Figure 86

Though he has paid homosexual lover, Enoch Lonnie Ford, $425,000 in hush money, as reported in the Los Angeles Times on 9/12/04, TBN Pentecostal Pope, Paul Crouch, is undeterred in his quest for fame, fortune and religious fantasy. Another L.A. Times article - (9/19/04) - documents his anti-Christian lifestyle. With yearly tax-deductible contributions by the duped and deluded totally $170 million, the Crouches are able to live in royal splendor, as do all Prosperity Preachers to prove their teachings valid. The Crouches yearly stipend totals 3/4 million dollars, travel worldwide in their $7.2 million private jet, drive luxury cars, have thirty houses at their disposal, including two Newport Beach mansions, while they charge outrageously expensive dinners, antiques and liquor to their TBN credit cards, paid for with viewer donations.