An 'Immoral' Cover-up
A grand jury yesterday excoriated the Philadelphia Archdiocese and its former top leaders, saying they allowed hundreds of sexual assaults against children to go unpunished and protected the priests who committed the crimes.

Priests accused of abuse relocated to other countries proving worldwide conspiracy by Roman Catholic Church.

(Associated Press, June 24, 2004) DALLAS An international movement of Roman Catholic priests out of countries where they have been accused of abusing children has continued even after the abuse scandal that swept the U.S. church in 2002, The Dallas Morning News found in a yearlong investigation. Hundreds of priests accused of abuse have been moved from country to country, allowing them to start new lives in unsuspecting communities and continue working in church ministries, the newspaper reported.

Among the newspaper's findings:

- Nearly half of the more than 200 cases identified involved clergy who tried to elude law enforcement. About 30 remain free in one country while facing ongoing criminal inquiries, arrest warrants or convictions in another.

- Although most runaway priests remain in the church and should be easier to locate than other fugitives, police and prosecutors often fail to take basic steps to catch them.

- Dozens of priests who are no longer eligible to work in the United States have found sanctuary abroad.

Sex scandals have resulted in the resignations of 19 Roman Catholic Prelates worldwide since 1990.

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