Sexual Abuse and the Sovereignty of God

He which is filthy, let him be filthy still

By Rand Winburn


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        Anyone who has not been comatose these past two decades should be well aware of the innumerable allegations, judgments and holy furor which have arisen worldwide due to revelations of ongoing sexual abuse and torment of Catholic children at the hands of depraved Roman Catholic clergy. The fact that Bishops and Archbishops had knowledge of the abuse allegations,  yet quietly moved their pedophiles to other dioceses, even when confronted with confessions by their own priests, proves the cover-up, denial and conspiracy to be at the uppermost levels of the Roman hierarchy.

          Those Roman Catholics who remain in that false ‘church’ are without excuse; as are Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jack Van Impe, Paul and Jan Crouch, and all other likeminded Pope-praising, Futurist Arminian heretics equally without excuse on the inevitable Great Day of the Lord. What can they say…. “I never read a newspaper?”…….“I never watched the evening news?”………..“I never surfed the Internet?”

Corruption always begins at the top. If, as the prophetic Scriptures teach, the Pope – who is the Antichrist - is likened to a Beast, then the same beastly behavior can be expected of his members. For can the body be greater than the head or the servant greater than his master? True to form, beneath the benign black and purple robed garments of the Catholic clergy lie ravening wolves who seek to steal the virginity of children, who seek to kill what innocence those children have, who seek to destroy the lives of those children forever darkened by sadistic memories of their tormentors’ tasteless lusts. To lead naïve men, women and children into the arms of the Roman harlot, as does Billy Graham and his supporters, is tantamount to Pharaoh leading  his obedient troops into the Red Sea.

Sodomy the just judgment of our sovereign God

Romans 1 is quite eloquent in describing why men are Sodomites and why women are Lesbians. It is the just judgment of God as punishment for their love of the lie, worshipping the creature rather than the Creator. In 2 Thess. 2, we see the same judgment of God against those who loved the lie rather than truth. Both result in the damnation of these lovers of lies. Romans 1 does not speak directly to the issue of the Antichrist, while 2 Thess. 2 does. However, both Scriptures speak to the issue of papal worship, the worship of a man, a creature, who claims headship and rule of the worldwide Christian Church.

Although the specific judgment of Sodomy and Lesbianism is not mentioned by name in 2 Thess. 2, it is insinuated in the title, the ‘Man of Sin,’ whose other name, ‘Beast,’ is one we read in the Revelation. It is inferred in the description of Mystery Babylon as a ‘great whore’ and ‘Mother of Harlots.’ It is insinuated as well in Rev. 18:2, whereby the Angel cries that Babylon, Rome, is become the habitation of devils, the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. What life form is lower, more perverted and more hated than the pedophile predatory priest who ravishes and rapes little ones in the name of Jesus Christ, even calling himself ‘Another Christ’?

Pedophilia by non-Christians not unusual, but pedophilia by so-called ‘Christian holy men’ requires the just judgment of our sovereign God

        For an unbelieving adult to make the sexual leap from other consenting adults to non-consenting children is a thing admittedly horrific, but to make the leap from ‘Christian’ spiritual father to perverted pedophile is quite another, and one which defies explanation. To turn from the example of Christ to that of demonic entities is unfathomable. That is, unless the just judgment of God is behind it. Such is the case with the sexual depravity of the ‘chaste’ Roman Catholic clergy. In 1 Timothy 4:1-3, the Holy Spirit revealed a great prophetic truth to Paul, one which he was not remiss in communicating to the worldwide Church of all ages for their edification and protection. There was to be a great apostasy in the latter times, future from his age. A departure and falling away from the true Christian faith would occur, one which would be marked by preeminent hypocrisy, the likes of which no true Christian would ever exhibit. This hypocrisy would entail two signs: (1) Forbidding to marry; and (2) Forbidding the eating of meats or certain foods. The first sign speaks to feigned chastity, purity, morality and holiness on the part of false Christians. These phony religious would do all in their power to appear pure, but in reality, prophesies the Spirit, their corruption would be so unspeakable as to necessitate a conscience which no longer convicts of sin. In other words, these religious would find ways to mitigate their crimes against humanity, and still be able, with superficial solemn seriousness, to serve their congregation as religious leaders and moral examples. This present author does not pretend to comprehend how the child molesting priests actually accomplish this feat. Nor does he care to know. What we need know, however, is that this sign is the hand of our sovereign God in His just condemnation of the Mother of Harlots.

