Bishop Thomas O'Brien convicted of Felony Hit & Run in which he killed a pedestrian. Bishop Thomas O'Brien is believed to be the first Roman Catholic Bishop in U. S. history to be convicted of a felony. Iconbusters believes him not to be the last. Sentenced to four years probation and the loss of his driving privilege for 5 years, he was also ordered to perform community service for 1,000 hours. Tragically, this will entail time spent with the very sick and dying, giving him ample opportunity to administer the blasphemous, phony Sacrament called 'Anointing of the Sick,' in which the ignorant and deceived are told their sins are forgiven through this pagan Catholic ritual.

According to the Bishop, he thought he had hit a dog or a rock had been thrown at him. The jury didn't buy his excuse for not stopping or reporting the accident.

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