger and fury I shall have huge hailstones fall from above with a stormy wind which will consume.”[53] [For on that Great Day of His Wrath[54]] when the world stands before God in judgment, all will cry that they cannot bear the death of the Son of God, whom they again crucify,[55] having merely employed the ceremony for show.[56] And on that Last Day, sudden, angry judgment will come upon those eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.[57] These were called to repentance, but disregarded, so that the time and place of penitence has passed. A much harsher punishment of eternal depravity awaits those called to preach repentance, yet fail to do so.[58]

Moreover, I cannot help but believe in my heart that if the lord Pope acts according to the words of the Spirit, Christ, the key of David,[59] will open the Revelation to him that he may understand it insofar as it pertains to the present Church age.[60]




This letter I offer secretly to holy Church, insofar as the Lord wills. May the Church, which is that place in which gold is melted,[61] approve it. If there is found any waste from smelting, let it be thrown out. But that which is gold, may it be taken from the one who offers it, who writes in prison and in chains,[62] troubled in spirit, awaiting the liberation of Israel, the holy Church. Or should I say, Let it be taken rather from the One who gives the good Spirit to those who seek Him.[63]

Knowing that when the lord Pope says, “Let it be done,” [64] it is done, I am prepared to hold fast and persevere in my present condition, a result of my not having kept back that which was in my heart [regarding the state of the Church and the coming Antichrist], and await the decision of the Pope or holy Church.


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