          The second sign, dietary laws such as the abstaining from consuming meats and/or other foods, speaks to feigned selflessness, holiness, prayer and piety, all under the guise of pretended asceticism. The Pope of Rome, who pretends to portray a humble, chaste, ascetic religious man, lives in a luxurious palace filled with priceless ‘treasures,’ many of pagan origin, while an army of religiously enslaved men and women fawn over him, praising his every word, ever flattering the pompous Pontiff, obsequious to his every whim and desire. From these two signs we may discern who are the false Christians. They are taught these blasphemous doctrines and life styles, not by the Holy Spirit, but by demonic spirits, the enemies of God. Thus, by combining these signs with the numerous other prophetic signs throughout the New Testament and Revelation, we may determine the identity of the Antichrist and Mystery Babylon.

The pedophile Roman Catholic clergy confirm the finger of God which points to their Pontiff as the great Antichrist, their church: Mystery Babylon; their God: Satan;

their destiny: the Lake of Fire

For a Christian leader not to believe this manifest truth reveals his foreordained condemnation, having been sent strong delusion by God that he would be damned,

2 Thess.2:10-12; Rev. 13:8; Rev. 17:8.

          From the one fact of a pedophilia priesthood, we may logically draw the two aforementioned conclusions. For one leads inevitably to the other. We are given warnings and clues which we, as Christians, are commanded to discern and heed. Those who do not discern and heed them are not taught of the Spirit. Those who are not taught of the Spirit are not Christ’s. Those who are not Christ’s are no Christians. Those who are no Christians are lost. Those who are lost are lost in unbelief. Those who are lost in unbelief shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides upon them.

          The wrath of God abides upon the Evangelical Pope-praisers and their supporters. In other words, the vast majority of professing Christian leadership is blind and lost.

          The wrath of God also abides on Roman Catholics who refuse to acknowledge the depth of the depravity of their Church, choosing instead to remain in the Great Whore.

Examples of the seared consciences of Roman Catholics who refuse to see the obvious

*   The anti-clergy abuse organization, S.N.A.P., has a Message Board dedicated to helping and comforting those who were abused by either priests or nuns. On a thread dedicated to exposing abuse by nuns, an iconbusters website url, taken from our Lechery Updates page, one which addresses this subject, was posted. The response of the woman for whom our url was made known is pasted below:

The article above was helpful - though the groups's "antichrist" literature associated with the article - scares me and makes me doubt the worth or truth of the article.”

            Imagine. A lady who has experienced unspeakable crimes at the hands of deviant nuns as a youngster cannot tolerate the iconbusters website, a website which exposes corruption in professing Christianity. Why? Because we dare make the connection, agreeing with the Word of God, that the ‘Christian Church’ which nurtures, harbors and promotes sexual perversity is that of Antichrist. This woman is representative of innumerable other ‘faithful,’ blind Catholics who cannot see the forest for the trees - that which should be obvious - the Roman Catholic Church is no Christian Church. For Christianity and sexual abuse are at the two opposite poles of the spectrum, as are Christianity and Antichristianity. The one opposes the other.

          Christianity promotes genuine love for others, following the selfless example of Christ, its deeds or ‘fruit’ bearing testimony. Antichristianity gives lip service to loving others while following Christ, but, in truth, its deeds are dark, its motives selfish, its fruit corrupt, when exposed to the searing light of God’s Word and the testimony of its victims.

*   Parishes in Sonoma and Napa counties, California, have raised $16 million to pay back the debts incurred by homosexual ex-Bishop Patrick Ziemann (who was not prosecuted for theft) and convicted pedophile priests, (payouts to 40 victims amounted to $7.4 million), as well as raise funds for renovations and new buildings . Rather than flee the judgment to come, Roman Catholic ‘faithful’ have tithed to keep their condemned Church in business. Pasted below are a few of the more astonishing quotes by the willfully blind supporters. (Source: Santa Rosa Press Democrat, May 17, 2003):

“We learn from out mistakes, and I think the church has.” (Mary O’Brien, diocese finance council member)

“It’s a miracle…..It’s kind of fun to get these checks.” (Dennis Crandall, principal, Cardinal Newman High School)

“The basic faith of the people has been tested and tried and proven authentic.” (Bishop Daniel Walsh)

“I think it says that Catholics have faith in their church.” (Martin McCormack, mortgage banker)

*   Flagstaff, Arizona Catholics also refuse to see the light of truth and reality. Though their Bishop, Thomas O’Brien, has admitted to allowing pedophile priests to continue in their ministries; though he, himself, is now charged with a hit and run fatality accident; though he has now resigned from office in public humiliation and disgrace; they still dream the impossible dream that their Church is holy, though their leaders are not. (Source:, June 19, 2003):

“The church has had periods in her history where she’s gone through some very difficult times. This isn’t the first time. The Bible says that all things work together for good for those who love God, so that when we respond with love to difficult times, the church will come out of this stronger and better for it if we approach it  and go about it in the right way.” (Deacon Larry Whelan, Parish manager)

“The church has had big, big troubles in the past, but it will never fall. The reason is because it was handed down by God and Christ. It is not a manmade religion….My faith is as strong as ever. In fact, it is stronger with what happened today because our problems are human problems.” (Paul Lopez, Flagstaff layman)

*   On June 14, 2003, San Francisco Archbishop William Levada led a ‘circle of healing’ service, admitting wrongdoing, while at the same time reaching out to “the embittered and the estranged.” (Source: San Francisco Chronicle, June 15, 2003):

“The whole church has been shocked and scandalized by the abuse done by a few of her priests to children and young people. Thanks to you, victim survivors – our teachers – the church is slow to heal, and how diligent must be our efforts to ensure that it will not happen again.” (Archbishop William Levada)

At the ceremony, survivor Sharan Falotico related the grisly details of her abuse at the hands of a priest. This occurred 53 years ago, further proof that the cycle of depravity and cover-up in the Roman Catholic Church is both ancient and ongoing. The Chronicle reported her testimony:

                        “Sharan Falotico described being repeatedly raped by a priest, her Latin instructor, when she was 13 and living in a small town in Ohio. She later learned that church officials had knowingly transferred the assailant to her town after he’d raped another young girl. When she later confronted one of the officials, he had the audacity and arrogance to (say), ‘It’s my understanding that you seduced him.’  That was 53 years ago and I’m still dealing with the fallout,” said Falotico, who said she spent nine months in a psychiatric hospital and underwent years of therapy. …..God must weep as he watches what his representatives do in his name.”

If only Sharan knew that these men are not God’s, but Satan’s representatives.

*   While as many as 300 potential abuse cases involving the Los Angeles and Orange County dioceses were ordered into a single Los Angeles court room in March to hasten the settlement of claims, Cardinal Roger Mahoney, Archbishop of Los Angeles, dedicated a chapel in remembrance of victims of clergy sexual abuse a few months later. Although protestors from Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (S.N.A.P.) picketed outside the cathedral where Mahoney celebrated Mass to protest his “withholding church documents and covering up the extent of the problem of priest abuse in the nation’s largest Roman Catholic archdiocese,” they are still in denial regarding the depth of wickedness which permeates the very foundation of their Church. (Source: The Press Democrat, June 2, 2003):

“You can’t hide the truth from God.” (picket sign held by Amanda Price)

Yes, indeed, Amanda, God knows the truth of the matter. If all things which come to pass do so as a direct result of the counsel of His own will, Eph. 1:11, then He cannot help but know. But more importantly, He has written for all to read, thousands of years beforehand, His condemnation and judgment of the Roman Catholic Church and her admirers. If only the Catholic people would read and believe Revelation 17 & 18.

“The Catholic Church has a lot more to do. Stop hiding and let’s take care of this.” (Sherida Ruiz, mother of 10-year-old male abuse victim)

 What these parents, victims and survivors need realize is there is no stopping the evil. There is no ‘taking care of it.’ These perversions have been ongoing for centuries and will continue until the return, in judgment, of Christ. It is He who will finally ‘take care of it,’ putting an end to the Man of Sin and the false Church who worships his image, II Thess. 2:8. The Word of God declares it, and He cannot lie.

*   The following email this present writer recently received shows tangible evidence of Satan’s supernatural power to capture the minds of the unbelieving:

“I certainly will believe the truth, but from what I've read, there are allegations and exaggerations that have entirely missed what the Church is.  I was shocked at what is presented, because as a Catholic I know I have found truth, and I'm afraid people will be lead away from the truth with your website. Regarding Revelation 18:4, I have never seen, anywhere in the Bible, a verse that calls us to avoid the Roman Catholic Church. I don't know what verse 18:4 is, but it is probably about corruption...while there certainly may be corruption in the Catholic Church, it is not out of hand.  You've failed to realize the good that the Church does around the world; hospitals, random charities, etc.  The Church is the biggest charity in the entire world, and it serves the world. The Church is responsible for sweeping social reform throughout our own country, from welfare and social security to Medicare.  These reforms were formed by American Bishops before last century. This serves as evidence for the good the Church is doing in our world.”

Satan demands human sacrifices

          It is not enough that the Roman Catholic Church blasphemes our holy God and the perfect, finished work of His Son by re-sacrificing a false bread-God whom they call ‘Christ.’ Satan, a murderer from the beginning, demands more of his religious slaves. He demands human sacrifices. He knows his time is short, so his wrath is great, Rev. 12:12. The prophetic Word reveals the Devil’s wrath is not only directed at persecuting true Christians, but also the ‘earth dwellers,’ those reprobate who love and serve the god this world. His hatred and murderous rage extend even to his own ‘family.’ Realizing the necessity of hiding the true identity of his false church and Antichrist, Satan has devised a subtle plan to misdirect the deluded, ignorant and naïve. On the one hand, he has Roman Catholics protesting at abortion clinics to save the lives of the unborn, while on the other hand, he has the Roman Catholic priests and nuns abuse, torture and sexually ‘sacrifice’ those young innocents placed under their care and supervision. This writer asks, Is there any substantial difference between the ‘sacrifice’ of abortion and the ‘sacrifice’ of clergy abuse? If not, why then are not the Catholic people leaving their false church in droves?

          Furthermore, these human ‘sacrifices,’ offered to Satan by the Catholic clergy, have been ongoing for centuries upon centuries. This historic truth iconbusters has documented in its multi-part exposé, Lechery in the Church of Rome Exposed. An observant Roman Catholic, commenting on our website, posting on a Catholic Message Board, said the following:

                   “The prose portion [of the iconbusters website] detailing the historical canons of the ecumenical councils shows that the Church was aware of grievous abuses going back 1600 years, and did in fact address them, repeatedly.”

          The writer neglected to add that the Catholic Church has failed miserably in its feeble efforts to successfully eliminate these abuses. Why? Because these unspeakable sins are the just judgment of our sovereign, righteous and holy God. The spiritual principle of reaping what one sows has been in effect for 1600 years and will continue to be in effect for the Catholic Church (and all mankind) until the end of the world. The abuse will never stop. Reform is impossible. God declares it. This is why the Lord demands  Roman Catholics, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not her plagues,” Rev. 18:4.

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